Saturday, February 20, 2016

"be a people peculiarly his own" Deuteronomy 26

Luke and David enjoying a 50 degree day... Dave would give Our Lady a side hug and then jump into the snow while little Luke watched.  To add to the fun... their dog, Holly, was chasing her ball all around them.
So great when the kids and animals can enjoy the outdoors!  Awoke today to very bright sunlight and the wind is gone after such a windy day yesterday.  With the change in weather down here comes the wind.  The thing about the prairie weather in Southwest MN is that it changes all the time!  Ruth was reminding me of the chart that showed that one day when you think spring is here and then you have 2 more months of winter!  You might call our weather peculiar - "Not ordinary or usual; odd or strange," but that is what we call normal around here.  There have been many times when the temps can change 50 plus degrees in just a 24 hour period.  We recall on the day of Nancy's birth - April 2, 1982... it was so hot that people were wearing shorts in the morning and overnight there was terrific wind and cold that froze the pipes in the barn!  That was more like a 100 degree difference in a day!
Caught in mid dive!  Dave was very wet when he came in the house - in the soft wet snow he also kept losing his boots, so his socks were pretty wet, too!  What a peculiar boy he is!

The word "peculiarly" in the first reading today grabbed my attention this morning.  We are to be "a people peculiarly his own...and you will be a people sacred to the Lord, your God, as he promised."  How do we do this?  "You will keep all his commandments."  There is only one way we can even begin to keep all his commandments and turn away from sin and death, and that is by accepting the Holy Spirit and die to self so that Jesus may live and work in and through us!
A soft landing over and over!  Luke was happy just to watch his big brother and laugh a lot.
Things are starting to get fun as the house is getting put back together again.  We uncovered the old staircase, which has been covered up for about 6 weeks and cleaned it up...  Yes, it will be covered with dust many times over still, but it was just nice to have it cleaned up for a few minutes.  Ruth did keep some of her childhood home and the stairway will be much more enjoyed and appreciated now with the new open floorplan!  Ruth has a wonderful vision for an open renewed farmhouse filled with kids and lots of big jobs enjoyed together in and out. 
I had to go out and see the sweet first new calf born yesterday... she is a cutie!  She was taking a sunbath in the morning sunrise with a bright cute look on her face...
Mom was mooing at her new baby this morning.  Ruth and kids are coming over to meet her this wonderful morning, and Ruth will have her wonderful camera, so I hope to share those with you soon.  It is so nice to have my kids passing me up with their wonderful cameras and photography and telling me that I am welcome to borrow their pictures.  Thanks, girls!  Your pictures are appreciated... mine not so much.
Even with my camera... it is pretty evident that she is very cute and healthy!

Blessed are they whose way is blameless,
who walk in the law of the Lord.
Blessed are they who observe his decrees,
who seek him with all their heart.
Blessed are they who follow the law of the Lord!
Psalm 119 from mass today
Yes, I am poor at following his decrees, but I do long to follow after Christ carrying/dragging my Most Cherished Cross.  My sinfulness and weakness keeps me looking to Christ humbly asking him to carry this lost lamb with the wolf breathing murderously down my neck.  I am peculiarly his own - a small pathetic specimen am I.  I do seek him with all my heart!
Ruth and kids going out to pick eggs and check on the rabbits on a wonderful spring like day...

Lord, you commanded up to be perfect today as our heavenly Father is perfect... Matthew 5:48
May I not become discouraged but trust that you are going to answer my constant prayers that you might raise up this peculiar old weak sinful lady from the ashes and bring her into your LIGHT of Truth that I may share the Mercy I have been shown and when necessary use words!  Jesus, I need you and love you and long to be your hands and feet!  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen
The school bus - the weekend lies ahead!
For the men at the Emmaus retreat this weekend... Jesus, you are reaching out to each one with your nailscarred hands and they are peculiarly your own!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Pat will be speaking on the Sacraments - May your Words through Pat touch all those there answering your call to come closer to you. 
The Cross keeps us peculiarly his own!
So true.
Miraculous Rose Petal that fell from the sky at the Carmelite Monastery, Lipa, Philippines

My wonderful Thomas A'Kempis!  Look up Imitation of Christ, and devour it... the best!

Like I said...

Double wow!
Casting Crowns - if we are the body
The Afters - Broken Hallelujah
Danielle Roes - See you in the Eucharist

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