Saturday, February 6, 2016

Come away by yourselves... forming life-giving habits

I am missing prime grandma photo op as I am under the weather and am missing a walk to the park with Maria and the kids, so it was great to find this on Maria's blog today.  I could not have done better myself.  I have trained my daughters well!
A couple more cute ones thanks to Maria - her two youngest are getting some wonderful time with grandpa Pat on this spring like day in Missouri!  It is about 50 outside, and they all walked to the park with shirt sleeves and sweatshirts and no jackets!
Army kids for sure!
Wonderful Therese is so caring for her 3 younger brothers!   Romeo and Patrick were wrestling today, and she was there to catch Romeo as he fell off the couch.   "You are his guardian angel in the flesh, Therese."  I said.  She is so much like her Godmother, Susan/Hallel, was with her little brother John years ago, and probably still in prayer lifting up her Johnny and his needs in life in her daily adoration and mass... I have no doubt of that!
I found this on the sink this morning... I had noticed the nighttime list, but this was the first time I witnessed the morning chores.  I was so impressed at how they are to start their day with the Sign of the Cross and saying good morning to Jesus and Guardian angel.  Talk about instilling wonderful faithful habits in your kids and making them aware of what is most important in our lives - Jesus!
The night time list including getting a blessing from dad.

Today in the Gospel Jesus encourages the disciples to "Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest while."  This speaks to me of prayer time and recollection of how we are to carry Christ in our hearts, minds and souls always and without a pause for sin!
The meditation for today was by one of my favorites - Servant of God Elizabeth Leseur (1914)
To pray is to live in constant, calm, strong, and lasting union with God, to look at everything from God's point of view, and to be so peacefully anchored in eternity that annoyances, unavoidable struggles, and continual activity have no ability to disturb us or to drag us down.
As I was reading the meditation I had 3 grandsons wildly wrestling on the couch next to me complete with screams and grunts... I thought that after almost a month with grandkids I have not really been able to totally hold onto that peaceful prayer attitude within. How I am relishing some absolute quiet in the house with all gone to the park for a while!  Heavenly!
Such a beautiful uplifting heaven looking home, and Therese being schooled in doing the dishes.  " I like doing the dishes. I can be alone in the quiet."  I so agree, Therese... I cam get away from the mayham of the meal, and peacefully wash dishes.
Two icons that Maria made while visiting Hallel and are used in the Community of the Lamb.  The Mary on this side is Hallel's favorite!
Therese on her peaceful island washing dishes also is addressed beautifully by Servant of God Elizabeth Lesuer this morning...
I am not encouraging you to neglect your human responsibilities.  When life is established on a solid foundation of faith and when grace sustains us daily, we can live on earth and do our part in building up society.  We are still able to enjoy the happiness and love that come our way to a degree scarcely known to those who do not put a little of eternity into their love and pleasure.  Nothing human is foreign to us, and we possess the priceless privilege of being simultaneously members of the human race and sons of earth, and also members of the heavenly race and sons of God.
Pat and Therese learning about the Ozark Mountains in front of the wall of learning.  There is so much we can learn and grow in thanks to our amazing Catholic Church - I cannot take it all in, and grow with each new day!
The island from 28 years in our home is now a part of Maria's home!  I hope to watercolor here with the kids this afternoon.  With Maria's homeschooling this will be put to many more years of use, and that feels so special to all of us!
It was so special to have some alone time with Romeo and to put him in his first bubble sink!  He was scared at first, but when I put a cup in his hand and kept the water running in the other sink... 
Soon he was smiling and laughing and had fully discovered the specialness of sharing a bubble sink with grandma just as all the 11 others before him!

Finally this from Elizabeth Lesuer today;
"The first part of what your motto should be necessary complements the second.  Prayer calls for action, just as action requires prayer to inspire and direct it.  Rare, yes. indeed, let us pray a great deal.  Laborer!  Let us always work with courage for ourselves, for our brothers and sisters, and for God."
Bless-bless, Barb
Jesus, may we always die to self so that you may live in us, and may we always give without counting the cost.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Off to the park on a beautiful day!
Pray for us and show us how to sacrifice our all!

That interiors prayer space!
Humble me Lord!

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