Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fresh air good for body, mind and spirit! KC will have a brown winter, but the warmth is nicer.

Sitting outside in the sun and it will only get better...
It should reach 60 by the weekend and our husbands might be here to join us!
The big kids coloring, and
Dominic fixing things in the fresh air.

Dominic is happy with his tinker toy hammer/drum stick.
Not quite 40, but the sun was a welcome place to run and play in our yard!
Sweatshirts, green grass and sunlight are welcome change.
Get out of my sun, grandma!
Not quite grass mowing time, but it sure is nice for the kids to get out and the older ones too!
Running the circle after supper...Dominic was the bad guy and thrilled to be so!
So much fun when baby brother is willing to be the bad guy!

The mountain lion joined us for prayer time tonight in the living room downstairs.
Always a prayer for the poor. 

Pat called to say that he had just talked to Hallel for half an hour in Rome! " She told me that I was joining the little Sisters in living poor in this construction mess.  And she thought it was funny that you all are living out of a suitcase now."   So true!
The B-I-B-L-E song got a little bit too crazy and they went up to bed... Next I need to teach them - We're on the upward trail as they climb the steps up to bed.   I am sure Nancy remembers that from her childhood, and I learned it going to Family Camp as a Presbyterian with my minister dad, mom and us 7, soon to be 11, kids!  Bless-bless, Barb

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