Friday, May 31, 2013

The rosary at a wake on the Feast of the Visitation

So great to say a rosary tonight at a wake - one of the man's sons of his 12 children led the rosary to honor his father's love for it and The Church!  After reading the exact words coming from Elizabeth today in Luke 1 - the Gospel... it was very special to repeat them over and over again as we invoked Our Lady to embrace Ed in Heaven.  Heaven will smell like lilacs all the time... I just know it!  Ed, if that is right allow mine to last another few days before they are gone for another year.  I took along my perpetual lilac bouquet tonight and gave them away to someone, who sadly has no lilacs at her house.  So sad!  Jesus, we trust in YOU.  Bless-bless, Barb

The Visitation - we too experience Visitations in our lives!

So overjoyed today to discover a glorious feastday celebrating the JOY of carrying LIFE in the womb in anticipation of our salvation in the form of a tiny newborn infant!  The Magnificat sets forth the deeper and more powerful image of The Visitation - "A Visitation aims to accomplish something.  Specifically a Visitation is an encounter that carries within it a meaning that is exceptional."  Carries within it... Christ, the Word, and John the Baptist, the Voice, are carried within these two cousins... they are truly exceptional being carried within!  When we come together with The Holy Spirit within and it is in charge of our times together is that not also our own Visitation?  Yes!  I love the part of the Gospel which really jumped out at me the two times I shared it - first with Pat when we did morning prayer from the Magnificat, and then again with John when we prayed the office..."When Elizabeth heard Mary's greeting, the infant leaped in her womb, filled with the Holy Spirit, cried out with a loud voice and said, 'Most Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb..."  Yes, once again reminding us that the words we repeat in the "Hail Marys" are scriptural!  But what caught me was the fact that the infant - the LIFE that Elizabeth carried in her womb recognized Christ's presence in the womb of Mary, and that is what filled Elizabeth with the Holy Spirit!  It speaks volumes to me about how we are called to be open to LIFE and through that LIFE we are blessed with Christ more fully in our homes/domestic Church, hearts, minds, souls, LIGHTS are brought into the world!  The Church in her wisdom tells couples that being contrary to the lies of the world and saying yes to family and to LIFE we are blessed hugely with the Truth that brings all that is good into this world of darkness - LIGHT! 
Mary made a tent that billowed in the prairie wind on the clothesline! 
As our family grows in size and number the LOVE we have does not get spread more thin but it grows and grows!  There is no limit to the boundaries of LOVE as we celebrate all the LIFE we have been blessed with - just this morning Pat and I prayed for all the life of our children and grandchildren whether here with us or in heaven.  Having those losses keeps our eyes and hearts focused on meeting them someday and their looking out for us and praying for us here below.  It was quite powerful the other day to visit the cemetary with Ruth's 3 oldest and for them to realize that mom has brothers and sisters in heaven to meet someday!  The losses were so hard and I would ask the Lord - "Why,Lord?"  But I now see that they played a powerful part of our story of FAITH/FAMILY/FARM... with sharing the pain as a family we are so close and appreciate each other so much!  And each day remembering that they are part of our family and looking out for us from the feet of Jesus... it draws us ever on to HIM and His Bride, The Church!  Yes, we are united in the Eucharist with Hallel but we also know that sharing the same Faith unites us with all of our family no matter where they are!  I came across this on Facebook today -  Fr Barron speaks on the mystery of eating the Flesh of Jesus

Then Rose and mommy joined Mary for a super fun time - Rose giggled with great JOY at her first ever wind in the tent experience.  JOY!!!
There is just so much today that I find myself bouncing around like that sheet in the wind yesterday, and equally giggling with great glee at this day of great celebration!  Take this in a savor it..."We can be certain that the mystery of the Visitation is effective in our life if we do now, before Jesus is born, what Christ will command us to do as he dies:  'Behold your Mother.' "  see
As John and I were going to start morning prayer, I mentioned that today was a big feastday.  "Let me guess - it is one for Mary.  Most of them are Marian."  Yes!  We thought that should only be right, as she is our Mother of Heaven and Earth and the Mother of God!  Every day for me is a celebration of all that she does for me as a mother when I take all my needs and joys and sorrows and ups and downs to her in the rosary, which is a huge part of my days!  Whenever I travel, as I find time during my day I reach in my pocket and feel those beads and begin to pray and the peace flows over and around me.  I feel such happiness as I spend time looking to Christ and His LIFE which is the result of her "yes."    I feel a buzz within my heart at the memory of how she has been the mother I needed to face all that has come and continue to come in LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!  That is not a rosy and easy world - it is the Most Cherished Cross which has become the Tree of LIFE and brings us to LIFE eternal!  It is a world of suffering as we die to self!  That hurts us terribly as we are always in the battle to live for Christ and His Bride, The Church.  It is all there to help us in this venture, if we will only take advantage of all that is there to help us on our journey!  I am sorry, but if it isn't Catholic and in keeping with the True Church... I just don't want to waste my time with it!  It is that black and white for me!

Jesus, with Mary at your side interceding for us as our Mother, we are so filled with the JOY of the Truth this day as we see in this beautiful feast - that LIFE fills the world with your Holy Spirit and the great Magnificat of Truth!  The Magnificat of your Mother teaching the world that in humility we find YOU!  In denying our selfishness and seeing that without YOU we are nothing..."My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord; my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for he has looked with favor upon his lowly servant.  From this day on all generations will call me blessed:...He has shown the strength of his arm, he has scattered the proud in their conceit.  He has cast down the mighty from their thrones, and has lifted up the lowly."Luke 1:39-56  The Gospel for today!  The Magnificat is truly a lesson to us of how you call us to be poor/humble!  May we realize that our pride will get us nowhere but separated from YOU and your unconditional LOVE and forgiveness!  We are lost without YOU, O Lord!  May we find that the pain we experience in leaving our selfish desires behind will turn into the happiness of finding our home always with YOU.  "Wounded, I will not cease to LOVE."  Looking to the example of the sacrifice of the Lamb, who was spotless and without sin and died for us.  May the Blood of the Lamb cover us this day and may we become as dazzling as white snow!  Jesus, and Mary, we trust in you.  Amen and Halleluia

Bless-bless, Barb
"May your Church proclaim your greatness, O God, for you have done great things for your faithful, and, as John the Baptist leapt for joy when he first sensed the hidden presence of Christ, so may your Church rejoice to receive in this Sacrament the same ever-living Lord.  Who lives and reigns for ever and ever."  Communion Antiphon for today
"Charity makes Mary forget not only her hardships but also her dignity, which was greater than that given to any other creature.  Elizabeth is advanced in years,but Mary is the Mother of God:  Elizabeth is about to give birth to a man, but Mary will give birth to the Son of God.  Nevertheless, before her cousin as before the Angel, Mary continues to look upon herself as the humble handmaid of the Lord, and nothing more.  Precisely because she considers herself a handmaid, she comports herself as such, even in respect to her neighbor... Mary's dignity approaches the infinite, yet she considers herself and behaves as if she were the least of all creatures."  Fr Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen (1952)   Mary sure teaches us about what true Humility is!!!  The Litany of Humility by Danielle Rose

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Clothesline tent blowing in the wind

Mary takes a sheet on the line and makes it a tent.  The wind makes it sail up and down in the prairie wind.
Mom and Rose come into the tent with the bouquet of lilacs Ruth had just picked to bring home.   Squeals of delight as the roof of the tent blows up and down in the wind!   Rose gets to experience the JOY of her first tent!  There is something so special about having a roof of bright soft fabric to make a room outside in the fresh air.  My kids always loved to make tents with sheets on the clothesline.  I see that the next generation has discovered how fun this fabric room can be!
"This tent is the best!" 
Sisters and mom laughing together in the tent on a windy spring day!
The best - a picture of praise high as the sky!  Jesus, there is always fun to be had on the farm with family!
Ruth and family came to say goodbye to the heifers and steers as they are going to the slaughter house today.  Dave said goodbye to Bullseye.
Off they go to Omaha.

"Faith is that God-given gift that has healed so many..." Servant of God Catherine de Hueck Doherty

Our family has grown by 6-7 since this picture was made almost 4 years ago now!  But this Gospel today as well as the meditation by Servant of God Catherine De Hueck Doherty, and a conversation yesterday sharing the miracles that have happened in our family... well, I am being taken back to the power of 2009 at this time!  John had come home briefly and then headed out on his first real full-time job in South Dakota checking crops for Centrol!  I would like to complete the quote by this woman on her way to sainthood - Servant of God Catherine died in 1985 was born in Russia and was the foundress of Madonna House in Canada.
"Faith is that God-given gift that has healed so many who believed in God: the leper, the blind man, the woman with the issue of blood, the servant of the Roman soldier - and millions of others who are not mentioned  in the Bible or outside of it."
This stirred the flame in me at the wonders we have discovered through our journey of Faith and the resulting healing with both John and Patrick!
This amazing crucifix greeted us early in our journey in the chapel at St Joseph's Hospital in St Paul - the vision that St Peregrine had of Jesus reaching down from the crucifix to heal him of cancer.  How we clung to that and all the faith and prayers of our prayer warriors!  Now to be spending these few weeks with John as he is job hunting - he has discerned out of seminary this year, and will look for a job in the real world.  We all feel that the Lord has a mighty plan for John as he spared him from death and healed him - he is now the new John! 
The amazing Gospel today is the healing of the blind man - Bartimaeus!  We had a calf born blind last spring that we called Bartimaeus... so powerful to think of living in a dark world without sight.  There is something about that profound darkness - we have all experienced it at some point when it is pitch black and we stumble around bumping into things and terrified.  Recently we knew of a newborn born blind and prayers for his healing... it just seemed that this would be so insurrmountable to deal with and that the loss of sight is so much worse than that of hearing.  Our hearts were broken, and we immediatly took to prayer!  A few months later we were told that little Everet could see!  His sight was coming more and more, and they were basking and praising our Lord for answering their prayers!  Just as in the Gospel today - Jesus said to him, "What do you want from me?"  The blind man replied - those praying for Everett replied- "Master, I want to see."  Jesus told him, "Go your way; your faith has saved you."  Immediately he received his sight and followed him on the way."  How this reminds me of the journey of John - he half-heartedly prayed for faith and the next week he had brain cancer!  He then had a crushing near-mortal blow to bring him to his knees and to recognize that Jesus with His Bride, The Church, were there real and ready to touch him and heal him and bring him all he needed for the journey called cancer/healing!

All the prayers that surrounded John gave him the courage to face all that came to us.  That along with the support of loving family and our family of Faith - prayer warriors!  Then for John to pay it forward to our little grandson, Patrick Joseph, born dead and brought to newness of LIFE and healing!  If you want to read further or in more detail about John or Patrick - I have made seperate pages about their stories/ healings!
I think that we all can recall those healings in our own lives where Jesus reached out and touched us personally in our weak requests when we find ourselves sick and lost.  Those times when we are in the darkness and looking for the LIGHT.  He is always there looking for us and wanting to show us His LOVE for us.  Yes, we have to be willing to embrace our Cross and find LIFE there!  Bartimaeus had suffered in the darkness due to his blindness, but healed he is then following after Jesus and we all know that is not ever easy or soft!  It demands that we do the serving and be slaves to our fellow family members/domestic Church!  We serve without counting the cost! 

Little sweet Therese at 16 months at the time of John's battle. 
Jesus, we are aware of your continued healing going on in this our world today!  We see that you are always there looking for us to come to you face to face and look into your loving and forgiving nail-scarred hands reaching for us..."When we ask for faith it seems we are, as it were, turning our face towards his face.  It seems that God desires this very simple action to happen so that he and we are face to face!  He wants to look at our face; he loves to see our face facing him.  Yet so often we avoid this simple act.  Even when we beg him for various favors, we somehow close not only our physical eyes but the eyes to our soul, strangely avoiding looking at him.  But we need to remember that he always looks at us, looks at us with deep LOVE."  Servant of God Catherine...  Lord, I know that I look away or down and am afraid to look you or those in my family in the eye...Why?  Is it my sinfulness and weakness and selfishness that prevents me from looking all in my life in the eye?  Yes!  Lord, I fall before you and then may I lift my face to YOU and radiate back to those in my life your LOVE/LIFE/LIGHT!  May I leave all my burdens at your feet in the confessional and then freed from all that raise my face and LOOK with healed SIGHT at all around me and see your Way, Your Truth, and Your LIFE!  Jesus, we trust in YOU.  Amen and Halleluia!
Bless-bless, Barb
"Faith - the father of love and of hope, as well as of trust and confidence.  Faith - that sees God's face in every human face.  As it grows and as we pray and beseech God for it, faith identifies us with Christ.  Faith heals by asking God to heal.  Faith heals others because of the faith I have in the Lord.
Faith walks simply,'childlikely,' between the darkness of human life and the hope, the knowledge through faith, of what is to come.  'For eye has not seen, nor ear heard what God reserves for those who love him' (I Cor 2:9)
Faith- an incredible, fantastic reality, untouchable, unweighable.  Faith - contact between God and man.  In faith the eyes of God meet the eyes of man, until there is little veil between us and the reality that is God, it seems we can almost touch him.
Faith breaks barriers.  Faith makes out of love a bonfire.  Faith is contagious when shown by any one of us to the other."
Servant of God Catherine de Heuck Doherty  Casting Crowns - Come to the Well

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A laugh in the bathroom

My lilac hedge is so perfect right now... don't be surprised to see lilacs in most of my pictures until the last one can be found out there.  John and I were out there picking just before we went in to paint the bathrooms at the Catholic School where Pat went to school with his siblings, our kids, and now our grandkids!  Our oldest grandson, Simon, just completed second grade, and his first communion happened about a month ago now.  Here is his sweet first Communion picture- so sweet! 
John and I found ourselves painting a bathroom with Christian music playing - just us!  All my kids are very loyal and have fond memories of their Catholic School days, so it was nice to give back today, and those are some high ceilings... and yes those are lilacs.  We were painting away and realizing that we are your basic slap the paint on people  and not exactly thinking that this would be a job on our favorite list.  I was talking with John about the talk I will be giving at the next retreat we are working together - I have my entire family come forward which adds up to 14 - with my 7 losses I have had.  With John there - I would have him be himself.  He started to say that he might like to be one of his brothers that has died - "I think that I might like to be Robert" - the brother that I lost after carrying for 5 months after John.  John then went on with his musings - "I don't think that Robert is having to paint bathrooms in Heaven."  "I wouldn't be too sure."  said I...  It just struck me as funny to think that the Gospel for today was Christ telling his disciples - us - that he did not come to be served but to serve..."Whoever wishes to be first among you will be your servant; whoever wishes to be first among you will be the slave of all."  Mark 10
It just made us both think that we might be painting bathrooms in purgatory on our way to Heaven.  It would be very appropriate and remind us that we are at least coming to Him humbly and as servants - this is His wish for us and command to us as we follow after HIS example. 

Jesus, we long to be better servants.  YOU ask us to be humble, and that is a hard thing to be.  We need to work at it every opportunity we can deny our selfishness and give without counting the cost.  May we fall on our knees and worship YOU in all that we say and do.  Jesus, we trust in YOU.  Amen and Halleluia
Bless-bless, Barb
"Christ comes to look for man in the midst of sin, and slowly draws him away from it.  This is the mystery of the fundamental plan of God, which is to give himself to the world by taking on a human flesh.  God went to the limits of this plan.  One can adhere to the Church, the mystery of faith, only by living it here on earth.
How could such a life not bring suffering?  The only sign of authentic achievement is the cross.  The Truth of all our responces can be summarized as follows: 'Does a person truly love someone when he cannot suffer for him?' "
Fr Bernard Bro, O.P. writing about Serving with Christ

Sweet little Bernadette brought sunshine into our world - after a week of clouds we are finally seeing the sun again this evening too!  The Litany of Humility by Danielle Rose

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

That Gospel...."I find my JOY in the Lord." Grand Hallel Psalm 104

Hallel, John, and the dogs out to help Pat after we had a foot and a half of snow in April to welcome her home for the first time in 3 years!  She brought along her work habit to wear outside if needed, and it got some use here on the farm.  It is great fun to go back to that time in my mind, heart, and soul today due to that Gospel...."We have given up everything and followed you." Peter says to Jesus today.  This is exactly what Susan/Hallel told us when she left to join the Community of the Lamb in France..."I know that I am supposed to be poor and leave it all behind."  I looked at her and asked - "Does that mean your family?"  She nodded yes.  I think that it is evident that we are a very close family, so this was a hard blow to us.  I would say most days one of us will say that we miss Susan/Hallel!  Just writing this is making it hard for me to see through the tears.  Yet... there is truly Truth to the words of Jesus to Peter and the other disciples..."Amen, I say to you, there is no one who has given up house or brothers or sisters or mother or fatheror children or lands for my sake and the sake of the Gospel who will not receive a hundred times more now in the present age: houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and lands, with persecutions, and eternal life in the age to come.  But many that are first will be last, and the last will be first."  Mark10:28-31
It took Rose a while to adjust to the lady in blue... one thing I have uncovered with my picture obsession - Rose looks so much like my baby Susan did! 
From our perspective we have gained so much more family in our loss of Hallel to be a day to day part of our lives called Faith/Farm/Family.  When I write this I do realize that probably the only part that she in not involved in is the farm part as we are united with her through our Faith in His Church and Jesus!  We know of her prayers and love for us and that we are united in the Church that lives throughout the world and shares the same Gospel each day at mass!  Hallel's order truly becomes the Word of God/Christ, and is HIM knocking on the door of the poor when they beg for their food!  They start the night before medicating over the Gospel by repeating each line many times by speaking and chanting... it was a great gift to share time doing this almost daily with Hallel while she was here.  John and I are now doing the office - morning prayer together as we did with Hallel while she was here.  Today I am going to suggest that we share the Gospel of the day together too!  There is so much power in that specific one, as it is read the world over at mass that day, preached about and meditated upon in convents and monasteries... Christ is speaking to the world and showing us the path to follow! 

 Paper Hallel going out to the burn barrel - this was how we dealt with her being unable to attend Nancy and Bill's wedding.  Now we look to HIM and His LOVE for her and for us to fill the spaces of missing her.  We know that we have been blessed with an entire new family through her, and they look to us to come and see them whether Hallel is there or not.  We are embraced and included in their lives of prayer and contemplative hours of mass, adoration, and prayer throughout the day. 
The highlight of our 5 family days with Hallel - mass in a beautiful church in a neighboring town... all of us except for Maria's husband, Joseph!  So beautiful!  Mass is truly the highlight of LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT which we call our domestic Church/family!  We know that Hallel has this every day, without fail, in her life as a Bride of Christ, and we were able to share it daily all days except for the first one when we were snowed in overnight.  This was a Saturday mass with just our family and some religious sisters - so very personal and glorious to have John up assisting Father Jeremy on the altar.  He has now discerned to work for a year - continuing to listen to HIM and ask for direction.  It is very evident when you spend time with Hallel as closely as we did - a lot due to the weather and the fact that we were all filling Ruth's house with all the little babies and grandkids - we have 9 and 3 new ones in the last year!  All 3 of our daughters were expecting at the same time!  She truly shares with us - "I find my JOY in the Lord."  Psalm 104 - which is a Grand Hallel Psalm!  It was stressful in a good way for her to be in the midst of all the activity of Family as she lives a contemplative life in the Community.  We miss her yet we are very peaceful when we see her JOY and hear that from her first day there - she knew she had found the path she was to go on!
JOY in picture form!!!
Lord, how good you are to those that leave all behind and follow YOU!  We receive LIFE everlasting as we embrace our Most Cherished Cross!   Lord, today we are reminded that we have much Family as we are all part of Your Body - The Church.  It is a great gift to share univesally the Gospel and prayer of the Church.  As John and I just prayed the morning office together - we were aware that this same prayer is shared throughout the world in convents and monasteries as well as all priests and deacons - inlcuding my dad Deacon Robert with my mom!  So powerful to share that much PRAYER!  "Where two or three are gathered in my name - there am I in their midst."  So just imagining how powerful is your presence in the midst of all those united in this powerful PRAYER filled with your Word, Psalms, and intercessions for all the needs of The Church!  So amazing!  Lord, we thank you for the Truth of being blessed when we give up all for YOU.  Jesus, we trust in YOU.  Amen and Halleluia

Bless-bless, Barb
"Bless the Lord, my soul!
Lord God, how great you are,
clothed in majesty and glory,
wrapped in LIGHT as in a robe.

I will sing to the Lord all my life,
make music to my God while I live.
May my thoughts be pleasing to him. 
I find my JOY in the Lord. 
Bless the Lord, my soul."
Psalm 104

The big news is that Patrick crawled for the first time yesterday!  Good thing because he is gettting too big and burly to carry around all the time!  Come to Jesus by Chris Rice

Therese in pink - drinking pink... I miss my little family in Texas too!!!

One of our many family meals - it was like the loaves and fishes... the way we would feed such a large group over and over.  Thanks to Ruth for all her hard work and we all pitched in!!!  Many hands make light work!

Sharing family time to last for 3 years!

Doing what she grew up with - that's a real home visit!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Getting acquainted with Mary - our Mother of Heaven and earth

Rose goes out to spend some time with her special Mother that will always be with her on her journey!  It is interesting to see her so comfortable with this lady that is always there in her yard.  Little sweet girl - this lady will be a special woman for you as you grow into the special girl/woman that you are called to be.  We are so lucky to have someone just for us... showing us the beauty of motherhood, humility, quiet joy and bringer of LIFE into the world.  Jesus, with your Mother at your side, we trust in you!  Bless-bless, Barb

The lifegiving warmth of LOVE

An Amazing Story of a Mother's Love - I borrowed this to share from Facebook this morning!

When Carolyn put her 20 ounce baby on her chest for a cuddle, she thought that it would be the only chance she would ever have to hold her. Doctors had told the parents that baby Rachel only had only minutes to live because her heart was beating once every ten seconds and she was not breathing.

Carolyn said, " I didn’t want her to die being cold. So I lifted her out of her blanket and put her up against my skin to warm her up. Her feet were so cold. I believed that it would be the only cuddle I was going to have with her, so I wanted to remember the moment.” Then something remarkable happened. Within seconds the warmth of her mother’s skin started Rachael’s heart beating properly, which allowed her to take little breaths of her own. No one could believe it – and neither could the doctors. She let out a tiny cry.

"The doctors came running in and reached for her – but I wasn’t letting go of her. We had her blessed by the hospital chaplain, and waited for her to slip away. But she still hung on." And then amazingly the pink color began to return to her cheeks. She literally was turning from gray to pink before our eyes.

So much was happening since the baby was born, and the doctors had taken one look at her and said ‘no’. They didn’t even try to help her with her breathing as they said it would just prolong her dying. Everyone just gave up on her.

Carolyn had a womb infection at 24 weeks which led to her baby's premature and birth. "I had suffered three miscarriages before, so we didn’t think there was much hope.” When Rachael was born she was grey and lifeless.

Ian Laing, a consultant neonatologist at the hospital, said: “All the signs were that the little one was not going to make it and we took the decision to just let the mother cuddle with her child as it was all we could do. Two hours later the tiny baby was crying. This is indeed a miracle baby and I have seen nothing like it in my 27 years of practice. I have not the slightest doubt that mother’s love saved her daughter.”

Rachael was moved onto a ventilator where she continued to make steady progress and was tube and syringe fed her mother’s pumped breastmilk. The doctors said that she had proved she was a fighter and that she now deserved some intensive care as there was some hope. She had done it all on her own – without any medical intervention or drugs. She had clung on to life – and it was all because of that cuddle. It had warmed up her body and regulated her heart and breathing enough for her to start fighting.

At 5 weeks she was taken off the ventilator and began breastfeeding on her own. At four months Rachel went home with her parents, weighing 8lbs – the same as any other healthy newborn. Because Rachel had suffered from a lack of oxygen doctors said there was a high risk of damage to her brain. But a scan showed no evidence of any problems and today Rachel is a healthy 8 month old with no signs of any illness due to her premature birth.

Rachel’s mom tells us, “She is doing so well. When we brought her home, the doctors told us that she was a remarkable little girl. And most of all, she just loves her cuddles. She will sleep for hours, just curled into my chest. It was that first cuddle which saved her life – and I’m just so glad I trusted my instinct and picked her up when I did. Otherwise she wouldn’t be here today.”
Of course this story if bringing back the miracle we had with our Patrick just 7 1/2 months ago!  Born dead and then transfered to NICU as the "sickest baby there."  Now he is a healthy and happy little boy - healed by the warmth of LOVE from Christ and his family!  How Maria worked hard at saving her milk for her critical son that was brought back to LIFE.  He slowly got it through a tube and then miraculously took a bottle and then nursed as soon as he was able to get the tubes out and into his mother's arms! 

Less and less tubes and closer to being held close to the warmth and love of mom!  How he would respond to just the voice of his mom, when we would visit him.  His eyes would open and he would look at her and respond to her touch and her kisses.  Then dad came back from Afghanistan and would sing to him in the NICU!  Think of how that affected the consciouness of the many tiny babies in there to hear the loving lulaby of a father singing to his precious healed son!  So amazing!  The nurses thought that it was a most wondrous and miraculous thing to have a father singing to his son!  Patrick always knew deep in his heart, mind, and soul that he was cherished and loved and surrounded by that as well as all the advances of medicine - he is now close to 8 months old and a picture of health!  He shares happiness with his loving family with his smiles and laughter!  The day he rolled over - he giggled with laughter - that is how they realized that he had done it!

Jesus, we are rich in our blessings from YOU.  You warned us in the Gospel today of letting wealth and the material world come between our love for YOU... may we embrace poverty - remembering the wise words of Simon - "God is better than money, and that is why Susie/Hallel is poor!"  We love you and want to fill our days with YOU and not all that glitters.  You have shown us over and over that you can warm us with your LOVE and bring us to newness of LIFE so that we may carry forth your LIGHT into the darkness that fills our world.  May the stories of a mother's undying LOVE and Faith in YOU bring your Truth into the lives of many this day.  End the horrible taking of LIGHTS out of the world by abortion.  May women come to realize that this is a LIFE!  Jesus, we trust in YOU.  Amen and Halleluia

Bless-bless, Barb
"There is a terrible hunger for love. We all experience that in our lives - the pain, the loneliness. We must have the courage to recognize it. The poor you may have right in your own family.

Find them.
Love them!"  Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
"Speak tenderly to them. Let there be kindness in your face, in your eyes, in your smile, in the warmth of your greeting. Always have a cheerful smile. Don't only give your care, but give your heart as well. "  Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

"People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.

If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway.

If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway.

The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway.

For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway."  Blessed Teresa of Calcutta  Danielle Rose singing Small Things with Great LOVE - this is what Blessed Teresa lived by and was from St Therese of Lisieux! 
A daddy's love is so important!!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rose laughs at her first lilacs

Mary loves her lilacs and was excited to go out and pick a bouquet to take home!  We brought out little one year old, Rose, to find the JOY of lilacs in our hedge in the misty rain! 
So many pretty purple flowers!!!

Rosie started to laugh with great glee at the first wet lilac all her own!

Then framed by the pretty wet and glorious apple blossoms! 

Blue eyes in the apple blossoms and the misty wind getting us wet.

What a lovely bouquet!!!  Reminds me of mom's graduation pose about 15 years ago...

A lilac pictures taken 2 years ago

Daddy thinks they are special too!  We love lilacs a lot, and we have so many that we can pick many bouquets for each room of our house.  Jesus, we thank you for the beauty of your world.  Jesus, we trust in YOU.  Bless-bless