Thursday, January 28, 2016

Seeing with eyes of Faith - St Thomas Aqinas saint of wisdom/Truth

Dominic is smart and fun to be around... I know that he is missing his dad and we all are at loose ends with the big mixed up mess our lives are right now.  Grandma is not doing much if any better than the kids, and I am feeling pretty disappointed with myself this fine day in KC.
Are there any eyes that see more into a person than a child's?  I am very convicted today, and the words of Christ to us in the Gospel today match my needs to be spoken to...There is nothing hidden except to be made visible; nothing in secret except to come to light.  Anyone with ears to hear ought to hear.  Mark 4:21-25
Yes, Bernadette humored and tickled me with putting on the "costume" hats that grandma picked up at the thrift store the other day.  I am sitting outside on the deck this wonderful morning writing this!

How I see my faults and weaknesses and selfishness... yet, that is what we are to expect when we are in the LIGHT through our daily turning to Jesus through His Word and Sacraments and looking to the Saints of each day, our patron Saint, our guardian angel, the sacramentals - my rosary and prayer that is my constant companion as my Spiritual Mother, Mary most Holy, brings me to her son for unconditional mercy and forgiveness!  There is an ocean of good that I can be surrounded by and filled with and no more will I languish in self-pity! We are asked to take note of our weakness, sinfulness and ask for forgiveness and then go forward striving with the help of The Holy Spirit to make a better day ahead.
 Did I say many hats?  We decided that this one might be better for baby sister this summer!

This beautiful sharing in The Magnificat this morning about St Thomas... a sacristan witnessed a mysterious exchange between Christ and Thomas praying before a crucifix towards the end of his life: "You have spoken well of me, Thomas, what is your reward to be?"  Thomas replied, ''Nothing but yourself, Lord." 
Oh, how I long to stay on the narrow path carrying/dragging my Most Cherished Cross and finally being together in heaven with my Jesus, Mary and The Saints and Angels!
A hat that I did get with her baby sister in mind, and so remember her mom and aunts wearing hats like this when they were my little girls.  It is not quite so easy for me to be as attentive to them now as I was to my own.  Lord, help me.

I am thinking that I could get some special time in the chapel of The Community tomorrow afternoon.  How I would love to spend a wonderful hour in adoration!
What can I say?  There were a lot of hats.

The Gospel goes on to remind us that how we judge others will return to us... A sobering thought indeed.  I know I have been given so much mercy, so may I have the strength and wisdom to show Mercy in return!
Dominic thinks the dog hat is fun for a few minutes...

Jesus, I am very much aware of how weak I am, yet I know that is when I fall on my knees before you and ask that I may die to that selfishness and embrace my cross and find LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT.  That is not all roses as the LIGHT reveals more and more of the things I need to die to.  Thank you for your Mercy and unconditional forgiveness and may I in turn show that mercy and unconditional love to those around me - most especially those in my domestic church/family.  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
"St Thomas had the gift of wisdom, born of loving prayer, to use what he knew for the service of his God and neighbor, feeding the hungry of spirit with the bread of truth."
Yes, that is today!  A bunch of people on bikes just went past the house!
The three in the sun looking for "treasures."
A cute story... the kids were all standing by the fence and a man walked by with his dog on the leash.  The kids all reached out and said "hi doggy" they walked by... 3 kids in a row.  He smiled and said ; "That was fun." 

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