Monday, November 26, 2012

The Lighthouse on the hill

One day in the street an old man approached some little sisters as they were walking.  "I was always afraid, and carried a knife to protect myself."he said.  "But now I don't feel afraid since you have come here.  You are like a light on the hill!"  This man was a black moslem, yet he could see the LIGHT that filled the community as their lives are centered around Jesus in His Echarist and His Word!  Tonight at mass here in Marshall with Pat's mom... I was reminded of the long pause there is after receiving Jesus in the Eucharist in the mass of the Community.  There is a long time of deep meditation on Christ within before the mass is ended as usual.  This is very reverent and really makes you take notice of the amazing miracle that has just happened!  Jesus, has entered us!!!
The cupola in the roof of the chapel in the little Monsastery - little sister Marie calls a little Lantern.  I can not wait to see it lit up, and I would think that they will keep it lit at all times to show this downtrodden and poor neighborhood - Lumen Christi - Light of Christ!  The next time we return it should be completed and a great celebration will take place there.  There are some fake plans that next September or so when the dedication takes place that Hallel - the only professed American little sister will return to be here for the occassion!  Our wheels are already turning, and this time little David Lanoue should remember that he has an Aunt, who is a little sister.  What  joyous time that will be!  It is so wonderful that our grandchildren have a religious community in their lives!

As we walked around the building we could see the lighthouse in many locations.  As Archbishop spoke at mass yesterday he was amazed that the Community had come to humble poor and lowly Kansas City to build their little Monastery!  The other parents we spoke to came from all areas of our country and it is just about like our trip... Kansas City is truly in the middle of our country - the heart- and the heart of our country needs to be filled with LIGHT and LIFE!  We rejoice to see the 4 young women taking the first step to become the first wave of little Sisters of the Lamb from the U.S.!

The seed has been planted and is yielding 100 fold!  How we thank HIM!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb

This mother is so happy to have them building here!  Lord, you are too good to me and to my country!  May the LIGHT shine for all to see, and may the darkness vanish!

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