Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This is for Maria from her mom

 Maria takes after my mom, and is a great organizer.  She loves to do it!  A few years back when they lived with us, she did me a favor and organized this drawer in my kitchen that catches all the pens, pencils, tape, rubber bands, scissors, note pads and on and on.  It was so full that I could not pull it all the way out.  Well, Maria, I have started trying to do an organizing project or two a day... so far, starting yesterday, I did my craft cupboard and the closet/cupboard by the computer.  Bags and bags of trash went to the burn barrel!!! 
 I can see the bottom and pull it in and out easily, and I know everything that is in there!  This sure feels good, Maria.  I hope you can open any drawer or cupboard when you come home and it is organized!  A goal for your mom to be sure!
 More big news for Maria is that Luke is walking!
 He wants to walk up to you and give you a big sweet Luke hug!
Luke is very excited to show you how big he is now!  He will be running around after all the other kids at Cross Christmas Camp in a little over 2 weeks!  So excited to see your family, Maria!  Bless-bless, Barb/mom
 Getting this done feels so good... I think I am addicted.  But I get discouraged when I think this means every cupboard and drawer!  Yikes!
But just think of what I will find, and I will know where everything is!  Plug, plug, plug along.  And the doors close without effort!  So great!

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  1. Ha! Funny thing is that cleaning out my junk drawer (in order to pack it without packing a bunch of junk) is on my to do list today! We are excited! Thanks, Mom!