Saturday, February 27, 2016

"Hail Mary" for the Holy Father on a public school bus and a basement...

If this looks like a happy little girl sitting on her princess throne... You just about have it.  Little Rose went out with grandpa after lunch and "was a good helper, and really surprised me."  She petted a newborn calf and fed a bottle to another one, who is just a few days old.  When grandma went out to take her over to her house - she wanted to stay with her grandpa, and so she did and gave grandma a smirky smile as if to say - "I am enjoying being a farm girl, so no nap for me!"  She knows how much her grandpa loves helpers that are interested in what he is doing out there, and now with the small seat with a seatbelt next to him in the loader they literally have a front row seat!
Talk about being up close... on cow TV the two kids watched grandpa and dad bedding the calving barn.  Perfectly safe and close enough to reach out and touch it!

There was a request on FB this morning for saying a "Hail Mary" for the health of our Holy Father as he missed the Wednesday audience due to running a high temp.  I called John and found him riding on a bus to a speech meet as he is the assistant speech coach for Tracy.  I wanted to read to him a wonderful post card that came here for him from Hallel yesterday... Amazing!  You show how the Mercy of God has always been present even in the hardest times.  God makes your story (and the story of each one of us) a salvation story!  For his Mercy endures forever!  She also shared that she had gone to the tomb of Saint Padre Pio on his birthday and said a special prayer for him!  Wow!
What a view on cow TV! 

Pat and I were in our basement temporary kitchen while I talked to John traveling in a school bus... together we shared aloud a "Hail Mary" for our sick Holy Father - Pope Francis!  Not ashamed of our faith after Jesus has shown us Mercy that endures forever, and as the Prodigal Son today in the Gospel... we have been shown endless unconditional love after we have squandered our inheritance over and over in our lives.  Do you ever notice that those who have been forgiven the most and brought back from the brink of death or hit rock bottom seem to be glowing with JOY and bursting with the burning desire to share their story far and wide and without ceasing?  This morning as I was reading Hallel's card to John and we prayed together - he was chuckling with deep JOY and happiness!  Hallel writes to John - "I love you John!  I pray for you, and I love talking and laughing with you.  God Bless, Hallel."  If you have ever heard their conversations long distance from Minnesota to Rome or wherever... it is always goofy, silly and filled with lots of laughter!
Luke wanted to go out and help...
The time for the family with the kids is getting closer for them to be living in this house on the farm! This old lady is ready to get out of the construction... long and dirty living like this.
If these steps could talk...
The Prodigal Son cannot be read as the Gospel too much in my opinion and today it is gifting us with the Gospel on a Saturday at the end of Feb!  Yes, we can feel resentful as the older son is, but it is so important to pray for our loved ones that have turned away or thrown away their inheritance after the lies of the world.  May they realize what they are missing and come humbly back to their Faith/loving and forgiving Father!  Yes, the Father will embrace him and put a robe on him and have a banquet in celebration, but the next day he will be called upon to get back to work for the Father and do the day to day needed to gain that place in his Kingdom.  Walk the walk and talk the talk and do the work needed and walk the narrow path carrying/dragging his most Cherished Cross!
So much wonderful new light and openness in the newly renovated farm house.  Electricians on Monday finally and then forward to the finish line!
Jesus, You have shown us mercy and forgiveness over and over... may we go forward with our changed hearts following after you and embracing our cross to find LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!  May your Holy Spirit dwell within us and may we be your hands and feet. May we give without counting the cost.  "Wounded, I will not cease to love." the motto Hallel and her Community of the Lamb live by each day.  May I take it to heart and humbly fall at your feet... Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen
 The bushes in front of the huge picture window are filled with puffy sparrows - they don't mind all the thorns obviously, and they seem to be called precious by the guardian angel which has graced this window for the last 20 years!  Today is to be in the 50s so much of that remaining snow will turn to mud.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Quite the sight just inches on the other side of the glass- talk about a close encounter with cute little birds all in a row.
Rose after an afternoon as a farmgirl... She is excited to be on the farm! 
The Pro-LIFE saint!
I love it!  I am a Mama's girl right with them!  We are so lucky to have her always with us - Our Spiritual Mother - Mary, the Mother of God!
For Lent, here's a beautiful & traditional prayer to recite before your crucifix. Memorize it in steps and add an Our Father, Hail Mary & Glory Be at the end to start or finish your day. Hopefully it will be a new practice you can continue even when #Lent is over!
Gianna once again today!
Danielle Rose - The Saint that is just me
Lauren Daigle = Trust in you
God's not dead - Narnia - Newsboys

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