Thursday, August 17, 2017

Forgive? Yes, over and over and over and over and over and over.... From the darkness of the tomb into the LIGHT of the Resurrection!

How I love to see this beautiful memory this day!  We had just shared a part of the Easter Vigil when Jesus is placed in the tomb with Hallel and her Community of the Lamb in KC in April.  Maria brought along her baby, Evangeline, and Nancy and Bill had found a baby sitter for the other 8 kids at their home, so that we could go and willingly and with an open heart take in the depth of this piece of the story of LIGHT coming into the world out of the tomb of darkness and a world cast in darkness!

John and I shared morning prayer a short time ago and in the midst we shared a decade of the rosary for peace in our families! 

When you have 120+ on my side and approaching 100 on Pat's there are many times we need to forgive one another!  It could easily get to that 77 times in just the number of people we live and care for.  But Jesus didn't say that alone... he said that for each one of those people we need to forgive each one that many times!  Really there is no limit to the forgiveness we have been given for our huge debt to Jesus, and we in turn are to return that to those around us, and aren't the ones the closest to us the ones that we see their faults HUGELY, and therefore the need to forgive a lot and often should be our desire and goal!  Yes, the Gospel today is most powerful!!! Matthew 18!!!
The icon is processed in - Jesus placed in the tomb... the world was filled with darkness and hope was lost... but then The LIGHT/LIFE/LOVE entered the world and HOPE returned to help us rise above our sinfulness and darkness of sin and death to die to self and give without counting the cost!
A beautiful family attended with their young family including a very newborn baby!  Maria sat by them with her Evangeline Mary!  The Community is so deep and loving and approaches all without judgment and reflect to all the love and forgiveness of Jesus!
Evangeline was such a good girl... she would look back and me and give me a huge smile as she soaked in the deep LOVE of this moment in our salvation.  How I thank God every day that my family including my 15 going on 16 grandchildren are allowed to share in this wonderful life through their Aunt Little Sister Hallel and her Community of the Lamb!
Our family has been expanded by hundreds with all our Little Sisters and Little Brothers!  We are close to the anniversary of Hallel taking her habit and changing her name on August 21, 2009 - the Vigil of the Queenship of Mary!  John and I went to France, a decision made in 24 hours when John was able to make it to the bathroom by himself the night before, just after his 2nd chemo!

Moments after Susan Angela became Little Sister Hallel!  Hallel is the first part of Hallelujah and means exactly that - giving God all the praise and worship!  "Every time someone says my name, they are giving God the highest PRAISE!"  Hallel   We are so blessed by her prayers daily at mass and in Adoration!  We recently got word to her in France to be praying for grandchild #16 in the womb.
The chapel on Easter Morning ... filled with LIGHT/LIFE/LOVE!
 A lot of time spent on giving our Lord all our love and praise for conquering the cross and sin and death and darkness - the LIGHT is with us!  Simple humble beauty that is out of this world and a small slice of heaven!
Nancy and her family!  They now live in KC just a half an hour away from our extended family, The Community of the Lamb!  We fill up their home regularly as we share in extended family life with Nancy and The Community of the Lamb! 

Nancy has her hands full as this picture very much expresses in Truth, yet she is putting on a Catholic Wife Academy for close to 300 women that will extend over weeks!  I am so humbled and impressed how the Holy Spirit is at work in and through her as she burns to share The Truth and Wisdom of The Church!  Come Holy Spirit!!!
Minus Ruth's family, who held down the farm for us to go and spend time with Hallel and her Community of the Lamb and the risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in one another! 

Jesus, I am praying without ceasing for this day to be one filled with new love and forgiveness as we go forth down the narrow path to LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT/Heaven forever with You, your Mother, Mary Most Holy and all the Angels and Saints!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
 My husband's big hand which I LOVE so much, holding up the LIGHT!
 How we LOVE, Jesus in The Word, in The Community of the Lamb.
 Therese receiving Jesus! 
 We love our blue!!!
 The procession we have embraced through The Community... from our first meal with them we watched the little ones walk around with the desert, flowers, streamers and JOY!
Love this so much, and it speaks volumes of how our little ones will discern their call from Jesus and know that religious life is a beautiful option!
Danielle Rose - pursue me
Danielle Rose - the Saint that is just me
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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

"Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matthew 18:29 The Gospel today!

Our huge pan we got at an auction at the Catholic School years ago and probably held food made for my husband and his siblings... it holds 40 quarts full and today it was about 2/3 full of wonderful salsa!  Our first tomato canning of the year!  50 pints and so good!  4 1/2 month old Joy and her 11 year old sister, Mary, sporting the canning ring bracelets that are a tradition for my girls while we canned as a family and now for Ruth's!

Listening to the wonderful rain is a gift from heaven after 39 years of living on the farm... we long for rain for the crops and lots of years July and August are hot and we face drought.  This year we have gotten better rains, yet we had a May 22 hail storm that took out a lot of our crops, and we had to replant all of our beans.  Each year holds it's own ups and downs, and there is no way of controlling nature.  There have been masses and prayers at church for critical rains, and what I have called million dollar rains just coming in time to help the crop for that year.  This is a wonderful drenching of the furrows rain! 
Joy and Grandpa outside looking in on the kids taking the skin off of the tomatoes... we can for 6 families so it is wonderful to have lots of willing helpers!

The words from the Gospel today struck a beautiful chord in my heart today at the Truth of it!  "Where two or three( or 23or 300)are gathered in my name , there am I in the midst of them."  It was pretty special to sit with my husband last evening and listen to our daughter, Nancy, speak so sweetly and powerfully about the wisdom of St JPII/Theology of the Body!  To be naked with each other in totally giving our all and total openness and honesty with our sharing really struck a chord, and is most hard to practice.  Nancy asked me to be the leader of a group of women married 20 plus years and I think we have about 23, and the sharing is powerful and truly Christ and His Bride, The Church, is in our midst!  The overall women enrolled in The Catholic Wife Academy is close to 300!  Talk about Jesus/The Holy Spirit at work!
Rose mixing in the black beans and the fresh cut sweet corn! 

I was so happy to see that Nancy made it crystal clear that there would be no fault finding with the doctrine of the Church.  We are to embrace the entire truth we are given... knowing that The Church is there in it's wisdom to help us on our way to heaven forever with Jesus and Mary and all the wonderful Saints!  Did I say that I love, love , love The Church and I am a total Saint nut? 
Joy came over last night and grandma got to dress her up and take some pictures... how I love to play with my live dollies!
Both smiling and in green... 4 1/2 month old Joy and older sister, Rose, who is 5 and will start kindergarten in a few weeks!
Farmer Pat with his baby Joy while he waits for a feed truck, and while the kids are on the inside helping make salsa at the sink!
Family life on big canning days are some of my favorite, and I would say that the kids and grandkids agree.  Ruth built a canning kitchen when she remodeled the farm house before they moved in.  And I know that the families far away miss these days and loved to be part of the big craziness we call making food for 6 families!

Jesus you also remind us today of the importance of reconciliation as we stagger down the narrow path carrying/dragging our Most Cherished Cross..."Amen, I say to you,
whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven,
and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."  He has given Peter and all the priests, who represent Christ the Holy Spirit speaking through them in the confessional... allowing us to find forgiveness and a fresh start to begin again and go forward changed and transformed!

I do feel a real need to get to reconciliation soon and more often!  I can really begin to work on some sins and areas that I struggle with, and be a better servant in my domestic Church/family and a better wife to be Most Cherished Cross/husband - when I embrace him I am blessed with LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!
she loves her two fingers, and is such a wonderful baby #6 for Ruth!
Always have rosary beads with me and babies are so interested by them!  Joy, these beads are such a gift to me each day... how I love to have Mary the Mother of God with me with every beat of my heart and with every breath that I take!

Jesus, we love you with our all!  May we give without counting the cost!  May we die to self so that you will live and breath your Holy Spirit within us!  May we become your hands and feet and share the Mercy we have been given with those the closest to us in our domestic church/family!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Grandpa's big arms put Joy to sleep when he was in for some lunch... he always has to hold the babies!  He loves babies and that makes my heart melt for him every time!  "I still have the touch."  he commented about sweet baby Joy asleep in his big loving arms.   Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Yes, we can with 2 canners around here!  Both full = total of 52 pints of salsa!  This was a small job.  Last year Ruth and I did 90 quarts of tomato soup one day and 200 quarts of applesauce!  We are pros, and Pat loves to share it with family - 6 of them including Hallel's Little Sisters in KC and my parents, dad is 92 and mom is 88!  Family is the best!
Lastly a BIG smile and I did take many pictures!!!
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Peter Mayer - Holy Now
Hills and Valleys
Danielle Rose - the Saint that is just me

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"Blessed are you among women" So blessed are the women of this earth having her with us!.

Assumption3.jpg (660×350)
So beautiful is she!!!  I am filled with so much sitting here this morning after rising early with my farmer husband to attend mass - Holy Day of Obligation/The Assumption of Mary to heaven.  These words rang like a bell for me during the mass...For today the Virgin Mother of God was assumed into heaven as the beginning and image of your Church's coming to perfection and a sign of sure hope and comfort to your pilgrim people; rightly you would not allow her to see the corruption of the tomb since from her own body she marvelously brought forth your incarnate Son, the Author of all life.

Pondering my tremendous JOY in my heart... I came across these words by Josemaria Escriva:
“‘Mary has been taken up to heaven by God in body and soul, and the angels rejoice.’ Joy overtakes both angels and men. Why is it that we feel today this intimate delight, with our heart brimming over, with our soul full of peace? Because we are celebrating the glorification of our mother, and it is only natural that we her children rejoice in a special w...ay upon seeing how the most Blessed Trinity honors her.”
St. Josemaria Escriva

Yes, this is my delight put into words!  How I love her with my all!  And as a woman I am so filled with comfort and delight to have her as my role model and my help!
Joy is now 4 1/2 months old and reaching out for things around her.  It was special to watch her experience that wonderful golden corn while we were busy putting it up for the 6 families we do food for.  Yes, sweet Joy life is full of so much wonderful things in this glorious creation around us! 

I am so filled with excitement at the opportunity to share my story these days in the Catholic Wife Academy, which Nancy is putting on and she shared that 300 Catholic women are taking this course!  In sharing my story and listening to theirs' I am reminded of how my life has been touched over and over again my Jesus and his wonderful Mother of God!  I Love, love, love my Church and being fed each day by Word and Sacrament! 

 It was a wonderful reminder of what that Sacrament of marriage means for me from Nancy's sharing yesterday!  Sacraments are instituted by Christ, they provide us with grace, which is a sharing of divine life, and are an outward sign... to the world so that they can better the way God loves the Church when spouses give themselves totally to each other.  Lots to work on here!
The scene that Joy was interested in seeing for the first time!  Joy is #6  in her family, and she is going to have an exciting love filled and life full of adventures as a farm girl on a big busy farm and a strong Catholic family!  Holy Days are special feast days in family and Community of the Lamb.  Hallel and her Community start the night before with long hours of song and worship and The Word for the Vigil of the Feast days!
What a great work crew we have now with Ruth's wonderful family on the farm!

I have encountered those that question Our Lady and her beautiful gift of prayer - her rosary.  Pointing out to that the words of the rosary we repeat over and over are from the Bible and from the Gospel for today is the familiar - "Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus."  With the "Hail Mary, full of grace" coming a bit earlier in Luke 1!  So we are merely repeating words from the Gospel as we meditate on the life of Christ - joyful, sorrowful, glorious, and then those amazing ones concerning his life lived on earth - him ministry - the luminous!  How I jumped up and down with JOY when St JPII added those! 

John and I even went a step further and made up some powerful new mysteries that would concentrate more specifically on his ministry on this earth, and remind us of those powerful God moments!
These would be 3 different days...
The Miracle Mysteries
1. Feeding the 5,000
2. Calming the storm
3. Walking on water
4. Raising of Lazarus
5.  Lowering the nets for a tremendous catch after catching nothing all night!
The Healing Mysteries
1.the Paralytic
2. Healing the lepers
3. Hemorrhaging woman
4. Curing the blind man
5. Healing the high priest ear
Forgiveness Mysteries
1.  Peter
2. The Woman of Adultery
3. Washing of feet - Mary Magdalene
4. Matthew the tax collector
5. Doubting Thomas
6. The Samaritan woman at the well
It was impossible to keep this one to 5... forgiveness is huge!
The thought of being able to meditate on these as we say "Hail Mary" 10 times would be so powerful to remind us of all that Jesus did and continues to do in this world... my examples John and Patrick!
Life is so full and beautiful sweet Joy!

How I love you my Jesus and how your Mother is at your side and brings me to you!  Jesus, we trust in you!  Bless-bless, Barb

I love these words from Pope Benedict XVI..."precisely because Mary is with God and in God, she is very close to each one of us.  While she lived on this earth she could only be close to a few people.  Being in God, who is actually 'within' all of us.  Mary shares in this closeness of God." Our Lady "knows our hearts, can hear our prayers, can help us with her motherly kindness.  She always listens to us and, being Mother of the Son, participates in the power of the Son and in his goodness.  We can always entrust the whole  of our lives to his Mother." 
Hard at work as a family.  Big days in the farm kitchen are some of my favorite!
Little Joy living up to her name with her sisters!
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Danielle Rose - Memorare
Danielle Rose - Hail Holy Queen
A mother's song/The Crucifixion from her rosary CD - get your Kleenex!  Danielle Rose
True love/the cross by Danielle Rose

Monday, August 14, 2017

Happy Birthday dear Maria Theresa! Mary on my mind and heart and soul - St Maximilian Kolbe loved her,too!

Joy taking in her first day of doing sweet corn.  She is starting to reach for things and was very interested in holding onto a big golden ear of sweet corn and watch all the activity around her. 

It has been one of those days starting in the corn field picking our 7 pails of sweet corn and then the process of freezing them with Ruth and her kids to help out.  It is along with an exciting day as we start Nancy's Catholic Wife Academy!  Nancy asked me to be the leader of the group of older women, and kind of got me involved and I am loving this early stage, as it just got started today, when we are sharing our stories!  I love to share mine and listen to theirs!  To me that is what fills me with the knowledge of Jesus working my life as I see his fingerprint upon me and my story!
Ruth's big farm sink in her new farm kitchen with canning in mind!  Rose is now able to cool corn without standing on her stool.  She is growing, and is such a good and willing helper.  She went over on the couch after saying that she was tired after her 5 days at the fair, and fell asleep by noon! 

Starting last night with reading about St Maximilian Kolbe and knowing how much he loved Mary, the Mother of God... reminding my group that Our Lady is the best example of womanhood we have and how she is with us each day of this journey through prayer of the rosary!  How perfect to have St Maximilian to pray to this day, along with a "Hail Mary" to include Mary, Our Queen of heaven and earth.  To top that off... we have my 3rd daughter's birthday today!  Maria on the vigil of The Assumption of Mary into heaven... many times we would attend mass and sing "Ave Maria" on Maria's birthday!  This year it will have to be the next day as my husband, son and I plan to attend tomorrow morning at 7a!  Happy 34th birthday MTL now in Tacoma, Washington!  We love you so much!
Yes, it was good corn this year!

The day has gotten away from me...  These words from the Gospel today speak volumes about how we are to die to self so that Christ may work in us!  "handing ourselves over"  Yes, we are called to give our all without counting the cost, and for St Maximilian it meant that he died of starvation in the Concentration camp... he took the place of another man! 

Jesus, I long to give my all to you.  Thank you for the help and companionship of your amazing Mother!  I love her with you - with my whole heart and love how she brings me totally to you.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
The fair is done... the calves going back to the pasture with their moms!
Across the road to their mother cows and grass and no more halters!  Thanks for the blue ribbons!

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Sharing our Faith with Joy!
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