Friday, February 5, 2016

Touching base

Maria's 4 on the back of the pickup on base - unloading meat and canning from the farm.  Pat came loaded with food for our two girls, pick me up and visit both places.  It was such a wonderful day... almost 50 degrees with no wind and sun!  Brown winter is what we find down here.  Pat said that he crossed over in Missouri and the snow was gone.
Pat also brought down our former counter top - now out of the house for the remodel...
So wonderful for this to fit so wonderfully and find a second life with Maria for art work with her kids!
Passing up applesauce and tomato soup - the military family was so excited!  This is why we do all the work, and Ruth's new kitchen is being set up as a big family canning kitchen on the farm!
The new kitchen with the walls up from Ruth's blog tonight.
Pat looking over our travels on the map... He drove down to KC and then we headed to see Maria and family on base in Missouri.
Too big for Nancy's garage...
A tour of Nancy's new home!   The tub is a fun place for Dominic.
Love the reflection... Dominic loves his grandpa.
So much fun giving Romeo his first bubble sink tonight while Maria had the others at Ju Jitsu.  Bless-bless, Barb
A few more
Cowboy Romeo
Tub time is going to be big!
Nancy and I have been together for 3 weeks now... I think she is happy to have just their family for a few days.

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