Monday, January 27, 2020

Thoughts of the journey/Bishop at the Catholic School this morning!/St Angela followed Jesus!

Working on a card for Fr Craig at the loss of his father, Gary.

This picture of Hallel helping her brother down the path in Saint Pierre, came to me as a must for his card as he was here for both John and Hallel in August of 2009. Hallel took her habit and changed her name from Susan to Little Sister Hallel, and John had come over to Saint Pierre France after his second chemo for brain cancer to support her.

 Fr Craig then took John into the healing waters of Lourdes, said mass for us at the grotto, and heard John's confession.  John fell in love with Mary the Mother of God, which continues to this day!

Just back from dropping off food and having Gary's wife, Pat, and Fr Craig on either side of me in the kitchen!  I am overwhelmed by their wonderful hospitality in the midst of their grief!  I was a river of tears as they poured out the "little miracles" they experienced in these last days with Gary.  So much  of it was the gift that Hospice was for them!  LOVE that so much!  My heart will always and forever be that of a hospice nurse and the beautiful way loved ones are gently lovingly cared for.
 Nancy's 4 in their uniforms as they attend Catholic School in Delano - St Maximilian Kolbe!  They are on the road to come and pay their respects to Fr Craig and his family.
 This morning we had the Joy of having Bishop LeVoir here for mass to kick off Catholic Schools week.
 Such a powerful presence for the kids to see our shepherd of the New Ulm Diocese!
 After hearing him speak to hundreds at the prayer for LIFE a few days ago and being so touched by his beautiful homily... so much about Mary and her rosary - "Each bead is a tear of Mary that is washing away evil (abortion)."

Today he spoke about St Angela Merici, whose feast day is today.  "She was a teacher of young women so that they could then go and be good wives and mothers and carry forth the faith."  He shared how we too are to ask the Lord what he wants from us and then to go forth and do what he asks even though  it is hard at times.  He pointed out that it is much more rewarding and brings us happiness to put others first and to be kind and giving, rather than to have the attitude of what is there in it for me.
 Our shepherd is a kind and gentle man, with much wisdom to share with us.  We are very blessed to have him as our Bishop!

He personally reached out to us in the midst of John's brain cancer..."When in times of stress and the storms of life repeat these words; "Jesus, I trust in you."  Our motto ever since!
 Kindergartener Luke Paul...
 Shaking Bishop's hand... he stood there and shook each student's hand!
2nd grader, Rose again, will be having her First Communion with the rest of her class in May.  Also cousins, Augustine, and Patrick!  Big year in The Church for our family!
 The girls out visiting a former fair calf yesterday.  Joy learning from her older sisters, Mary and Rose!
 Tame after working with her for the fair!  Soon she will have her calf and I am sure the girls will be out there to visit her and her calf.
Rose and the Bishop...

Pat and I got to greet him and it always warms my heart that he speaks of John and Hallel.  It is so powerful to have him such a real and good part of our journey.  Thank you, Lord!

Nancy is on the road and we will gather at the Open House at the school share supper at a fund raiser for a teacher fighting cancer and then head over to support Fr Craig and family!

Jesus, how we love to embrace the beauty of sharing Faith/Family/Farm!  So very rich and powerful is that tie that binds our family as one!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb

Tears standing in my eyes is me happy or sad!!!
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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Catholic Schools/Walk so closely with Jesus that we are covered by His dust/Mistaken for Jesus/Jude is 10 mo today!

 Mary with her coach, John, and his assistant, Bobbi, at breakfast in the church basement after mass this 3rd Sunday of Ordinary time.  Mary spent the night with them and Jude... Bobbi got out her suit jacket, which she wore in speech, and Mary wore it and looked "so good!"  Big smiles all around as Mary placed second with her speech at Speech Spotlight here in Marshall yesterday.

It has been a wonderful gift to have John able to use his love and talent in speech now with the next generation and this year with his special niece, Mary, who is in her last year at HRS.
 Rose reading the Psalm, Mary singing with the choir and did the first reading, David serving and doing a prayer intention.

Catholic Schools week!  How we love and celebrate our wonderful Catholic School where we go back 4 generations!  Pat's mother, then the 10 of her children including our Pat, then our 5 kids, and now Ruth's 6 and in the future John's.

Father's homily spoke of our walk with Jesus - "His disciples were walking so closely with Jesus, that they would be covered with his dust from walking that close!"  They were at times mistaken for Jesus, and wouldn't that we wonderful to be mistaken for Jesus, because we were that closely following Him?  Yet, they would see the dust and know that we were not Jesus, but his followers!"  LOVE!
David, Mary and Rose, and Luke was there too and brought up the gifts - he carried up the bread.  Simon has now graduated to the high school and Mary will follow him next year.

As Father said the Catholic School focuses on the entire person and that the our faith is foremost.  It must begin in the home, and how wonderful to have it reinforced at their school.  We have always been most pleased by supporting our Catholic Faith in this way.  Now to share it with our grandkids is as if we never had a break... just continuous involvement.
 Pancake breakfast is family time after mass!  Joy and Jude!
 Jude is 10 months old today!  Happy 10 month birthday baby Jude!
 Joy's watercolor of Joy and Baby Jude... I drew the picture 3 times and each time she painted the faces so much she just about wore off the paper down to the table underneath.  This one grandma kept to put on her fridge.  Joy and Baby Jude are best buddies indeed!
It is wonderful now that John has found a great job as Activity Director for an Assisted living and memory unit just one block from Church.  With a regular work day he can still find the time to work with speech his passion.  LOVE how it allows him special time with Mary to encourage her self-confidence in front of people presenting herself.  It will reap many benefits for her in her future.

John and Bobbi shared the speech experience in high school and now they are both united in encouraging and working with Mary and her friend from HRS!  Wonderful the way things come full circle in such a sweet and special way!
 Mary aglow after placing 2nd with a friend at the Speech Spectacular!  Wearing her Aunt Bobbi's jacket does look "good!"
 Mary called forward to compete in novice finals!
Grandpa got lots of Jude holding time at mass during Catholic Schools mass!

The Gospel makes a lot of good sense now after pondering the powerful insight of Father's homily!  The fact that these great people including Paul himself were held up to the standards of Christ speak of how they were following Jesus so closely covered by his dust and mistaken for Christ!    A good thing, not bad as long as they point to Christ which we know that St John the Baptist did and also amazing St Paul, whose conversion we celebrated yesterday!

Was Paul crucified for you?
Or were you baptized in the name of Paul?
For Christ did not send me to baptize but to preach the gospel,
and not with the wisdom of human eloquence,
so that the cross of Christ might not be emptied of its meaning.
St Paul today to the 1 Corinthians 1
 Pat and I just took the time to listen to Archbishop Naumann speak at the mass for LIFE in Washington DC before the 500,000 Marched for LIFE!  On the wall behind him is the Lamb I painted while visiting The Community of the Lamb in KC - Archbishop is my total hero as he brought The Community of the Lamb to the U.S.  Hallel living here for the last 3 years in KC is totally because of him answering the call of Jesus to invite them here from France!  Thank you!

His amazing speech included so much!  From my notes...
Each parish must be an island of mercy in a sea of indifference - they are starting in each diocese a "walking with moms in need initiative"  So that mothers and their child may not only survive, but thrive!
He also shared about a meeting with Pope Francis a week ago and how he is agreeing that protecting LIFE is the main concern of our church!
 Archbishop Naumann, who loves the Lamb!
"If anyone thirst, let him come to me and drink."  John 7:37

He spoke a lot about the encyclical of St JPII, the encyclical for LIFE.  "Abortion attacks human life when it cannot defend itself."
We then listened to President Trump speak at the Prolife march in Washington.  Pat and I were both wiping tears at his saying all the beautiful words we love to hear including how each new life adds to our Joy and our love!  So true!

Jesus, we are so blessed to have our Church standing up for LIFE and providing our family with a wonderful school that helps us to raise LIGHTS for the world of sin and darkness.  A world that has taken the lies of Satan as the truth.  the people who sit in darkness have seen a great light,
on those dwelling in a land overshadowed by death
light has arisen.  Isaiah 8 and Matthew 4 from the Gospel today is truth indeed!
Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
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Nancy and George yesterday!  Today is Catholic Schools day for them too!
Hi, I’m Nancy and this is George.

He’s baby number 5 in our family and just the sweetest little guy. I stare at him all day. Seriously.

I have no profound pro-life thoughts, only this. This baby gives me more joy than I thought possible.

Life is a beautiful thing.

LOVE to share the LOVE of ALL LIFE with my family - we are soon to reach 30 with the arrival of grandchild #19!  Our love grows more and more with each new member!  Bless-bless, Barb

Image may contain: one or more people, possible text that says '"Come after me, me, and I will make you fishers of men." Third Sunday in Ordinary Time SCOTTHAHN. COM'

Nothing compares to you - Danielle Rose
Small things with great love - Danielle Rose
Wonderfully made - Danielle Rose
walk on water
John finding faith through brain cancer!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

May the LIGHT expose the Truth!/St Paul paves the way with his amazing conversion/Full house!

 The kids enjoying the new chairs from my mom's house.  Soft and cozy time for grandma to snap a few pictures.

So much filling me with angst these days as the LIFE marches are going on with hundreds of thousands standing up for the Truth that we should not be taking human life into our own hands!  How did it ever come to this place of the culture of death being the accepted lie, and those looking down on the believers of LIFE being a gift to be protected and cherished at all times... from conception to natural death?  How I am lifted up by the stories of those that have come to see that leaving a baby to die is horrible and wrong!
 Mom and Dad gone for an overnight and we had a house full.  The hot tub and the watercolors were the usual fare.

St Paul too was misled and set on a path of destruction of those that were followers of the Truth - Jesus Christ is the Son of God and our salvation comes from Him and His Bride, The Church!  Set on that path he was struck down by The LIGHT, which was Christ setting him straight!
On his  journey, as he was nearing Damascus,
a light from the sky suddenly flashed around him.
He fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him,
“Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?”
He said, “Who are you, sir?”
The reply came, “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.
Now get up and go into the city and you will be told what you must do.”
Acts 9

Lord, carry this forth now with so many that are thinking they can take LIFE into their own hands!  Shine your glorious LIGHT all around them that they may see through the lies and the darkness.  May we be a light for them as St Paul went forth...
He stayed some days with the disciples in Damascus,
and he began at once to proclaim Jesus in the synagogues,
that he is the Son of God.
All who heard him were astounded and said,
“Is not this the man who in Jerusalem
ravaged those who call upon this name,
and came here expressly to take them back in chains
to the chief priests?”
But Saul grew all the stronger
and confounded the Jews who lived in Damascus,
proving that this is the Christ.
Acts 9
 Grandpa making waffles for the hungry kids this morning -his mom's waffle iron has been used a lot since we got it.  Pat's mom has been gone for 3 years now, and my parents things are in my home now that they have moved from their home to assisted living in New Hope.

The times we remember them when we enjoy their things in our homes!  Special touches of their love that continue to touch us in our domestic Church/home!
 Thinking of my mom this morning as we watercolored - she was an artist and when I went through her boxes of art supplies we found art paper, brushes and paints!  Joy with her painting of Joy and Baby Jude!
Rose with her rainbow giraffe with my mom's icon of Mary, John and Jesus looking over her shoulder.  Yes, that is my mother's art work on a piece of barn wood from our "farm" in Wisconsin.  She made a point of letting me know that she left it in that shape as she wanted to recall it's origin!  It was wonderful to have her gift this to me during my weeks of staying with them before she left for their new home.  I will cherish it always!

 Praying with 7 sisters for Fr Todd yesterday with my cute companion, Joy.  We mostly had the entire church to ourselves...
 Joy has joined me a few other times and knows that she can get bag after bag to entertain herself for my hour of somewhat distracted prayer.
 The photo book which is full of pictures she sees each week at mass.
 My prayer partner was busy with all that was holy and many times she would say; "Jesus, Bible, priest..."  She knows her church and loves her time "praying" with grandma on Fridays!
 The book about the mass!  Each week since she was born she has watched the priest up on the altar lift up the Body of Christ and the Blood!
Each Sunday she brings up her offering envelope and puts it in this basket along with all the young children at 8a mass.  She thought it was fun to hold it on her lap for some of grandma's pictures by the pretty flowers.
So much LIGHT in those eyes and her name fits her... JOY!!!
 We found a pink bouquet by St Joseph!
 Treasures discovered.
 Lots of time playing in the jacuzzi!
 All but Mary, who is competing at Speech Spectacular!  We just got word that she made it to finals in the novice division - she is only in 8th grade at HRS and John is her coach!  We are awaiting word!
 Bubble bath takes a real meaning here...
Swimsuit in the winter and time on grandpa's lap to watch baby George eating a taco!  He was devouring it with great gusto believe me!  Joy was so amazed to watch him!

Time for the beads and prayers for each of my kids = 5 and their families, my Most Cherished Cross hubby Pat, our 5 Godchildren and their families, my family, Pat's family, and The Church = a total of 10 decades!  Traveling in my chapel on wheels to my parents 3 hours away is prime time to get them all done and even the Chaplet of Divine Mercy!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
Image may contain: possible text that says 'CONVERSION OF ST. PAUL "Is not this the man who in Jerusalem ravaged those who call upon this name, and came here expressly to take them back in chains to the chief priests?" But Saul grew all the stronger... proving that this is the Messiah. Acts of the the Apostles 9:21-22'
"A blasphemer and a persecutor was made an apostle, and chosen to be one of the principal instruments of God in the conversion of the world." No one is beyond the mercy of God. Let us pray for conversion and reversion of the whole world! #EWTN #Catholic
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Finding Faith through brain cancer!
I am so excited for John to come and speak at our church here in Glenwood in just a couple of weeks! I met him and his family when I was just a weeee little lad through Riverbend TEC, and they are amazing people! John survived a rare form of brain cancer and now is married and is staring his family. 💞 I have not heard his talk, but I know he has an amazing story to tell! I hope you block off this time on February 5th and join us! We will have some refreshments and fellowship following in the lower level of church. See you there!

Here’s a link with a quick preview:
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Trumps speech to the March for LIFE 2020
Danielle Rose - The saint that is just me
Kutless - Take me in
Zach Williams - Rescue Story

Friday, January 24, 2020

"For your mercy towers to the heavens, and your faithfulness to the skies."Psalm 57/St Emerentiana

Love this from 6years ago of the birth of baby Luke!  They have since welcomed Joy to make them a family of 8!  Open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS!

As I write today I am listening to Archbishop Naumann speaking at the Vigil mass for LIFE in Washington DC last night.  He is my hero these days as he is responsible for bringing Hallel's Community of the Lamb to America 11 years ago, when Hallel said "yes" to her call to join them and become a bride for Christ!  He holds the position of the Chairman for Pro-LIFE among the Bishops, and is such a powerful voice for LIFE and for family!
Adoration shared with Hallel at Thanksgiving - adoring her Jesus and ours in the monstrance.  An amazing gift to us to share this deep prayer time with our daughter and her family of the Lamb!

I just got off the phone to my Hallel… we are grieving the death of a dear friend/family member as of yesterday afternoon.  Pat's cousin lost her husband and they are close friends to us throughout our marriage, and their son, Fr Craig has been so important to us since our girls discerned and entered the convent, John's brain cancer, each and most every powerful moment with our grown children have involved Fr Craig!  Most recently he officiated at Nancy and Bill's funeral for their baby Maximilian lost at 20 weeks in the womb on Thanksgiving 2018.
 Annointing John moments before he was going into brain biopsy to diagnose his cancer in Rochester!

As I was talking to Hallel she shared with me that yesterday was the feast day of St Emerentiana, who was a servant/foster Sister of St Agnes, whose feast was the day before.  "She followed after St Agnes and is buried with her in the Church in Rome!"  So powerful to know that St Emerentiana welcomed Gary along with St Agnes into Heaven after his passing from the arms of his loving family!
St Emerentiana
January 23

St Emerentiana
Virgin, Martyr 

As per the Roman Martyrology, St Emerentiana was the foster sister of St Agnes. Both of them were of much the same age, but Emerentiana was yet only a catechumen. She was stoned to death while praying beside the grave of St Agnes, thus receiving the baptism of blood. She was buried in the Cemeterium majus, a little farther, along the Via Nomentana in Rome, then the spot where the Basilica dedicated to St Agnes was erected. Later, her remains were transferred t0 the Basilica.
Yes, Fr Craig traveled to France to support our Susan/Little Sister Hallel as she took her habit and changed her name in Saint Pierre, France just a month after John had started his battle against brain cancer!
Hallel was living in KC when Nancy lost her son, Max, and was able to share in her loss.  How we are blessed by sharing the cross of loss and how it brings us to a deep appreciation for ALL LIFE!

Just listened to Archbishop Naumann last night!
So powerful to hear him speak about a recent audience he had with Pope Francis and how the Pope has our backs in our fight for LIFE! Powerful - take the time to listen!
Burying Max in the Marshall Catholic Cemetery Thanksgiving 2017...
Fr Craig is there for our family!  How we are mourning the passing of his wonderful father this day!
 I must end this as I now have Joy here to share my day with!  We are soon to head in to do our hour of prayer with 7 Sisters in front of the tabernacle!
 It has been a while since I had my Joy!

 First thing grandma did her hair!  "Look how she stands still for grandma!" Ruth was impressed as she had refused to allow mom to do her hair.  It's grandmas JOY and thing with my granddaughters after having 4 girls before having John with 7 losses in the mix, too!
 Girl and chubby kitty= sweetness and grandma can't get enough!
You light up my life sweet JOY Jean.. JJ!

Lord, thank you for the journey called life/love/light we are all called to embrace as we follow you down the narrow path - we know not what each new day will hold and when you will call us home from this world. May we give you our all and die to self while we live and allow you to use us as your hands and feet!  The Psalm from mass today - Psalm 57 gives us comfort and assurance of your fingerprint upon our lives with you!  For your mercy towers to the heavens,
and your faithfulness to the skies.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah

Taking John through the baths in Lourdes in August of 2009!  How John was touched and found a profound love for Our Lady!  His Faith in the True Church was discovered through his battle with brain cancer!  Fr Craig had a lot to do with that journey and continues to this day!  A couple weeks ago he let us know that he was in Lourdes praying for John and his dad, and was going into the baths with their intentions!  Bless-bless, Barb
John's video by Spirit Juice!
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Image may contain: 1 person, standing and beard, possible text that says 'ST. FRANCIS DE SALES Be not miserable about what may happen tomorrow. The same everlasting Father, who cares for you today, will care for you tomorrow."'

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup, possible text that says '"The fruit of faith is Love, and the fruit of Love is service.' St. Mother Teresa'