Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Jesus identifies himself with The Temple/God's dwelling place among people

On this Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple... Nancy and Bill presented their new home to the kids on a walk through the day before they officially close.  It was a happy and exciting time, and all the kids seemed to love their new home!
Checking out the new tub!  Good bath times ahead...
A good reminder on the wall, and very true of today for Nancy's family!

Today was such a surprise for all of us this day in KC... the storm has been foretold so we bundled up to walk out and discover a spring like day... wet from rain overnight, with a mild breeze, sun and 51 degrees!  People driving around with their windows down while at home the schools are closed and maybe up to a foot of snow and 50mph winds! 
Dominic loves the upstairs and the polka dots in the guest room are fun!

The glory entering the Temple today in the Presentation is easy to dwell upon surrounded by this glorious sunshine!  Jesus becomes the glory in our Temple each day through His Sacrament and His Word, His Saints with us each day of the journey!
A wall of windows looking out on the back yard!
The sunlight streaming in the front door welcoming them into their new home, which will be filled with Faith centered Family!  So powerful to bask in the warmth and light on this most special feastday in our Church - The Presentation!  On the rosary it is the decade I pray for Hallel, and so appropriate as we have Presented her to her Spouse, Jesus Christ!
Nancy is in love with the door from the kitchen to the back yard... it rained overnight or the kids would have rushed out there today.  So amazing to have the kind of weather in Feb that the kids can play outside in light jackets!  Welcome to Kansas City!

When Simeon meets them today and speaks of the Glory that has entered the world for generations to come!  Jesus is in our hearts, minds and souls now and forever more!  Simeon also mentions how Mary will share in the suffering of her Son of God - a sword will pierce you, so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed. Luke 2:34  Yes, Mary knows our pain and takes it to Jesus!
Dominic in the light of his new home.
A wonderful open home for their growing family!
Finding the sun on the steps up to his room...
Talking to mom from the stairs... It feels like home already.  There is talk of a picnic on the floor tomorrow night to celebrate the closing tomorrow morning!  The memories of wonderful family times begin!

Who is the King of glory?  He is the Lord!  Psalm 24 from mass today!
Jesus, our hearts are back with the family in the storm in Minnesota, yet we are lifted up today by this glorious sunny spring-like day which surrounds us.  We know that our inner temple is filled with your LIGHT as we face all the storms of life. Jesus is in control!  All the waiting and hoping and praying is now filling us with JOY as we see our KC family finding their home filled with the LIGHT/LOVE/LIFE of Christ and his Bride, The Church!  Jesus, we trust in you. Amen and Hallelujah
Bernadette seems to be prayerfully taking it all in.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
A look of comfort and peace which says without using words - "I am home, and I am happy about it!" 
Putting shoes on in the sunlight... we will be back soon!
Open and inviting - from the kitchen into the family/living room and a wall of windows... the door outside is on the right. 

Francesca Batistelli - He knows my name
Love this one with my 2 girls on base a week ago! 

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