Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"God is so great that it is worth giving all your Life," Little Sister Hallel

How my heart sang when I heard Pat tell me that we had gotten a card from our Little Sister Hallel!  She shared that a friend had given her some postcards so that she could send a annual note to her family.  When I was at Ruth's last night Paul shared their card from Hallel... it was a sweet message to all of us in this time of crazy change we are going through and that with the year of Mercy we are reminded to forgive each other when we are upset by the frustrations of life.  Paul and I had to chuckle at the truth of this insight.  Thank you, Hallel and Pope Francis for your prayers and giving us the reminder this Holy Year that we are called to return the Mercy we have received so generously by our loving and forgiving Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!
Beautiful postcards thanks to a friend of The Lamb and the brief messages from our sweet daughter to give us much to smile about!  She wrote them on the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the temple - Feb 2 while she waited for mass with the Holy Father at St Peter's square...  "Today is the feast of consecrated life, and I can truly say that I thank the Lord for having called me (even if it means sacrifices for me and you) and I ask that I may always be faithful.  God is so great that it is worth giving all my life!"  It is always so reassuring and important as a mother of a nun to hear her JOY expressed!  It brings me peace and comfort, because yes I do miss her so much and that part is hard for an old sentimental mom.
There is so much comfort knowing of Hallel's prayers for us each day as she spends much of her day as a contemplative with mass, Adoration and prayer throughout the day... much of that song is reciting all 150 Psalms each week and much of it in song!  So beautiful and a blessing like rain coming down upon us!  Today's Psalm is the best ever - Psalm 51 from mass today!
Have mercy on me, O God, in your goodness;
in the greatness of your compassion wipe out my offense.
Thoroughly wash me for my guilt
and of my sin cleanse me.
A heart contrite and humbled, O God, you will not spurn.
The gift of mass to start the day today again!  It is such a blessing to be united with Hallel through The Eucharist!  I love this special explanation by Danielle Rose, who entered religious life to discern for two years and wrote this song and explained what happens spiritually before she entered - so powerful touching and REAL - the spiritual world is what really matters to me!
Danielle Rose explains see you in the Eucharist... listen with your heart and know our comfort!
Now her song - so True and a small slice of heaven we share with our Hallel each day we can get there.  Lent is allowing us to find

Today the Gospel is a reminder of the importance of Lent and the request Jesus makes of us that we take note of our sins and weaknesses and lay them at the feet of Jesus in the Confessional and then die to self as we humbly allow Jesus to be in control of our lives... "there is something greater than Jonah here."  Luke 11:32  The animals are included in the penance paid for their sins to God in Jonah... the animals fasted, wore sackcloth and they were spared by God!
How I love to hear some uplifting joyful words from my contemplative daughter so far away but close to us in The Eucharist.  There are certain moments in the mass that I am close to my daughter, Little Sister Hallel, and her Community of the Lamb!  When Father gives us the absolution after we repeat the Penitential Act... I cross myself as I would in the confessional as I see that Hallel does this and I always think of her and feel close to her.  Another time is when the Gospel is presented - I can see in my heart, mind and soul... Hallel's beaming face as the Gospel is processed to the front to be read.  She loves her spouse, Jesus, in his Word and that is what led her to discern her call to be a Little Sister in The Community of the Lamb!  In the Community the Word is devoured and chewed and this starts the night before as they mendicate the Gospel by chanting each line in speaking and then in song!  So powerful and in many ways a type of Lectio Devina and brings The Gospel to LIFE in our world!  Also at the Consecration of The Body and Blood when Heaven comes down to earth - we are united!
Grandma is watching the kids today while Ruth is downstairs putting the paint on the ceilings.  Rose got away to be by her mom... when grandma went to get her... "I am Rose again."  "Yes, you are Rose again getting into trouble."  How she loves to be by her mom and we all see that she will probably be just like her.. nothing will stop her!

Jesus, may we have a change of heart and die to self so that you can come to life in our domestic Church/family.  If we cannot share your love with those the closest to us, how can we ever reach out beyond to share our love?  May we find a haven of peace in our homes and from there reach out to be your hands and feet, O Lord.  Jesus, we trust in you and humbly ask for your unconditional love and forgiveness so that we may return it to those in our lives.  Amen
"It feels so good to be putting things back together again."  Ruth... 
"What a gift Pope Francis is giving to The Church with this year of Mercy... What do we need more than Mercy?!  Read Misericordia Voltus - it's beautiful." I love you.  God Bless, your little Sister Hallel.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

A broken contrite humble heart - you will not spurn...

St Faustina gives us The Divine Chaplet of Mercy - I was gifted with time in the Adoration chapel and was able to get to my chaplet for the first time in a long time - it is so important to pray for our dead and all souls waiting to get to heaven!  So powerful and how we will need this Mercy in our own final days and leading up to our death!

Much to pray about that we get a life minded judge to replace this great Catholic man!
Nancy's sharing about her move!
Unspoken - call it grace

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