Saturday, January 30, 2016

Family together accomplished!

In our cozy temp house in KC - Nancy and Bill with the kids were having a Saturday movie night together...  grandma had to grab a quick family photo or 3!  All are so happy to be together on a relaxing Saturday sharing family time after weeks of being apart.
Dominic saying "enough already, grandma, we want to start our movie!" 
Gus and grandma painted side by side after lunch.  So wonderful to share these times together, and to share the paints and the water and brushes.  I have another sketch to paint tomorrow of using a children's book to help me make them pictures of my farmer and our life on the prairie.
Outlining really helps it, but I messed up grandpa's face.  Oh well.
I am sure that more are coming, and I have one in the works for tomorrow.  It is so interesting to me that watercolors and children's books for inspiration are so important to me and bring me peace and happiness when I have time away from home.  Michigan beach has been where I have painted many year after year inspired by the little ones and the beauty of the blue waters of the inland sea - Lake Michigan.  This children's book has many seasons in it, but not winter and I am loving the summer and spring and fall pictures.  It helps to be able to be outside on the deck, and...
The second story deck off of my bedroom... yes, there is white noise of the traffic, but the warm sun makes you put that in the background.
Such an inviting and special retreat in the middle of Kansas City!
Rosary and watercolors on the rooftop - a small slice of heaven.  I miss you my farmer Pat!  Bless-bless, Barb
Jesus, I trust in you.  Tomorrow we will spend time with our dear little Sisters of the Lamb! 
#3  - cute Dominic eyes!

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