Monday, June 30, 2014

Prayers for the morning...

John's final performance was on Sunday afternoon... This week he has his 6 month visit to Rochester - Mayo.  Tomorrow morning he has early blood work and then an MRI at 8:15a.  He will be on his own and he wanted it that way this time.  We asked him to think about changing the date so his dad and I could go, but he thought it would be OK for him to go alone.  After the concerning news in January which showed no cancer but some changes... we have been praying without ceasing for John to have continued healing and no early dementia.  As John says - "It got me on my knees again, but it would be nice to stand sometimes, Lord."  He will have psychological testing on Wednesday morning early to start a baseline for future use as he faces all that is in store for him. 
8 year old Mary and 6 year old Therese went for a walk in the woods before supper and we had a most beautiful bouquet on our table for supper! 
Lord, we ask for you to be with John tomorrow and for the results that will fill him with HOPE for his very bright future of sharing Your LIGHT with all those he meets!  Jesus, we trust in YOU.  Amen and Hallelujah
So fun for Luke and Patrick to get to spend some happy snuggle time together!  Bless-bless, Barb


Miraculous sand appears again!!!

Down to check out the miracle of our summer here... our miserable beach of swamp and tiny shells that hurt our feet and rocks has been covered  with a deep blanket of sugar sand!!!  As Ruth said she had to see it to believe it herself , and it is true!
Nancy, who arrives on the 4th of July, is still saying that she has to see it to believe.  The girls are convinced we are not going anywhere this year - "We are staying here and playing in front of our cabin this year.  No more leaving with carloads for the beaches, and filling our cars with sand." 
We have a beach... big waves and cool winds are very chilly... a bit warmer would be nice.
Rose playing with our new sand...

Then with water... when she went in for more water - she took a spill in the water, and

Mary and the water of the big Lake...
Rose getting warmed up in a pile of towels and a daisy for good measure.
I have Rose trained even cold and wet - she comes through for grandma.  The sun just came out!  Thanks, Rose!!!
 One more sand picture!!!  It's for real and is making 2014 a summer of really enjoying our cabin on the big Inland Sea, Lake Michigan!
These two girls are having so much fun together!  They love Michigan and each other!

 Watercolor time to capture our moments.
Luke helping mom plant pretty flowers to grace our special cabin in Michigan!  Bless-bless, Barb

A big lake with growing family

Luke arrived to a bubble sink after a long trip with food that was used to try to placate him... He giggled when his sister washed his back.  There is much activity all around us on this sunny windy morning at the Lake.  Ruth is describing the amazing experience they had on Simon and Paul's feast day at a neighborhood parish in Milwaukee - St Peter and Paul's on their 125th year anniversary!  So full orchestra and an organist that studied a Juilliard School of Music.  It was a great experience as they walked to and from the church in downtown Milwaukee. 
This morning we awoke to sun and waves and such beauty to behold... little Rose was delighted and in awe of the big Lake in front of her.  I am not sure if this is a memory for her as this is her 3rd year for her... she was 2 months old the first time she came here. 
This is the first time Luke has been here, and he thinks it is very cool and awesome!
Today Jesus tells us to follow HIM...  "Follow me,"  Lord, we are yours and seek your will in all this time we have with family.  May we always "choose LIFE!"  Jesus, we trust in YOU.  Bless-bless, Barb
The arrival!!!!  Thank you, Lord, for safe travels and now on to the sharing in close quarters of our growing family! 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Big waves come after the rain

Yes, Maria came here from HOT Texas!  If they spend some time outside it is early in the morning otherwise they melt in the 100+ temps.  Maria told her dad that she wanted to wear a sweatshirt, and today with big winds off the lake she is getting her wish!  I am watching the big waves roll in and surprisingly the water was still pleasant, but the air was  mighty cool for these kids that are used to the heat. 
I went down to put my feet in the water and to paint, and...
 Therese joined me to swing and to paint!
 It was great fun to grandma to have some watercolor time with my girl!
A clownfish in the ocean... I have a feeling that Mary will be trying her hand at this project tomorrow.
 Footprints in the sand didn't last too long today with the big waves rolling in.
 The view is amazing and we just got word that my parents will be coming up here for our next week with Pat!  I am so excited to have my parents here with our family just like old times!  How I love to have them here with us, and my prayers are being answered!
After dinner at the table tonight.  My idea of paradise.  We have word that Ruth and Paul will arrive here in about an hour!  Then the excitement is going to kick up a notch with 7 more people here for Family time!  Jesus, we trust in YOU.  Bless-bless, Barb
 Maria and Patrick at mass this morning...
 We sat by the St Therese window, so I had to grab one of T with her namesake!
Everyone emptied their bowls of homemade tomato soup - it makes all the work worth it and fills us with goodness from the inside out!  Tomorrow the table will be filled to overflowing!  There will be 8 kids and 4 adults!
My thoughts belong to the Holy Spirit.  St. Therese Daily Inspiration

Quiet rainy Sunday morning in Michigan

Patrick in the green chair for his first summer in Michigan.  Discussing with Maria that  I not used to boys battling after 4 girls... Adjusting...
A more peaceful happy pose with the rainy deck and window behind.
 Playing the Force with light savers...
David on the couch in chain mail and Therese playing the organ on a rainy Sunday morning.  We will be going to mass soon, and then after lunch the excitement is building for Ruth's family to arrive!  St Peter and Paul feast day today so we will have a celebration with Uncle Paul and Simon!!!  The anticipation is building, and plans are big and fun to think about!  Off to mass!  Jesus, we love you and trust in YOU.  Bless-bless,Barb
A blessed Feast of Saints  Peter and Paul to you - especially to my beloved co-workers at the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology\St Peter and St Paul, pray for us.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Texas comes to Michigan!!!

After driving all day to get here - starting from Marshall at 8:30a, and arriving here at 7:30p Michigan time... I found Maria and her 3 here after driving 6 hours from her in-laws at Sarona, WI.  They had made the amazing discovery that there is now sand in front of the cabin.  They had to take me down there to show me....
They waded into the water and then...
They kept on going deeper and deeper - no water shoes needed!  The sand is back!  I had to call my mom to tell her the news that our beach is now transformed and the kids were having a great time in the nice warm water and the sand now over the rocks.
Patrick with his feet in Lake Michigan and in sand!!!!  The water was actually warmish! 
Therese leads the way down to the beach, and...
we discovered that my brother, Bruce, has done a ton of work putting sugar sand on the path down to the lake!  So amazing!  I called my parents and told them all the special changes to make our inland sea the best!  "Now all I need is for you to come and join us mom and dad."  That would make it perfect! 
It was a perfect evening standing in sugar sand in the warm water with kids laughing in the water, and watching the sunsetting in the West!  Tomorrow more family will arrive - Ruth, Paul and their 5 kids!  Then Nancy, Bill and their 3 along with John on the 4th of July!  It will get kind of rowdy around here.  As Maria said - "It will be crazy with 3 one year olds tomorrow!"  "Maria two of them are girls and not set on destruction!"  Time will tell.  I hope the girls rub off on wild man Patrick!
How I missed them here last year!!!!  Now they are here from Texas and all the way to Michigan - a total of 31 hours on the road with stops at the farm in Marshall, Nancy's in Plymouth, Dave and Gail in Sarona, and now Manistique, MI!  So amazing and so many prayers were answered!  On my way I listened to Relevant/Catholic Radio and listened to talk about The Immaculate Heart of Mary - She could say "Yes" to all the Lord asked of her and she became the Mother of God!  She was my companion as I traveled today, and I thank her for bringing our family together in such a wonderful way and the JOY we are already sharing in this most glorious place on earth!  Thank you Jesus with your Mother at your side!  Jesus, we trust in YOU.  Amen and Hallelujah
My sweet Therese is in Michigan!!!
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Danielle Rose - The Saint that is just me

The giant is moving - Immaculate Heart of Mary fill us with The Will of Jesus

Our many families are on the move to Michigan... Lord, give us safe travels.  Immaculate heart of Mary may we always say "Yes" to Jesus and the wisdom of His Bride, The Church.  Bless-bless, Barb  I am all shook up at the day and weeks ahead!!!!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Feast of LOVE - Sacred Heart of Jesus

Dominic and Luke will grow up together as they will be in this crop of 1 year olds in a year from now, and also Maria's little boy will be part of that threesome.  They met each other for the first time today, as Dominic is only 2 weeks old!  Luke was very happy to meet this new little one, and there is not much doubt these two will share a lot over the years ahead.  It has been a very wonderful day this Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus filled with family and friends and plans for our vacation to Michigan on everyone's hearts and minds.  I also was informed of this most amazing event making today most special...
Sr Mary Clare Roufs taking her final vows with her Community - the Handmaids of the Heart of Jesus.  The perfect day for this to happen as they are His Handmaids of His Merciful Heart!   Susan lived with them for a year discerning her call and then left for France to join The Community of the Lamb!  So my heart is with them today as well as The Sacred Heart of Jesus, and many other hearts - looking at the smiles of LOVE and JOY from all those gathered around her truly speaks of how wondrous is this step for their foundress. 
Today we celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus:
Thinking of The Heart of Jesus - all I can really think about is LOVE!  All that Jesus did for me - giving His LIFE for me even when I was sinful and weak! 
 A Luke kiss for new Dominic!
Ruth and Paul ponder the beauty of their new nephew.
 John and Dominic pose for the camera!
 Rose with her mommies' roses.. 2 years later
John, Luke, David and the kitten, Oreo... hanging out at the trampoline.
 Nancy and new son, Dominic... such a good baby he is!
John tickle belly the two girls - two of the 3 grandkids from last year...
 Girls giving hugs to John
 Each other, and
one more for Johnny!
 Dominic close to his mom's heart - "Did Dominic come from your heart mom?" Augustine asked his mom the first day she brought him home.  "Yes!'
 Out to do chores with the pigs and chickens
Bernadette meets her first pig, and the pig is meeting his first Bernadette too!!
 Luke and Johnny in green.
So fun to hear these two girls laughing and not fighting over the same thing!   Love is what it is all about and laughter is sure a part of that happiness we feel when we are loved and forgiven!  Today in the Gospel is the amazing promise - "you will find rest for yourselves .  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."  May we embrace all the crazy difficult and hard journeys we are called to follow in our lives.  Jesus, we trust in YOU.  Amen and Hallelujah
Bless-bless, Barb and Dominic in the mirror
"What strikes us most in contemplating the Sacred Heart of Jesus are the flames which consume and surround it.  These mysterious flames cannot be contained even in the burning Heart; they escape through the wound, pass around the Cross and among the thorns covering and penetrating it completely.  In a word, it is a burning heart , an inflamed heart.  And what is this sacred fire which thus consumes the Heart of Jesus?  It is the Love he has for us."  Fr Martin Berlioux
Chris Rice - come to Jesus