Friday, June 21, 2019

Home from Lumen Christi on the wings of Faith and Family... now to work TEC! Come Holy Spirit!

 Hallel describes her life as prayer and dishes... she had many helping hands from the nieces and nephews as we lived with them and they fed all 13 of us meals!

I will not be writing much here today as I am home for only a short day til I am leaving for a 3 day retreat with Pat and John in tow.  How I wish that I could write my heart out about the glorious days filled with powerful Faith moments including mass and an hour with Jesus in the monstrance each day, and the best family time with daughter #3 and #4 in Kansas City.
 3 month old Hector helping his Aunt Hallel make us lunch just shortly after he arrived with his family.  Meeting him for the first time!  She has now met all 3 new grandsons!  And I have a plan to get them together in the next week here on the farm!

Maria arrived half a day later due to a flat tire on the way, which added hours to their trip from Minneapolis.  They did get to evangelize to the highway patrolman... he is expecting #4 maybe seeing Maria with her wonderful 6 will bring more lights into the world?
 2 1/2 year old Evie helped wipe one silverwear at a time... she charmed us all with her words and cuteness!
 Using a dishtowel bigger than her!
 I brought Ruth's oldest, Simon and Nancy's two oldest, Bernadette and Augustine... they had great cousin time in the heart of KC!
 Hallel putting Jesus out for adoration!  So beautiful and powerful to hear my #4 daughter sing her love for her spouse!  I loved that I could lift up those I will be working with at TEC this weekend while there.

My dad went into the hospital while I was in KC... it was wonderful to put the litany of our families - all 225 in the monstrance with Jesus!  So much peace and love as we give all the control to Him!
 Flowers that were mostly too far gone from a neighboring grocery store.  A group job of picking out the good ones to decorated the chapel... showing their love for Jesus!
The dishes crew after supper...
We found a grotto with Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes in All Saints church up the hill as we shared mass Spanish mass with the Little Sisters .  LOVE!
It was the Polish Catholic Church and Hallel showed Simon on the Station where Simon helps carry the cross - Station 5... how they spell Simon in Polish - Saymon!  It was such a beautiful place to start our time with mass!
 Gus helping make mini pizzas with Aunt Hallel.
 After supper we walk to the Grotto of The LIGHT of Mary the Mother of God Monastery of the Little Brothers at the bottom of the hill.
 A place of healing and miracles and pilgrimage!
 Only missing Hector...
 Listening to Hallel share the story of the birth of Jesus...

 Reading the story of the incarnation from Luke 1
 Evangeline and Hallel got close and shared a bond of love.
 Hallel invited us each up to give our concerns over to Mary and Jesus.  Evie kissed baby Jesus in the manger.
 And she kissed Mary the Mother of us all!
 Hallel with her wonderful Goddaughter, Therese, who is now 11!
Daughter #3, Maria, with Daughter #4, Little Sister Hallel, with Hector who is 3 months!
 13 in KC... how we were blessed to stay with them and share all the time!  The kids said one of their favorite things was catching fireflies by the grotto as one of the longest days of the year came to a close!
 So beautiful and filled with so much Truth and a holy place indeed!

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed today with such a small window to accomplish so much... I called a friend to impress her with my woes and she shared her situations over the last week... by far much more than mine!  Much like the saga of St Paul today in the first reading from 2 Corinthians 11... beatings, shipwrecked, stoned and left for dead, toil and hardship, through many sleepless nights.  Working these retreats we just expect those sleepless nights!
 So vibrant and HOLY!
 Family time after breakfast yesterday with the Lamb.
 I stopped in the chapel to pray for my dad, and Jesus was there and the person praying left, so I was gifted with a hour with Him!  He called me there and I did the litany of our families putting 225  in the monstrance with Jesus from my 94 year old dad to the 4 new ones in the womb that I am joyfully praying for!

My Lord and My God!

 "Wounded, I will never cease to love."  The motto of the Lamb and of The Community of the Lamb!
 The two oldest helping in the kitchen... washing kale that had been given to them
Hallel and baby Evangeline Mary!
 School of the Word with the grandkids... Bill meeting Hector for the first time!
 Hallel singing her love to her Spouse, Jesus Christ!

R. (see 18b) From all their distress God rescues the just.
I will bless the LORD at all times;
his praise shall be ever in my mouth.
Let my soul glory in the LORD;
the lowly will hear me and be glad.
R. From all their distress God rescues the just.
Glorify the LORD with me,
let us together extol his name.
I sought the LORD, and he answered me
and delivered me from all my fears.
R. From all their distress God rescues the just.
Look to him that you may be radiant with joy,
and your faces may not blush with shame.
When the poor one called out, the LORD heard,
and from all his distress he saved him.
R. From all their distress God rescues the just.  Psalm 34 from mass today speaks of her love and thankfulness that he called her to follow him in this most amazing way!
 Our last meal with them!  They were so kind and generous to include us in their lives of prayers, making food and dishes!
The dessert parade is how the meals joyfully end!

Jesus, go forth with me now - come Holy Spirit and bring all those attending this weekend closer to your heart burning with love for us!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Prayers intewoven in a crazy morning - Maria on the plane to us! On the road to KC!

On the shuttle to their flight to Minnesota!  It has been a crazy morning with amped up prayers as they had to wait in long lines due to the computers being worked on, and 2 year old Evie throwing up in the van on the way to the airport... so many prayers as they are in the air now flying our way!
Gus and Rose out in the pasture behind our house 6 years ago today.  This morning I took the 4 wheeler back and forth across this creek to help Pat get a wagon out of the pasture.  Along the way praying for Maria and her flight here with her 6 kids!  Jesus, we trust in you.
Nightcap last night with Nancy's 4 oldest... today I am taking the two older ones with Ruth's oldest,  Simon, to Kansas City to see Maria and their cousins and Aunt Hallel.

We just found out that Hallel spent 3 days in the hospital for shingles getting an anti-viral IV.  She is on the mend, but her mom is wanting to see her for myself as well as my military family, whom I haven't seen for over 2 1/2 months!  I am so excited to have precious time with daughter #3 and #4 in Kansas City.  All of us are living with the Little Sisters in the Monastery for 2 days!

Jesus, we love you and long to share our Faith with great JOY as a family filled with LOVE/LIGHT/LIFE as we embrace our Most Cherished Cross!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless all of our travels over these next few days and this upcoming TEC retreat this weekend.  Bless Bobbi, and Jude as Bobbi returns to work today.  We are kept on our knees in prayers without ceasing!  Bless-bless, Barb and our family
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Monday, June 17, 2019

Dying to self so that He may LIVE!/Maria coming/Prayers and preparations

2 1/2 month old Jude Dale on his grandpa's shoulders while on his second big trip... this time to Colorado for Father's Day weekend.  His dad's Twins hat allowing him to be in the shade and look back at mom and dad behind him.  

I am given permission to share here briefly today with so much coming at me with this new week!  As Pat pointed out that if he told me not to write I would have had a meltdown, and that is quite true!  It did give me some joy that he said he realizes how important sharing here is for me... thanks, Honey!
Another Father's Day shirt and adorable smiling face... 

I am still so touched to hear from our amazing Father Craig as he is in Rome with 2 other young amazing priests and 25 youth and that he is lifting up John there as we all pray for the Lord to be with him as he is returning to school as a radiology Tec and his future work in supporting his family!
Love this of Paul with his 6 yesterday and how it portrays raising 6 kids on the farm and just through life is big and self- sacrificing on his part and Ruth's,  Isn't that what the Lord asks of us?  To die to self so that He may live and work and teach and heal and love in this world?   And how this world of sin and darkness needs the many lights we bring into this world!!!
At the Twins game yesterday!  

St Paul today speaks so much about how in our dying to self/suffering and persecution...through much endurance,
in afflictions, hardships, constraints,
beatings, imprisonments, riots,
labors, vigils, fasts;  2 Corinthians 6

How are all these hardships accomplished as we are weak and sinful ourselves?

" purity, knowledge, patience, kindness,
in the Holy Spirit, in unfeigned love, in truthful speech,
in the power of God;
with weapons of righteousness at the right and at the left..."

Yes, we are called to give him our all and He is in control as he sends the Holy Spirit to give us the grace to love and serve without counting the cost!
Soon these two chubby boys will be united with their cousin in the middle... 3 weeks older than Jude and 3 weeks younger than George... Hector!

Hector yesterday... he used to have hair like Jude, but looks like he is joining George in the lack of hair department.  But equally chubby and adorable!  Grandma can't wait to get the 3 of them together and have family time supreme!
Hector seems to love the idea too!!!  

Maria getting through the airport with 6 kids in tow is giving me lots to pray about tomorrow.  I will in my chapel on wheels heading down to KC to be there when they get off the plane in the Cities and drive 7 hours to spend two days with Hallel and The Community of the Lamb! Lord, keep us all safe... guardian angels watch out for each one of us!  Bless-bless, Barb

"The Eucharist is the summit of God's saving action: 
 the Lord Jesus, by becoming bread broken for us,
pours upon us all of His mercy and His love,
so as to renew our hearts, our lives,
and our way of relating with Him and with the brethren. 

It is for this reason that commonly, when we approach this Sacrament,
we speak of 'receiving Communion,' of 'taking Communion':
this means that by the power of the Holy Spirit, participation in
Holy Communion conforms us in a singular and profound way to Christ,
giving us a foretaste already now of the full communion with the Father
that characterizes the heavenly banquet, where together with all the Saints
we will have the joy of contemplating God face to face."

Pope Francis
Daily mass with Hallel and The Community along with adoration at the foot of Jesus with 3rd and 4th daughter, and 9 grandchildren!  So excited and prayerful!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Holy Trinity "found delight in the human race" on Father's Day 2019! John's first Father's Day 10 years later!

Happy Father's Day dear Patrick!  Father shared in the sermon this morning how St Patrick helped us to understand the Trinity by showing us the shamrock/3 leaf clover and how the 3 parts make one whole leaf/plant.  Yes, the mystery of the Trinity is the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit... 3 in one!

Sharing mass with one daughter this morning... oldest Ruth with her youngest, Joy.  The others are scattered far and wide, with plans to gather in the next two weeks!  The excitement is building.
 Pat in his Twins shirt from Nancy... she knows how much her dad loves the Twins whether they win or lose!  Pat has passed that down to his son, and from John to his son..
John's first Father's Day weekend!   In Colorado for some family time!
 Paul corralling his 6 for the Father's Day pose in front of the best ever Dad, St Joseph!  Pat and I are so very happy for the wonderful husbands and dads our girls found and our son now is!
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Wishing all the father's out there a blessed Father's Day.

Prayer for Fathers -

St. Joseph, guardian of Jesus and chaste husband of Mary, you passed your life in loving fulfillment of duty. You supported the holy family of Nazareth with the work of your hands. Kindly protect those who trustingly come to you. You know their aspirations, their hardships, their hopes. They look to you because they know you will understand and protect them. You too knew trial, labor and weariness. But amid the worries of material life your soul was full of deep peace and sang out in true joy through intimacy with God's Son entrusted to you and with Mary, his tender Mother. Assure those you protect that they do not labor alone. Teach them to find Jesus near them and to watch over him faithfully as you have done. (from Pope John XXIII)
 We love our dad!!!

 Paul thank you for saying yes to life and raising them as lights to make a difference in this world!  Look to St Joseph and ask for his assistance.
 Simon thinking about smiling...
There's one!

I loved this from the first reading Proverbs 8... it speaks of God creating the world with His Son and Holy Spirit...
"I beside him as his craftsman,
and I was his delight day by day,
playing before him all the while,
playing on the surface of his earth;
and I found delight in the human race."
What a vision of God with his Son playing on the surface of the earth, but most of all..."I found delight in the human race."  How He loves us to the point of giving his perfect sinless life for us as the unblemished Lamb of God!
 The farm kids playing on their bikes ahead of a thunder storm... playing on the surface of the earth reminding me of their mom and her sisters and brother doing the same thing on this gravel path!
 Racing boys was something that is new to me after our 4 girls and then you had that boy!
 The race is on!!!
Then Rose and Luke playing in the rain spout... yes, they got nice and wet and laughed a lot!
 First bales picked up before the thunder storm.  Pat said that it felt good but hard to not think about it being 3 weeks late this year like everything else...
 Pat home with his load in the rain!  We got a beautiful inch for what is planted  - about half our crop!
 Framers looking out at the rain... we are getting it this year for sure!
We followed the tradition of Uncle Joe... a crazy one after the serious portraits for grandma!
 The best with even Simon looking positive with a little Simon smile!
 Father's Day at Fort Lewis, WA... Captain Joseph with his 6 on Saturday movie night!
Breakfast in bed for Billy - Josephine's curly hair giving him a curly beard...
Such a wonderful dad he is!!!  Bill and Nancy have 3 others waiting for them in heaven... two losses in the years between Josephine and 3 month old George!
John's first Father's Day!  Yesterday I was texting with our dear Father Craig, who has been with John through his last 10 years of cancer/healing/marriage/fatherhood/many jobs... Father shared that he is in Rome with Fr Matt, Fr Garrett, and 25 youth... so asked for Prayers for John' future education/job!  Lord, show John the path you have for him!

One of the most precious pictures I sent to Father Craig yesterday for this 10th anniversary of John's healing from brain cancer!  The anointing of the sick just before he was taken for his brain biopsy!  How the Lord ministered to us through our amazing Father Craig!

In France for Hallel and John!

He took John into the baths at Lourdes for the miraculous waters to be poured on his head where he needed the healing.  Instant healing... no, but eventually healed and he fell head over heels in love with Mary, the Mother of us all!!!
Happy Father's Day Bill!!!  You have so much more than earthly wealth and what really matters in this world!
Happy Father's Day to my wonderful dad!!!  Yes, he is 94 and still sharp and a delight to me!  I love you dad and long to have our great times together again soon!  After our next few weeks of crazy family time supreme!

Jesus, thank you for the LOVE from your Father in heaven which you share with us through your Holy Spirit.  Bless the fathers this day that they may be open to LIFE and raise them as LIGHTS!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
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