Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in pictures - the way I can share and appreciate

Rose a year ago...
 Luke 2 months and Rose 1 1/2 - January of 2014
 Berna in early Feb
 Nancy's 2 - Feb
 John's birthday - Feb 3
 First calf in Feb?
Family bed in Feb 2014
 A trip to Texas in late Feb
 6 of the cousins together!

 A visit to St Patrick's Cathedral - Thank you St Patrick!
 Patrick with St Patrick!
 A stop in KC on the way home
Sharing a meal and our lives.
 Calving - lifting calves over the fence - March
 Luke in March - 4 months
 Two little girls to dress alike!  March
 A game in the kitchen shared by all... March
 St Patrick's Day
St Patrick's green beer at grandma's

 3 Americans take the habit in May and we are there!

 Nancy has baby Dominic in June

 With my dad...
 In Michigan for our two weeks in early July
 Michigan with all the grandkids and their moms!

A new location... all together for two weeks in Michigan!
 Ruth is a builder - playhouse!
 Early summer rains!

 New Dominic arrives in June
 with Paul and Ruth
 with John
 with mom
John in All Shook Up!
 Luke first time in sugar sand...

Patrick and Rose join him... all cousins made it to Michigan.
David's watercolor on our sand beach after years without...
 Tie dye shirt picture before the 4th of July parade!
 Lighthouse pictures- it was a cold summer in MI!
Cold and cute!

Some fair pictures!
 Bill traveling so we get lots of time with Nancy and kids
 Canning, canning and canning

 Luke loves our soup!
 So many apples this year!
 A huge vat of applesauce with a cute Rose!
Now the tomato canning is huge!
 Grandpa's 60th birthday - best gift?  Grandson, Romeo, born in Texas on this day!
Great-grandma Anna reading to Gus

 Romeo on his grandpa's 60th birthday!
 A happy family!
Yes, he's that sweet too!

the 4 boys are now men!
 Apple picking while grandma takes pictures...
 pie filling
 Raterra stops in to pick and share
 Orphan kitten

 Luke turns one on Nov 1
 Building a new shop
Fall Lanoues
 like mother like daughter
 Harvest 2014
 Pretty good considering that we got no rain in August!

That kitten gets around
 The new shop and Halloween!


Luke birthday #1
 Super cute costumes make it fun!
 Berna at 2
 Blessed Solanus Casey!

Ruth's bunch in the early November cold and snow!
 Love these Thanksgiving togetherness
Cousins learning to share time on the farm - now Ruth built a tree house above this swing!

School mass

Advent to Christmas...
 Christmas camp - we get to meet Romeo for the first time - he is 3 months
 3 new grandsons

 My family - 89 here of the 101 we have reached!

I think I pretty much covered this wonderful year.  Now, Mary the Mother of God, welcomes us into this new year of 2015!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
 Luke in the dog's bed last night - New Year's eve
 Simon is an altar boy today for Solemnity of Mary
 At the consecration the sun flooded in the windows on the altar and all of us!
Maria holding her 4th child, Romeo, on the 11th anniversary of her entering the Poor Clares for 5 months!
Father Robert Barron's photo.