Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A defintitely David Day! "The Lord looks into the heart"

Yes, I have two grandsons named David!!!  Big Dave and Little Dave we call them, because both of their last names also begins with "L"! 

How can this happen that in a year and a half ...  our oldest daughter and her younger sister would name both of their sons David?  Maria and Joseph had made it clear that their first son would be David, and Ruth and Paul had a boy 3 months after Maria had her daughter, Therese.  "They could have 9 girls, so we are going to name our son, David."  Ruth said

A year ago at Cross Christmas Camp!

Maria then a year and a half later had her first boy and true to their word... they did not hesitate to name him David, also!  Today with the first reading about the anointing of David, and the Spirit of the Lord rushing upon him... I am holding my two Davids very close to my heart and thanking the Lord for them in my life.
A year ago we happily returned from the first ever TEC in Marshall at the Catholic School where Pat attended school, all our kids and now Ruth and Paul's kids!  Maria with her 5 came to live with us for almost 5 months while her husband, Captain Joseph, was on the East Coast being trained as a JAG officer/lawyer in the Army!  Family time supreme!

Granddaughters unite and had a wonderful time together for all those months.  Maria homeschooled around our dining room table and in the evenings when the cousins were home from the Catholic School and had homework done... they would get together for playing.
Grandpa was in heaven having our house full of little ones...
You could always find the baby girl, Evangeline Mary, with her big sister Therese or...
Looking adorable, or...
Always with her grandpa Pat...

Our Bathroom remodeling that was happening at the same time... was celebrated with a tub full of kids!  The two Davids had 5 months of living just 3 miles apart!  Now the military family has moved to Fort Lewis, Washington... 2 days in the car to get there! 
Puppies, kitties, calves and kids last year when calving started... the two Davids share the craziness!

It was thrilling to read the first reading today from I Samuel 16... The conversation between Samuel and God was out of this world... just as our GPS speaks to us and tells us where we are to go... God told Samuel to fill his horn with oil and go to Jesse of Bethlehem!  Then he rejects all of his amazing sons and has to ask if there are any others... David!  The psalm too, today echoes "David"..." I have found David, my servant." Psalm 89:21
Art time and Mary time with Therese and Evangline...

There is so much excitement in the grandchildren when they hear their names during mass, so it really is ringing like a bell hearing David proclaimed many times this day.  Having my two sweet grandsons, now 9 1/2 and 8, and knowing that they are both being raised in the Faith in their domestic Church/families/homes with JOY.  I know that the Lord, who looks into our hearts will see there a foundation of True Faith set on "rock!"
Big Dave got a new baby sister on March 30th to join her two girl cousins... Josephine 10 months older and Evangeline 5 months older!  Girls to grow up together is such a gift!
Father Paul baptized Joy in the middle of our huge First Communion Sunday, of which her brother, Big David, was a first Communicant!  Why would he do that?   His message was..."I baptized many of these children 8 years ago, and where have they been since?  Come and worship as a family and find a small slice of heaven here on earth, please.  Give your children the gift of Faith in The True Church!"
Father Paul knows this family well, as they are there every Sunday... Simon and Mary are servers, Paul is a reader of the Word, and many times they help serve rolls after mass and clean up.  David is a priest hugger, and is known to run up and hug the priests when he sees them!  Father is now principal of the Catholic School and sees the 4 oldest there daily, and Luke comes there for Pre-school.  I wouldn't be surprised to hear that he celebrated David a bit today, too!
Grandpa Patrick was honored to give David the Blood of Christ for the first time on his First Communion day!
The two Davids and Augustine in May when we had Hallel home on the farm for her first home visit in 4 years and then the news that she would be living in KC for the year! 
Hallel with our 8 grandsons in May...
Little Dave with precious time with his Aunt Little Sister Hallel.  There are fake plans for his family to see her again in June when they come home to the farm for John's wedding!
We were gifted with little Dave having his first Communion during a Monday night mass here at Holy Redeemer!  It was just the day before they left for Washington, and we could be there to support him!
The two Davids shared the most amazing gift of their lives - receiving Jesus' Body and Blood for the first time just a month apart!  Now each Sunday they share the banquet of heaven and earth!  Food for their journeys! 

I thank the Lord every day that we share our faith as a family... there is nothing that could make me happier and more filled with wonder and awe than to share our journey of Faith/Family/Farm!
How we loved having them with us!  Pat keeps toying with the idea of trying to drive out there this winter sometime.  Maybe... that is what we call "fake plans." 

Jesus, we are so blessed by all that The Church gives us for each day of our journeys!  Each day your Word speaks to us and The Holy Spirit fills us with your Truth!  We are filled with all we need and more to take Christ to the world - May we return the Love and Mercy you have poured upon us to all those we encounter... most especially those the closest to us in our domestic Church/family.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Me and my little mini-me... it kind of is true!  Love!  Bless-bless, Barbara Mary Luke with my Evangeline Mary
Adoration with lilacs in May... the best hour I spend all week! 
Grandpa Pat did drive to Washington at the end of the summer!  He brought along Ruth's 4 oldest kids, too!  He is like that don't you know? 
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Pray for all those traveling this week to the March For Life events around the country.
More Information: http://marchforlife.org/

Truth from Padre Pio!
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More stories of the kids hearing their names during mass and being thrilled to hear them... Rose Ida heard her name during the creed - He "rose again."  Every time we say that and you look at her she is beaming!  Pat would ask her if she was Rosey Tosey... "No, I am Rose Again!"  Then she was wondering when her mom, Ruth's name was during mass..."I know mom... "I am not worthy that you should enter under my Ruth!"  So great!!!
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By opening our lives to God in Christ, we become new creatures. This experience, which Jesus spoke of as the new birth, is essential if we are to be transformed nonconformists.” —Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Danielle Rose - See you in the Eucharist
Newsboys - We Believe
Newsboys - God's not dead
Proof positive that God's not dead!!!  Just have to share this over and over and over and over...
Pat had Ruth take this picture to share with his daughters of how he dresses for the -8 temps here today!  The gloves are a give away at how cold it is!  He prides himself that if it were around 10 degrees he would work without gloves.  There are many layers there... don't be too fooled!
In contrast... me in my chilly house for the day with my prayer shall around my neck and an unseen blanket over my lap....Sitting at the feet of my Lord, with my rabbi painting above my head.  My Lord was Jewish after all!!!

Monday, January 15, 2018

We are made ANEW!!! So much to help us each day! "To the upright I will show the saving power of God." Ps 50

Ruth and Paul on the streets of Rome just days after their wedding 14 years ago... they are on their way to St Peter's to have their marriage blessed by St JPII! 
This happened just a few hours later!  Paul asked this of Saint John Paul II..."Please, bless us with a happy healthy family."
Here is their answer loud and clear for the entire world to see!  "Yes, my children when you are open to life and raising lights in your domestic Church/home as The Church teaches and asks of us as it helps us on our journey to heaven... You will be richly blessed with a small slice of heaven here on earth!" 

I have no doubt that my hero of LIFE and family is assisting our family from heaven as we embrace the Most Cherished Cross and discover LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!  Each day we are given so much help for the journey down the narrow path!  Jesus in Sacrament and Word and in all those around us in our domestic Church/family, and The Church and most certainly in the poor! 
Ruth and Paul and family got down to KC to see Hallel over New Years!  We are over the moon excited to have her here in the U.S. for the first year since she left for France to join The Community of the Lamb 9 1/2 years ago!

Another blessing in our lives is having the Community modeling for us the beauty of poverty and living a contemplative life of prayer and being Christ for the world!  We have their prayers for us, and they were huge when we were going through John's brain cancer and Patrick's traumatic birth!
Mary is soon to be 12, and has fake plans to go and spend some time with The Community when she gets a bit older!  A wonderful option to discern as she asks the Lord to reveal his plan for her!
Hallel with 4 year old Luke Paul!

I must go and pick up , Luke, from preschool... so will return in a bit.

School mass a few weeks back on the feast of The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary and my most favorite statue in the chapel.  I have looked to her for all these years of my 5 going there for a total of 18 years and now the 6 farmkids go there... 4 of Ruth and Paul's 6 and Luke is now in preschool down the hall!

Baby Joy seems to know that this will be a happy place for her to attend school from preschool through 8th grade, and that she will become a wonderful person like her beautiful mommy and grow in her faith along with her wonderful domestic church/family where they share Faith with JOY!
How special is this?  Starting my rosary for the day in my chapel on wheels as I go to pick up Luke from preschool.. I look up from my doing the first decade - the annunciation to see St Joseph there blessing me!  So amazing and wonderful - the first decade each day I pray for Ruth and Paul and family!  With the 5 decades - it only seemed natural to pray for each in succession on the rosary, then I had to add one for Pat, my Godchildren, my family, Pat's family and my beloved Church!  A total of 10!!! 
My best days for getting all 10 done is when I have the best hours of my week in Adoration.  I also love to travel with my beads like over the weekend coming and going to the Cities!  Today there are fake plans to go to Sioux Falls with Pat, so more chapel on wheels time!

So much is given to us each day!  Jesus has come into our lives and The Church gives us so much to help us!  We are called to embrace it all and not pick and choose!  Yes! 

Jesus I am yours!  With your constant help and love and mercy I am able to love and serve without counting the cost.  Your Word speaks to us and leads us in your Truth each new day!  Your Sacraments give us forgiveness and food for the journey.  Your Saints are there to help us and show us how to persevere no matter what we face!  Mary, Most Holy, is always there to bring our needs and cares to you, O Jesus.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
I am humbled and grateful that my children are taking me deeper in my faith!  There is nothing better to see them light up the world with your Truth, LOVE, and returning the mercy they have been given to all those around them.  Bless-bless, Barbara Mary Luke
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Danielle Rose - the Saint that is just me

Sunday, January 14, 2018

"Remain with HIM"/the chaplet of Divine Mercy/taken deeper in my faith through my kids and grandkids, too!

Gifted with this amazing planner from Nancy, daughter #2, back at Thanksgiving time!  I admit that other than using the pages in the back to write down Pat's family and mine for the wedding... I only just now took the time to sit down with it and really digest how wonderful it is! 

I have only scratched the surface, and that makes me want to do more!  I see that this is an entire way of living my life better and to have my daughter to thank for that is so humbling and powerful and is about as good as it gets!  I love that my kids, and I also see it in my grandchildren, are deeply in love with Jesus and His Bride, The Church and take me deeper on this journey! 
Love this from 3 years ago.. Ruth and Paul were gone and won their pickup from Farm Bureau in California!  Their name is well respected up here at this convention!  A beautiful couple that has touched many through their love of the farm, also family and Faith!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sargent Peppers/Open to life and raising lights/My champions for LIFE and Family... Pat and St JPII

I am smiling ear to ear after finding this this morning!  I am a true Beatle Fan from the 60s!!!  To see Paul and Ringo together singing these songs that I must have played and sang along to thousands of times with my sisters and over the years with my kids... that's right!  They all know and love the Beatle songs with me, and that is a sign of true genius!  Push the play button and have the joy fill you to start this sharing today! 
My wonderful champion for LIFE and I with our wonderful nun, Hallel, at Christmas!

We are up at a convention for county fairs and so are spending some close personal time together.  I'll take it!  He goes off to meetings and I am allowed this nice time of peace and quiet in our very nice room.  I am reveling in some great articles that came my way this morning as well as knowing that today is devoted to The Blessed Virgin Mary/Saturdays are so special for that reason, and the Gospel of Jesus reminding us that he has come for this purpose...
"Those who are well do not need a physician, but the sick do.
I did not come to call the righteous but sinners."  Mark 2
Thank goodness for that, because I need my dear and glorious physician and I need to die to self so that He can live in me and help me to become the saint that is just me!
Danielle Rose - the Saint that is just me
Hallel is now the song leader during mass and prayer throughout the day.  So important to serve in this way as they sing throughout, and it is as if you are in heaven with the angels all around you.  I am thinking of Father Craig there with them these days, and how touching and powerful prayer is with these humble poor little sisters and brothers!

A wonderful article which set the pace for my sharing today is this;
So very good!  Once again it would be beneficial and great to take the time to read it!
1.  Baptism as soon as possible
2.  Pray immediately!
3.  Offer it up when you are facing hardships or difficulties
4.  "Love one another as I have loved you"
5.  The real presence in the Eucharist

"In conclusion, if parents can take seriously their obligation to be a Saint John the Baptist and point the way to Jesus and the Highway to heaven, then the parents will strive to implement these five practical points of advice: 1) The graces of early Baptism; 2) Prayer which is the key to heaven; 3) The value of offering up and suffering for a purpose; 4) Love, living out love in family; 5) The Eucharistic Lord, growing in faith, knowledge and love for Jesus the Bread of Life, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
May Mary, the Mother of God, the Mother of the Church and our Heavenly Mother attain for us extraordinary graces through her all-powerful prayers!"   Fr Ed Broom OMV
All I would add to this great article about sharing our Faith in our homes, which is where it has to start... Sharing the lives of the Saints was huge for our kids!  I think it would come under the praying together as a family, as that was when we would get out the book of saints and the kids would ask for this favorite of that one... St Maria Goretti, St Rita, St Maximilian, St Gianna...Mother Mary, Queen of heaven and earth and all the Saints, St Johns, St Augustine... what do the saints teach us?  That if people like St Matthew, the tax collector, can become saints than so can I!  Also that no matter what we face we can persevere with the help of Christ! 
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That's what I mean...  And this fits under the heading of "offer it up."
Yesterday was kiss a ginger day... my two sweet gingers!  Romeo with his baby cousin, 9 month old Joy Lanoue!  Romeo just turned 3 on grandpa Pat's birthday.
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Just back from mid morning breakfast with my honey... now to wrap up this with the help of my friends, who have written the words for me today!
https://chastityproject.com/2018/01/6983/  The purpose of Marriage isn't happiness?  is the title of this great reminder that we are called to die to self and love without counting the cost!

In Three to Get Married, Fulton Sheen wrote:
“In all human love it must be realized that every man promises a woman, and every woman promises a man that which only God alone can give, namely, perfect happiness. One of the reasons why so many marriages are shipwrecked is because as the young couple leave the altar, they fail to realize that human feelings tire and the enthusiasm of the honeymoon is not the same as the more solid happiness of enduring human love… In the first moments of human love, one does not see the little hidden deformities which later on appear.”
This beautiful man has shown me from our first date that being open to life and raising lights is a small slice of heaven we are allowed on this earth!
“Marriage does not exist to make you happy; marriage exists to make you holy,”

Wise words from Joey Pontarelli today:here are five ideas to purify your idea of marriage.
  • Make God the center of your life and ask him to purify your idea of marriage.
  • Remember: Marriage does not exist to make you happy; it exists to make you a saint, and holiness is the path to authentic joy.
  • Set realistic expectations for marriage by spending time with good families and holy couples.
  • Unhappiness in your marriage is not a sign that you chose the wrong vocation, married the wrong person, or that you should leave your spouse.
  • Don’t despair. Even amid struggles, a great marriage is possible with God’s grace and hard work.
I love that I had so much help here today!
Preparing for marriage... I think John has a good idea that marriage is hard work after living with Pat and I for almost 2 years and daily praying this prayer for us..."Help mom and dad to love each other even when they don't want to."  Yes, not much fairy tale romantical ideas in his head about what two old people in 40 years together. 

Jesus, our families and our children are under attack and lied to by the world.  May we look to Jesus and His Bride, The Church, to guide and direct us down the narrow path carrying/dragging our Most Cherished Cross and finding LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!  Jesus, may we die to self more and more so that you may live and work through us!  May we be your hands, feet, and voice in this world casting out the darkness of sin and death with the Truth!  Amen and Hallelujah
They didn't want to sit in the tractor tire, but it was so great... John did get his pants dirty but well worth it!
The tractor was sitting there on the way to the grain bins, so how could we not?  Bless-bless, Barbara Mary Luke

One more part of my reading this morning that sent me over the moon!!!
Father Grau (1803)
How shall we then how our solid devotion to the Blessed Virgin?  By striving to imitate her interior life, her lowly opinion of herself, her love of obscurity, of silence, and of retirement; her attraction to little things, her fidelity to grace, the beautiful simplicity of her recollection and prayer; the only object of which was God and his holy will, Jesus Christ and his love, her continual sacrifice of herself and of all she loved most dearly and had the greatest reason to love.  Let us ask her every day that she may serve as our guide and model in the interior life, and let us beg of her to obtain for us the graces which are necessary for us, that we may correspond to the designs of God upon us.  And these designs are most certainly our death to ourselves and the destruction of self-love.
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“Whoever really takes [the Eucharist] as his daily bread, experiences each day the mystery of Christmas, the Word made flesh.” — St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross