Thursday, April 30, 2015

"so that when it happens you may believe that I AM." John 13

Rose has a basket with 6 assorted baby kitties in it, and usually she will bring them out and gently show them to grandma one at a time.  She is very loving and she told me that each ones name was Percy.  This one is a boy, so it could be Percy.... some Percy were girl kittens.  Little Rose is 3 tomorrow and coming over for some birthday pictures in a little bit as there are apple blossoms blooming in the pasture and that beckons me to get pretty Rose captured for all time there.

There is much calling to me today after a conversation with John at breakfast prayer time this morning.  We had a scare with David falling out of the tree house yesterday, and thankfully he is just bruised but fine.  As I was praying my usual prayer to all of our family's guardian angels - John and I realized that we could picture Dave's angel protecting him from harm as he fell missing a broken bone or head injury.  Then reading the Gospel for today and coming across these words - so when it happens you may believe that I AM.  John 13...  How true!  We see that Jesus is always loving us and answering our prayers and pleas for help!  Just looking across the table at John and how his bald head announces to the world his battle against brain cancer and winning.  "It would be even more obvious if I were a bald woman."  jokes John.  Yes, but how he longs even in his day to day job at the bank to share his story of finding Faith through brain cancer!  This is the page I devoted to John's cancer/healing journey including the article from The Prairie Catholic in which he uses his own words to describe his conversion after half-heartedly asking for faith!
That kitten looks content and peaceful and her kitten jammies tops is off nicely...

I know that Jesus was speaking of his betrayal and death on the cross and rising on the 3rd day when he said this to his disciples in the Gospel today, but it is also very much the case in our day to day lives that we have our crosses - like our kids getting hurt and being in harm's way - and we do our best to keep them safe and to pray daily without ceasing for their safety... when Paul was leaving to take Dave in to check him over he stopped by the garden and asked me to be praying, and that I did.  Prayer is hugely important in our daily life, and then when we realize we have been heard and that Jesus is alive and well and walking with us in this world - we know that I AM!
Kisses and hugs - soon the kittens will be purring and responding to her love!

Throughout my writing this post - I have had to give rides to my husband 3 times now... so I think the message is clear... wrap it up!!!  I have many powerful thoughts swirling around my head, heart and soul today.  So grateful to Jesus for loving and caring for me and mine!  This good and true article about sharing Faith with JOY and keeping your family Catholic -  I was waiting for the 3rd one - keeping Faith alive and promoting it in the home as parents sharing LIGHT/LOVE/LIFE!  I also read a wonderful sharing in my book of 101 stories of mothers, but it looks like material for later...
 Maria made me stations in the grove when she came home from the Monastery 11 years ago!  Jesus falls the first time is now holding up my clothesline!

Jesus, we need only look at each day of our journey to know that you are walking with us - we find you in our domestic Church/family in the faces of all those around us, in Your Word, in the Sacraments, in our prayer times without ceasing, as we meditate on your life as we lift up our needs to your loving Mother of God as we say the rosary, with the Saints that are at your feet always showing us that no matter the cost we can persevere!   How can we fail?  Only if we turn away from your love!  May we always look to you and humbly know that we need you alone to find that small slice of heaven here on earth.  Jesus - you are I AM!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah

Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Therese sewing a case for her recorder - first sewing project!
Lord, humble me and use me!
Danielle Rose - Small thing with great love

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Maria's first garden...

I am taking a break from planting my garden and found these great pictures of Maria with Therese, David and Patrick planting some totes with their first vegetables.  After moving from the desert, they can hope for some fresh veggies!  This is what gardening is all about - having those little helpers, but when you get old and tired like me - your help is gone!  Something is wrong with this picture.

But this picture makes me happy!  Bless-bless, Barb

In the process...

"I came into the world as LIGHT..." John 12

Luke and Rose share something.... Luke was born on Rose's 1 1/2 birthday.  So in two days Rose will be 3 and Luke will be 1 1/2years old!  Here they are in their boots...sharing the sun that brings us light and warmth in these early spring days... Luke is in the sun and Rose has her bouquet in the sunlight.  I spend quite a bit of time with Ruth's two youngest as they are at home with mom while the other 3 go to school each day, and living so close we see each other almost daily.  Ruth reported that a week ago after I had watched them the night before it seemed that Luke looked for me when he got up in the morning, and was disappointed that he didn't find me there.  This grandma felt pretty special to hear that report.  It is delightful to get to know sweet and happy Luke as he starts to say words and show us how much he loves "brumm-brumms."
 Luke is very serious about his tractors and loves to be outside where the action is - guardian angels watch out for Luke!  I just smiled as I was called out to help Pat get a cow in the headgate... as I was putting on my farmboots on the top step in the garage, I looked down to see the two little sets of boots Rose and Luke wore yesterday for our adventure on the farm!  I am so lucky to have these little ones with me so often and they are truly LIGHTS in my world!

May the picking of dandilions for moms begin!
It was great to pray with Pat before he headed out to work just as the sun was coming up, and with John before he left for work at the bank.  During our intentions I found myself saying; "For all those that need you this day... well, I guess that is all of us and all those the world over."  "Maybe not Our Lady," said John,"but then she brings all our intentions to Jesus, so yes, all of us!"  It was just great to see the connection we have to those in Heaven, those on earth and those somewhere in between - the dead that we continue to pray for and lift up! 

After Luke picked this - I looked over to see him with the blossom in his mouth!
It is so wonderful when the LIGHT sheds the Truth for us to hold onto and gain HOPE and PEACE in the midst of this crazy hectic world.  Jesus tells us today that I came into the world as LIGHT, so that everyone who believes in me might not remain in darkness.  John 12:44-50  The Gospel for today.  LIGHT means everything to me and is part of the cornerstone of our marriage and that of our children!  Open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS for the world.  In the process of doing that - Grandma and Grandpa are blessed by the light of our 12 grandchildren!  We all know that our daughters remain open and trusting in future family according to His Plan for them!  There have been twists and turns, yet we know that Jesus is in control and we place it in his hands and trust!
 They add brightness to the world called Faith/Family/Farm!

Jesus, we all do need you and when we are humble and weak is when we turn to you, so may we always be humble and weak and lowly and small and give our all so that your Holy Spirit may dwell in us and make us be LIGHTS in the midst of the confusion and darkness of sin and death.  May there grow stronger and stronger into a culture of LIFE... and may the lies of Satan be revealed as the LIGHT shows the world how it is so wrong and evil to take innocent life in abortion and to prevent life for selfishness.  Jesus, we look to the Wisdom of your Bride,The Church, which shows us the narrow path to take as we carry/drag our Most Cherished Cross and follow after you. May we die to self so that you may live, and may your LIGHT shine forth now and always... becoming like little children may we be willing givers and not look to get.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
 Admiring the view...  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
That face is a wonderful one!
St Catherine of Siena pray for us today on your feastday.  A big celebration with The Community of the Lamb today!
It just seems like no one is out there sometimes!
Danielle Rose - The Saint that is just me

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Farm kid adventure

 Rose thought the sun felt good on the 4 wheeler seat, and watching the cows from a safe distance.
 Luke serious about his tractor driving.
 Luke in the clouds!
 Luke loves his dogs!
 "I'm on the top of the mountain!"
 Dandylion picking for mom.
 The grain bin is one of my favorite places for pictures.
 A sweet pose for two farm kids out for an adventure with grandma.
 Rose will be 3 and Luke 18 months on May just 3 days!  We will celebrate their good and happy lives on the farm.  It is such a great place to grow up and share experiences of Faith/Family/Farm! 
Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb

St Gianna, "Thank you, I really do appreciate all you do for me"

 Rose by the Holy door, as dubbed by her cousin David for St Francis and Mother Mary, Queen of heaven and earth, that are there always reminding us of their intercession for our needs, and modeling for us how we, too, are called to be Saints!  Ruth's two are here today as she worked an overnight at the hospital and is sleeping at home. 

It has been a crazy morning, but I have been getting small doses of Faith/Family/Farm to give it a theme that brings me to a place of peace and joy.  It really is wonderful to just get a call from the field and a loving "thank you... I really do appreciate all you do for me." from my farmer husband.  All I could say to my surprise was "Wow!  Your welcome.  I love you, too!"  It is amazing how that thoughtfulness touched my heart in the midst of this stressful time of year.  It heals a lot of wounds and gives me more grace to take the less happy times in stride and smile and say "Yes" more willingly! 
 Grandma spoils Rose - she will be 3 in just a few days - and lets her swing in the baby swing with her precious blanket and watch Sesame Street.  It sure is special to know that you are a grandma and it is only your job to make each grandchild feel special and loved and cherished and precious and a gift from above - open to LIFE and raised as LIGHTS! 

My life is too distracted now with being pulled one way and another.  I just wanted to share the wonderful day it is today - celebrating the feast day of St Gianna Beretta Molla, the Pro-life saint!  She valued her baby's life in the womb to the point of giving her life to save the life of her child. 
Rose, cat and St Francis and Mary the Mother of God - a special combination!
The Easter tree is now in the house for the 4th week - it has leaves and white lilacs and carries the butterflies and crosses from the last 10 years. 

Jesus, thank you for the loving words, the amazing pro-life Saint and all that carries us through this day.  Jesus, we know that we do it all for you - serving one another without counting the cost.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Our pet cow, Baby, had her calf yesterday!  She has a little boy, and is a very attentive mother.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

St Gianna shares TRUTH!

No ifs ands or buts!

Lord, help me this day and forward.
Third Day - Born Again
Therese has first communion in just 3 weeks - May 9 - this is a contender for her dress - the veil was worn by her mom and her 3 sisters!  So special to see!
Another contender - LOVE!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Jesus is in control

 Rose and Luke ponder a tiny newborn baby mouse - it didn't even have it's eyes open yet - that we found under the boards to hold down the tarp on my garden.  Yes, we are tilling and planting our gardens today in this wonderful spring weather!  The day is filled with work shared as a family and with the two little ones - there is all that they bring, too. 

At breakfast John and I shared morning prayer and the theme today was Jesus being in control of our lives.  Mark 4:35-40 was used - Jesus calming the storm, and we were reminded of that being the reading on Father's Day 6 years ago, when we had discovered that John had brain cancer!  Calling France to tell Susan/Hallel she reminded us of the Gospel for that day - "This is the storm and Jesus is in control." 
Thankfully Ruth came and tilled for me and now to plant.

Jesus, knowing that all we need to do is place our lives and our hard times and good times in your hands and trust in you.  That should be easy and take all the stress away, so why do we continually take it back and try to control it?  You are all we need to face life and all that comes with it.  Jesus, may we hear your voice and recognize it and follow where ever you lead us.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
 Picnic in the shade... Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
 Eyes fully open now
 Luke is so much fun these days...
 Mom's been busy making steps to climb up to the wonderful tree house.
swing time.
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This is a good one for today...
Casting Crowns - praise You in the storm
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