Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"Lent... is like a long retreat" Pope Benedict XVI

A stop by the empty church this morning - Ash Wednesday - I found the somber Lenten décor in place, and above it all was Jesus on his cross reminding me of his call to me... "Go into your inner room, close the door, and pray to your Father in secret."  The Gospel today Matthew 6 
This truly describes my constant inner chapel filled with Prayer without ceasing with every beat of my heart and every breath that I take.  Foremost that prayer is that I can die to self and embrace my cross and follow after Jesus in all that I do and say and give and take and cry and laugh and sing and listen and work and play and awake and asleep and each moment of each day. 

My friend Scot Hahn shared this quote by Pope Benedict XVI today.  It is such a good description of what we are called to, and I find that I am in such a low spot that I am truly ready to do some big work on myself.  It is such great God timing to be back home just in time to begin my Lent.  Thank you, Lord, for your wonderful timing.  I am on my peaceful island here with Pat's mom in her home for the afternoon and evening... talk about peace filled and wonderful prayer time.
It was so exciting to see Ruth and her two youngest after almost a month away.  They arrived with their fresh ashes after attending Ash Wednesday mass at the school this morning.  Pat and I had the experience of attending the nursing home mass.  Then we were able to share the readings, ashes and Eucharist with his mother!
Ashes and breakfast with grandma on a chilly snowy Ash Wednesday!
Sweet Luke gave grandma gave me a big hug and found an old tractor - how he loves anything from the farm!
Sharing ashes, the readings and Eucharist is a special gift as we begin this long Lent retreat!
How I need to look into myself and make some changes.  I feel badly shaken and weak and lowly and disappointed in myself after this last month.  There was so much more that I could have willingly and selflessly done than I did, and that adds up to a pretty selfish person- me! 
This is my prayer, as I have been truly humbled with the person on this journey of change in my life.  
How I long to truly take the Gospel to heart and mind and soul and become less so Jesus will be more and I can become his hands and feet! 
Family morning is special with the 4 generations sharing our Faith!
Rose' ash

Jesus, I am so needing you to come and help me out of this hole I find myself in these days.  I am in need of your loving forgiveness!

Yes, Lord, I do know of your constant Mercy towards me, and may I return that unconditional LOVE and forgiveness to those closest to me most especially those in my domestic Church/family.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Cute story about the ashes today.  Father feels that they are not necessary to take some from church for Pat's mom, so we took some out of the fireplace in her home.  We knew she would want ashes today to join in the beginning of Lent, and following the Church events she has always celebrated and followed for the last 96 years is certainly important to her!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke back home for Lent and needing major time to listen to his voice in this storm of a life I am in the midst of now.
Aunt RaTerra feeding the kids chocolate chip pancakes...
Thanks, Pat, for my Christmas present!  I lost my diamond about 2 years ago, and he got me a new diamond for Christmas.  I was just an hour down the road to KC and the jewelry store called to say it was ready.  Waiting a month to pick it up - I love it!  I have been distracted while writing this today as I have to look at it from time to time!  I feel loved!
How I need to die to my worldly desires! 
St Clare is so close to my heart as Maria chose her for a patron saint and then joined the Poor Clares for 5 months.  They are family, too!
Danielle Rose - Litany of Humility
Broken Hallelujah - The Afters

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