Monday, January 25, 2016

Model of conversion of heart - St Paul!

Abundance of Holy water as we entered the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus after we had signed up Gus for preschool this morning.
Genuflect at the altar and then a trip around looking and discussing the saints on the windows...
First is St Paul and today is the feast of his conversion, so it was special to have him looking down on us this day.
Paul is for all of us a fellow believer, who never walked with Jesus on this earth. 
Yet is there anyone more devoted or fervent or willing to give his all for Jesus and upon which The Church has been built and strengthened?  Maybe he and St Peter are almost equal, and on the other side of the altar was St Peter. 

Sleeves up and playing in the immersion pool of our baptismal waters. Getting comfortable in their new church, preschool, and school of the future.  Next stop to see their new home which is just a few blocks away.
Outside before we went in to sign Gus up for Preschool.  Gus noticed Mary up in the window... do you see her?
The new back yard and their play equipment!  The kids are so excited - "I want to move here now."

An exciting time for the kids!
A few long/short weeks and then they will be at home in KC.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb and all

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