Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Truth - New LIFE comes to the farm and each of our lives

Rose and Luke on this rainy Wednesday in their new home.  Rose keeps telling all that she loves her new home on the farm, and when she walks by cow TV she stops and looks for baby calves.  I had some fun here this morning using Ruth's wonderful camera as well as borrowing some she took over Easter.  Ruth is out helping with bedding and treating calves, so grandma gets to be here helping with the two preschool kids.  What does grandma do?  Do a photo shoot by the big picture window with Mary in the garden and stenciled angel there now looking over the new farm family living here.
One of their mom's beautiful afghans on the back of the couch and the rain soaked driveway behind... Rose and Luke are the new farmkids on the farm. 

Two amazing readings from mass today as well as a grand Hallel Psalm in the middle filled with the highest and tallest of Praise for God!  Soooo much to share and sooo much to lift us up and guide us by Christ in The Word - The Truth that will set us free!  The first reading from Acts 3... the cripple healed by Peter and John- Silver and gold have I none, but what I have I give to you... In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk... He went walking and leaping and praising God!   There is a praise and worship song with these words dancing in my heart now.  The beauty of this early proof of the Spirit at work gives us all the HOPE we need for us to go forward evangelizing and sharing the LOVE and Mercy we have been given.
Sunny Easter ...How we are longing for warm dryer weather for our many calves on the ground - we are up to 125 now.  Rose is aglow and continually tells grandpa that she likes her new farm home! 
I realized that this was my first breakfast in our new home!  That just goes to show how with Easter and all - it has been kind of nuts in our lives.  I was able to read one of my favorites - MaryAnn Kurharski in The Catholic Servant - "Ta Da!  A new grandbaby- I wish I could blow a blaring trumpet!"  She shared that her latest grandchild was prayed here when they were told that she could be born dead due to some conditions.  They named her Kateri!  She wrote this - I can't help but ask: "What do nonbelievers  do when faced with challenges, crisis, or uncertainty?"  If there is no belief in God, in prayer, in asking others - including "friends in high places" (the saints) - to pray with them, what do they do?  I can't imagine.  We are given so much if only we humbly ask through prayer - yes, I love love love The Saints, and My Mother Mary is with me each moment of each day!
In the move this picture emerged from Easter 1989 - John's baptism day with his 4 loving sisters around him!  So much JOY in sharing our faith as a family, which continues to this day with the extended family - growing more and more and with each addition LOVE grows greater and is not stretched more thin!
So much fun for grandma this rainy spring morning on the farm!

The Gospel has to be addressed as it is the wonderful Road to Emmaus - Luke 24:13- 35 today.  So much today in reminding us over and over that Jesus has risen and overcome sin and death, and The Holy Spirit is at work in our world as well as that of Jesus. 
Jesus, we are filled with HOPE at all you give us when we are in need.  May we return the LOVE and Mercy we have been shown on this journey down the narrow path following you.  We are given more than we can ever need each day with You in your Word, The Church, which is guiding us and helping us reach forever in Heaven with you, Your Mother Mary Most Holy, The Saints and Angels.... we are taken by the hand and although crippled our feet and ankles are made strong and we rise - walking and jumping and praising God!  We are called to show the world the Truth that Jesus walks among us today!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Ruth's picture of the 5 after the candy hunt.
Luke is one happy farm boy!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

Mother Angelica quotes here we come!

Did I mention Jesus in the Eucharist? 

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