Saturday, July 21, 2018

"Do not forget the poor, O Lord." Humble me, O Lord!

Father Vincent Louwagie at his 50th anniversary of his priesthood last night in his home parish of Green Valley/St Clotilde.  Singing with a group of friends in Spanish... fluent after spending his priesthood working in Mexico and now Guatemala! 

 Forty years ago on August 3rd, 1978 he came from Mexico to say the nuptial mass at our wedding at Basilica of St Mary in Minneapolis!  "That was my first time at the Basilica." he told us last night.  Pat had remembered that he had visited a dying young man that day, too.  A beautiful testament to his 50 years a priest and his serving the Church as Christ.   It is special to realize he was pretty much a "baby priest" as he was only 10 years a priest.  My father, who became a permanent deacon in 1974, after we all came into The Church, married us!

He baptized all our kids, too!  This was John's baptism in 1989.  My father also married my siblings

My home parish after our conversion... beautiful Basilica of St Mary!
Such a delight is this for me!!!  I will soon add Hallel somewhere as I have taken the license to add those missing as they were with us in spirit!  It gives me heart so much JOY so see with my eyes what is true in my heart as I pray for each one in my family daily as I say my rosary!  I have a decade for each of my 5, added one for Pat, Godchildren, my family, Pat's family, and The Church = 10 if I get them all in!  when I am in my chapel on wheels traveling or at Adoration for sure!  How I love praying without ceasing with my Mother of Heaven and earth!

My day is gone.. so... this is what it is for today!

Friday, July 20, 2018

So lucky to have a baby in the bubble sink, cows and calves, fresh garden vegetables, Roman Cross, Our Lady of Medjugorje, and holy water/Faith/Family/Farm LIFE!

Joy getting a bubble sink at grandma's last night while the cows and calves grazed around our little red barn... spatula toys are fun to chew on and lots of happy smiles made this grandma feel very lucky and blessed to have a baby in the sink! Life is such a gift and our family motto is: Open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS!

 Our Lady of Medugorje  from John looks over the heart warming scene, and a Cross from Rome when Hallel studied there about 12 years ago reflects the sky after a lot of rain once again.  Cucumbers, zucchini, my first tomato of the year on one side and holy water on the other.... Faith/Family/Farm in a picture form!
Ruth and Paul's #6 has brought JOY into our lives!  Her name is fitting for her!
Cool breezes, no bugs and cows and calves mooing in the pasture made supper special... Joy was looking for grandpa's lap, and...
Soon she found it and together they admired the cows and calves so close to us... special family time indeed!  The rain has prevented a lot of work we need to get done in the next 3 weeks before we head to France, but it allows grandpa to be around and hold baby girls on his lap.  Count your blessings!
Such lucky girls to have this to look at while eating supper on a summer evening!

The first reading from Isaiah today is about repentance and healing as a result.  All we need do is own up to our sins and weaknesses and his Mercy will flow around us and our lives will be made clean and healing from the inside out will allow us to die to self so that The Spirit may be at work in us! 

"Thus says the LORD, the God of your father David:
I have heard your prayer and seen your tears.
I will heal you:..."  Isaiah 38  Yes, Lord, I am hearing the call to come to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation!  I wish I could make this more of a monthly part of my life... I could be so much more yours, my Lord!
After a hot tub swim the kids started to get restless so they started running about the circle we have in our house!  David took time out of his 100 laps to help his little sister join in to her delight!  We figure she will start walking for grandma Lanoue while we are away in France and Italy. 
Joy did about 15 laps between help from David and grandpa and then she crawled about the circle numerous times!  Soon she will be toddling around on her own, we have no doubt!

Jesus tells us today in the Gospel that  I desire mercy, not sacrifice,... I think of this cartoon which was so poignant and True...

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Our love is not spread more thin as we sacrifice ourselves rather it grows more and more with each addition to our family, and therefore we are given the love we need to show Mercy to all those in our domestic Church/family and beyond to those we encounter in our lives!
Rose Again worked through some sadness and decided that it was more fun to join in and laugh and run with the others!
Joy in the huge loving hands of her big strong grandpa!  My champion of LIFE and family!  LIFE is a gift to be cherished and protected from conception to natural death! 
Luke looks like he is flying and smiling and laughing.  Grandpa's circle is the best fun for kids that are getting restless and picking on each other.  Joy is found and happy sounds fill the house!
 Love these so much!  Joy joining in with the others and new traditions at grandma and grandpa's house are formed!  Even 13 year old Simon did his 10 laps, but grandma didn't get that picture... next time!
Joy got a fun workout and had visions of what it will be like when she starts getting up and walking on her own... soon!
Mommy back from birthday supper with her dad, and Joy is tired... she loves mommy's hair and her fingers! 
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“Always stay close to this Heavenly Mother, because she is the sea to be crossed to reach the shores of Eternal Splendour.”
-Saint Padre Pio

My girls with their little ones remind me of Our Mother of heaven and earth!  LOVE!
So much rain! 

Jesus, we know that you are in control!  May we die to self so that you may live in us, and we may become your hands and feet!  We thank you for all the ways we are blessed if only we follow your Truth in our lives which we discover through You in your Word, Sacrament, Prayer of the rosary and with our Mother Mary Most Holy and all the Saints at work in heaven!  So much help and love and healing if we are sorry for all that separates us from you.  May we return that Mercy we have been given as our love grows more and more with all those we are given to share our domestic Church/family with!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Stormy sky... we can only pray and hope and trust that all will get done for us to leave and surround Hallel with our LOVE and caring and share in her JOY as she promises to be "faithful unto death."  Didn't I promise that in my wedding vows too?  To be faithful until death do us part?  Bless-bless, Barbara Mary Luke

Fr Vincent Louwagie is celebrating his 50th anniversary as a priest tonight.  He celebrated the mass for our wedding 40 years ago at the Basilica of St Mary's in Minneapolis!  My dad married us as a new permanent deacon in the Catholic Church after all 13 of us converted to The Catholic Church in 1971!  I had been a Catholic about 6 years every day since has been a gift!  LOVE, love, love The Church!  Pat had told his sisters years before that he would only marry a Catholic so his prayers  brought us into The Church, and I see that it was a perfect plan!


God the Father of the Lamb,
have mercy on us. ...

God the Son, Sacrificial Lamb,
have mercy on us.

God the Holy Spirit, Life of the Lamb,
have mercy on us.

O Good Jesus, Shepherd of the just,
hear us.

Vigilant Finder of lost sheep,
guide us.

Fervent Hope of the fallen lamb,
guide us.

Constant Gatherer of a broken flock,
guide us.

O Good Shepherd,
hear Thy sheep.

Purest shelter of the yearning heart,
feed us.

Perpetual Feast of the hungry soul,
feed us.

Lasting Bread of perfect Life,
feed us.

O Good Shepherd,
hear Thy sheep.

Patient Tamer of rebellious wills,
shear us.

Loyal Teacher of all kind commands,
shear us.

Tender Purger of all blemish of sin,
shear us.

O Good Shepherd,
hear Thy sheep.

From the lures of false shepherds hiding in Thy guise,
protect us.

From mirages of richer fields, conquering our minds,
protect us.

From diseases of the soul, separating us from Thy flock,
protect us.

O Good Shepherd, at once the Guard and Lamb,
Who knows well the sheep He leads,
Guide us, feed us, shear us,
and bid us come unto Thee,
delighting in Thy Heavenly pasture,
and praising Thee
forever and ever.

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James 1:2-4

My brothers and sisters, count it pure joy when you are involved in every sort of trial. Realize that when your faith is tested this makes for endurance. Let endurance come to its perfection so that you may be fully mature and lacking in nothing.

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Philippians 4:6

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God

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Just past his 9th anniversary... still burning to share his story!
Casting Crowns - If we are the body
Danielle Rose - Small things with great love

Thursday, July 19, 2018

"yes, my spirit within me keeps vigil for you;" Isaiah 26

Our group with Hallel a few weeks ago in KC... it looks like a big group, but we are missing 11.  Yes, when we are together we number 26 now with the addition of wonderful Bobbi Verly!  Always surrounded by our 11 in heaven keeping our eyes and hearts focused there.  We are truly a huge wonderful domestic Church/family as our motto to live by is open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS for the world!
Hallel left KC 2 days ago for her return to France where she will be taking her final vows/wedding! 

She shared with her Godmother, Mary, in the note on her invitation to her vows..."Please keep me in your prayers as I prepare for the 'big day' on which I will promise to be faithful unto death.  I know that a promise such as this is beyond any human strength but I put my trust in God, for whom all things are possible.  I believe that God's faithfulness can become my faithfulness." 
Together with the newly weds in KC about 3 weeks after the wedding.  It was so good for them to be with her soon after they received the Sacrament as Hallel was unable to physically be with us.  We knew she was with us in spirit though.

Much of the yearning for the Lord expressed in Isaiah in the first reading today reminds me of Little Sister Hallel and her Community!
"Your name and your title
are the desire of our souls.
My soul yearns for you in the night,
yes, my spirit within me keeps vigil for you;"  Isaiah 26
Their prayer life each day, including Mass/Eucharist, and Adoration is their food for the journey.  They chew/mendicate on The Word starting the night before repeating each line much like Lectio Divina and The Spirit speaks to their hearts of his Truth! 
The Gospel comes to life - the Wedding feast/open table where those off the streets are invited in for a meal shared in Community!  John introducing his bride to all!!!  Hallel sat with them and they could share wedding joy one with the other!  It seems that John and Susan/Hallel share much as they go through their lives.  They share the spiritual as well as life happenings.
The table of JOY!!!  Soon we will be on the hillside in St Pierre sharing a feast for Hallel's "big day"!  18 of us gathered around her by the green Cathedral in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains where sheep graze the meadows and there are sunflower fields around them.

 As I told someone today, who was asking if we were going to Paris... "Our nun/daughter is taking her vows... we are not sightseeing we are having important and intense family time!"
The family meal celebrating Hallel's taking her habit and changing her name in August of 2009!  There were 4 of us there for her including Father Craig, and John and I only decided in 24 hours that we could come to France!  Miracle!  Now there will be 18 of us 9 years later!  5 of the little ones were not born yet in 2009!
John with his walker in the green cathedral... the roof and stain glass windows are trees all around us!
Gathered in the Green Cathedral in 2009....
Love this memory... it makes tears well up.  I am so incredibly lucky that I have a sweet daughter, who has answered Yes to her call from her spouse, Jesus Christ!

I considered a vocation and it led me into The Catholic Church along with my family of 13!
I was told by a sister in the last few years that I have my Hallel because of my considering the call.  Yes!  I wanted each of my children to consider this most wonderful possibility for them.  I would say that all had it there in front of them as a possibility.  And all appreciate the life it means for those called.  I pray each day that each of my grandchildren will ask the Lord for his plan for them and that they will consider religious life or priesthood. 
The 4 girls taken at Ruth's confirmation!  They will all be together in France with Hallel and their spouses and John and Bobbi also!  LOVE!
At our reception in Marshall the day after our wedding.  We were married at The Basilica of St Mary in Minneapolis by Pat's cousin, Fr Vincent Louwagie, 40 years ago on August 3rd, 1978!  I wasn't called to be a nun, but I still keep a vigil for my Lord in my spirit/inner temple/contemplative at heart!
With Paper Hallel at Nancy's wedding... John wanted her there... Hallel burned it when she came home for her first home visit in 2013!

With The Community with any special feast day they begin the night before with intense prayer and delving into the Word!   They stay up all night praying and singing and chanting the psalms and totally immerses into the Feast of The Church head over heels!!!  We have joined in from time to time like during Easter, and are filled to the brim with JOY!
 Baby Susan with my mom and her two older sisters Maria and Nancy! 

LIFE is a gift and with the LOVE of Jesus in our hearts his Words are true from the Gospel today;
Jesus said:
"Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened,
and I will give you rest.
Take my yoke upon you and learn from me,
for I am meek and humble of heart;
and you will find rest for yourselves.
For my yoke is easy, and my burden light."

Yes, the Cross we carry/drag down the narrow path becomes for us the Tree of LIFE!
My family started with 3 girls, also!  I am the oldest of 12 with 2 sisters after me... here I am amazed at my baby sister, Paula!  LIFE is a gift and we share our Faith with JOY as a family in our domestic Church!

Jesus, how we love you!  LIFE has its ups and downs and with your love in our hearts we can go forward down the narrow path carrying/dragging our Most Cherished Cross.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
 I am the oldest of 12...
Pat is the middle of 10.  I am just back from Adoration today and I put 200+ from our combined families in the monstrance with Jesus one by one!  Today I added two new ones in the womb for the first time!  LOVE!  Having such huge wonderful families is so very special and my hobby to know their names and pray for them weekly!  "Jesus and Mary, I love you, save souls!"  Bless-bless, Barbara Mary Luke
John and Nancy at Nancy's wedding on the feast of St Augustine/August 28, 2011!  John's patron saint is St Augustine!  Nancy's oldest son is now Augustine, too!  LOVE!
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Romans 1:16-17

The Gospel is the power of God leading everyone who believes in it to salvation. For in the Gospel is revealed the justice of God, which begins and ends with faith. The Scripture says: “The just man shall live by faith.”

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Her work is now being done from heaven.... no doubt!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Fare thee well Roger... one last cry then peace..."No one fluttered a wing,or opened a mouth, or chirped!”

Oh, Roger, we will miss you!  See the love in the eyes of Therese about 7 years ago!
3 year old Simon with our rat terrier, Roger, about 10 years ago!  John had found him tied to a stop sign on our road, and he came to be our constant companion for all these years until yesterday.  Going to get the mail... he ran in front of a truck right in front of me!  I am very sad today.

Pat and I buried him in the grove wrapped in an old tiger towel from the girls swimming days, and being swarmed by mosquitoes we prayed to ourselves... it just felt right to hear him cry for a few seconds while his life left him.  Pets go deep!
Little Therese with Roger and rubber boots about 8 years ago.
 Therese and Roger in the climbing tree in the spring on the farm about 7 years ago... some of my favorites!
See the wind!
If ever I went anywhere Roger would be with me... Last week as I mowed the lawn he would be following me as I went back and forth and round and round.  Always he would be our doorbell and bark when anyone came on the yard.  His death was because where I am.. he would be there too!  So hard to watch his death and here his final whimpers.  Sad, sad, sad!!!

The words from Isaiah today speaking of how our treasures are taken from us and we need not get overly tied to things of this earth... as "eggs left alone" are taken and "No one fluttered a wing,
or opened a mouth, or chirped!”  God is in control!
So many adventures he shared in with us!  The bean field behind our house about 8 years ago!

 Always loved the sweets and people food and knew the push overs!
Begging for Joy's icy just a few weeks ago...
Licking her sweet fingers was a close second.  Joy called him..."Kitty."
If you spent time outside... Roger was involved!

 Winters were hard on him with his light coat, and this last winter was so long and miserable as he was alone after we had to send the big dog over to live at the farm! 
John with the two dogs a number of years back in the calving barn.  He wrote a touching tribute to Roger...
"Roger is peeing on cars in the sky now.  'Dang it Rog!' You will never be tied to a stop sign again.  You were a farm dog...OUR weird little confused dog."
He was an unfixed male...

You ask us to be "childlike" today O Lord!  I feel sad and empty after losing this long time companion on this journey of Faith/Family/Farm.  He did annoy me with his constant attention and need to be by me and jumping as soon as I went out the door.  It is humbling to have a creature so devoted to you, and then to say "dang it Roger!' in response!  Granddaughter, Mary called me on this years ago..."Grandma why do you always say 'dang it, Roger?' "   "What?"  I walked out the door and Roger jumped on me and I immediately heard myself say; "Dang it, Roger!" lesson learned!
May I be more childlike in my life and lean on you and give the control over to you, my Lord!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Little Therese look alike, Evangeline, liked Roger, too a month ago when she stayed with me for week!  Roger could be trusted with the little ones and around here there are always new little ones to get to know him and he them, and we like it that way!  Life is a gift to be cherished and protected no matter the cost!  LIFE is a gift from conception to natural death!  Bless-bless, Barbara Mary Luke

Roger discovered that fresh garden vegetables were yummy... He has eaten all my green beans off the plants in my garden.  I guess I can get some now, but it still makes me sad!  He probably lived so long due to his good nutrition. 

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Hallel is on her way back to France and will be starting her retreat before her final vows/wedding on the 22nd!  We are praying and preparing to go and support her and celebrate her love and path to Faithfulness!  Firm in her Faith with her spouse, Jesus Christ!
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1 Peter 3:8-9

All of you should be like-minded, sympathetic, loving toward one another, kindly disposed, and humble. Do not return evil for evil or insult for insult. Return a blessing instead. This you have been called to do, that you may receive a blessing as your inheritance.
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'Temple of the Trinity,
Throne of God all holy,
Ark of His divinity,
Tabernacle holy!
Cradle of the Word divine,...
Show us Christ our Brother,
Heart of Mary, mystic shrine,
Show thyself our Mother.'

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Mt 11:25-27
At that time Jesus exclaimed:
“I give praise to you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth,
for although you have hidden these things
from the wise and the learned...
you have revealed them to the childlike.
Yes, Father, such has been your gracious will.
All things have been handed over to me by my Father.
No one knows the Son except the Father,
and no one knows the Father except the Son
and anyone to whom the Son wishes to reveal him.”
His story has a happy ending/beginning!
Danielle Rose - True love/the Cross!