Wednesday, January 27, 2016

6th anniversary day looks greatly different, but still living in temp housing and out of a suitcase!

Berna in my bedroom this morning while I sat on the edge of my bed and did my morning prayers..."Why do you pray, grandma?"  "Because I love Jesus more than anything else."  "I love Jesus, too."  I had just had a fun conversation with John wishing him a happy 6th birthday... Why?  It is the 6th anniversary of John's stem cell transplant.  I was reminded by the Gospel last night - I always read the Gospel the night before and it is the Sower and the Seed today!  6 years ago we marveled to have John's seeds put back into him after dropping a bomb on him!  How we held out hope and prayed for him to be healed!  6 years later with a perfect check up a week ago... we are renewed in our Trust in the new John!
Out marching on the rooftop deck in the morning sun... remembering our little yellow house in Rochester 6 years ago.  Yes, it was only John and I, but with our large family we wanted to be able to have Pat and sisters with husbands and kids to come and share time with us.  Now we are in temporary housing in Kansas City as we await Nancy and Bill's permanent move here and into their new home.  Nancy was reminding me that Bill asked for a house as he has his growing family. We are happy and comfortable here!
The door from Nancy's bedroom to this fun deck... the shadows are cool, too!
Dominic likes to go behind the chimney, and grandma has bare feet and a big shadow!

When Pat got to talk to Susan/Hallel yesterday... she found it interesting to hear that many of us are living out of a suitcase in this transition stage for all of us!  Remembering our little yellow house of 6 years ago... Nancy and Bill were dating and came to play games with us from the Cities a few times.  Now look!   They will be having #4 in May!  It truly makes us realize all the last 6 years has held for when you look at this beautiful family, which is open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS! 
Dominic loves to find small hiding places...

I know that my kids shake their heads at me when I go back in time, but I am just having such ahha moments today with having a new temp housing experience on this anniversary.  Oh well, Jesus knows how to make me smile and marvel in my life of never a dull moment!
Dominic leads the marchers  including a super hero...

Another Ahha moment came in the form of a special event that happened in the middle of the blizzard on the East Coast...
The priest that led this mass in the middle of the blizzard for hundreds stranded on a highway after the walk for LIFE in the Capital on an altar of snow said that he experienced Jesus calming the storm and coming to the people!
As soon as grandma's bed is made - it becomes a favorite play place for the 3!
Smiling still, and happy to announce no one cried or was hurt as grandma guardian angel was on guard.

The Sower and the seed  - Mark 4:1-20 - may we all be humble as dirt to welcome the seed and produce much at the harvest of Heaven and earth.
We cherish our happy smiles in our temp house!

Jesus, you went out into a boat as the crowds were so large... may many feel your touch this day most especially those in our domestic Church/family.  May the seed dwell in us and find your sunlight to die to self so that you may live and produce much in this world of sin and darkness... may we embrace our Most Cherished Cross and find LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Too nice not to sure in the streaming sunlight!
In mid tumble and so happy of his accomplishments!
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke in temp fun house in KC!
Just listened to this for the dance party in the other room!  The River by Jordan Feliz

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