Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bernadette/french braids, cow TV, being a servant

Rose is notorious for taking her pony tail out after mom puts it in in the morning for school.  "It hurts me."  Today I really yearned to do a little girl's hair..."Rose can I put in Kateri braids?"  "No."  "Can I put in Bernadette braids?"  "Yes."  Bernadette and I came up with these names from Indian braids and French braids while I was staying with them for the month of January.  I know how much Rose loves her cousin so it worked to have her say "yes" to Bernadette braids and it made me smile to be able to do my little granddaughter's hair!  After 4 girls it gives me so much joy!  Rose really liked her results and told grandma that it didn't hurt either!
Admiring her hair and feeling closer to her other 3 year old cousin, who now lives in KC!

We had our second calf yesterday, so we are getting our cow TV going today - it is already running up in the bedroom for our through the night viewing.  For those that are wondering about Snowball's mom - she did have an all black heifer yesterday without any problems.  I am sure Mary will be keeping an eye on her in the herd.  How we love to be able to keep an eye on the barn from our TV and computer screen.  Modern technology takes some figuring out, but we sure depend on it, too.
Two kids and 3 dogs - a lively place around here!  With construction going on it is a loud and big mess!

Jesus, reminds us today that we need to be servants to all and that is a hard lesson to learn and we need to remind ourselves over and over that we are called to give without counting the cost... as  a true servant would.  Jesus, we are always looking to you as our help and role model for LOVE!  Today the alarm went off for mass and it was tempting to roll over... this kept repeating in my heart and soul... "Jesus is coming in The Eucharist - will you be there to greet him and spend time with him and allow him to enter into you?  "Yes!"  Jesus, I love you and need you!  Bless-bless, Barb
Catching some sun together...
A new door into the house - "This will be our house."  says Rose and Luke.  "I help grandpa." they say!

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