Monday, February 8, 2016

Blizzard at home... blowing with the wind

Parting pose after Sunday mass on base as we headed towards home, but stopping at Nancy's in KC on the way.
We packed a lot of family time into our couple days with Maria and family.  Grandma got to spend some special time watercoloring with the kids.  Then pizza night and a movie.  I had fun revisiting a watercolor I did in 2001 for Maria's graduation from high school. 
A final look from Romeo... grandma and Romeo shared some new bonding experiences - he will know grandma next time, but he still needs more training for posing for grandma's many pictures.  Next time, Romeo.
Hold onto that memory of your first bubble sink, Romeo! 

The Gospel today is about Jesus walking past the sick and if they only touched the tassel of his garment they would be healed.  How I long for that kind of faith in my crazy life these days.  We are now at Nancy's temp house in KC having some grandkid time, and there is a storm raging at home so our departure is unsure whether it will be today of tomorrow.
Taking the back roads through the Ozarks of Missouri was peaceful and very interesting to farmer Pat!

The year before John's battle against brain cancer there was a gathering at St Thomas which the touching of his tassel of his garment brings to mind and heart...
There is one story which happened towards the end of Susans time in the Discrenment house - there was a gathering called Cor Jesu - Heart of Jesus - which had begun among the Catholic young people at St Thomas.  Susan invited me as she was to do a small sharing as part of the night.  She stepped up to the podium and simply and shortly spoke of her love for Jesus and his Bride, the Church.  Then Fr Craig and some other priets put Jesus in the monstrance in the altar for adoration and around the base of the monstrance was a scarf/altar cloth that draped around and hung on both sides.  The church was packed with young people and we were invited up to hold onto the hem of his garment in a close and personal time with Christ.  To add to the power and glory there was reconcilliation going on with numerous priests at the same time as well as amazing praise and worship music being led by groups of talanted guitars and singers!  The most powerful sight to behold was a sister, who had been Christ's bride probably for 20+ years up on her knees and holding onto his garment in intimate prayer time with her spouse!  I share this story when I give talks at TEC for the Church People of God with the song by Danielle Rose- If I touch him  Danielle too considered a call and lived for a time in a convent in New Orleans - she discerned out but continues to work for Christ as a musical missionary! 
A tiny bit of snow on the swing on the deck in KC this morning and the windchimes are blowing cold winds, but no blizzard here.  It is a different story in Marshall today with everything closed.  It looks like we could be here for the day and leave early in the morning. 

Jesus, may we reach out to you in Faith knowing that you care for our every need if only we are humble and realize that we need you!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb here blowing in the winds of change and trusting in His Plan for us. 
A work of art

Therese' work of art - a gift for Nancy!
Lake of the Ozarks looks like a fun summer place.  Docks and boats can stay in the water down here.  A brown winter is on the menu here.  There are some flakes here today, but they aren't sticking around.  They have extended the blizzard throughout the day, and we will probably hit the road in the dark in the morning.
The two girls cupboards are full of our canning.  We realize why we do all the work when you see the excited faces of the kids.  For both Nancy and Maria's kids -  nothing is better than our applesauce and tomato soup.   Spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce and salsa are very popular too!  It is a great family tradition that feeds 6 families! 
One more for the road - Grandpa with his arms full of his namesake, Patrick, and his fellow birthday boy, Romeo.  Spending relaxed and happy times with two of our daughters while taking in some of the country... this is great!
St Josephine Bakhita, pray for us.
I met her in the chapel in Rochester while John was recovering from his stem cell transplant as he won his battle against cancer after half-heartedly praying for Faith.
Danielle Rose - If I touch him

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