Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"I sought HIM whom my heart loves-" Song of Songs 3:1

Maria's bunch before the Easter Vigil... not perfect, but to me the imperfections of family life is a beautiful sight to behold!  Nancy, too complained how hard it is to get a nice family picture, but her sweet family looked wonderful to me!

If all were picture perfect I feel that it would be less wonderful than the kids being kids.
I know that these are repeats, but I am just loving to gaze upon my family together of sorts. Together in pictures lined up on my blog. 
John and Dave...
Hallel and Simon at the Vigil a year ago...
Getting her Easter Basket from David and Bernadette and Mary - Hallel loves her peeps!
Easter feast at breakfast!
With Ruth's family a year ago!
The first bunch of family - dad came later to see her and get a real hug!

It is already mid afternoon... a day at the farm helping out.  The miracle of Easter continues in the readings today with the reality that Jesus has overcome death and raised to newness of life is sinking in to Mary Magdelene and the Disciples.  How I love these words from Song of Songs - "I sought HIM whom my heart loves... I found HIM whom my heart loves, I took hold of him and would not let him go."  This so reminds me of my Susan/Little Sister Hallel and the small piece of paper with these words on it left behind in her bedroom by a small crucifix as she had gone to France to become a nun and a bride of Christ!  These words also ring true for my love for Jesus... I never want to let him go!
Rose teasing Aunt Hallel with peeps!  Since the Easter Vigil this year Rose has been known to say, "Jesus Rose"...her new and improved name. 

Putting us all together is making me happy and smile today!
OOOps... I just about forgot her dad and I with Hallel a year ago.  Our prayer is for a real hug soon and we are still remembering the hugs from a year ago. 

Also in morning prayers this morning was the reminder that the tree of death/the cross has become the tree of LIFE! 
Last night I set aside an hour to listen to this.  Mother Angelica on Journey home!  It is so wonderful and what really stuck with me was how she speaks with love of the hardships and crosses in our lives and how that is Christ nudging us and allowing us to turn to him and find LOVE!  If you didn't watch it yesterday - I would encourage you to take some quiet time today to listen with your heart to this special lady, who loved Christ and said "yes" over and over.
Hallel and the two Dominics.
Lord, I love you with all that I am and all that I have and all that I live and all that I breath and all that I work and all that I play and all that I sleep and all that I do and all that I love and all that I give without counting the cost and all that I do not cease to love even when I am wounded, and all that you ask of me and hopefully I say "yes."  Yes, when I am hurt and crushed and wounded and life is against me and I am attacked and weak and sinful and crippled and sick... thank you, for when I am small and humble is when I know that without you I am nothing and I need you and you are all my heart loves and seeks forever and ever.  May I follow after you carrying/dragging my most Cherished Cross and finding LIFE eternal/LOVE unending/LIGHT everlasting!  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Through Hallel's yes to her spouse, Jesus Christ, our family has grown!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

St John Paul II... my hero and the first 28 years of my marriage is filled with Truth and LIGHT thanks to his being my Pope since the first month we were married!
I love the Hallelujah - Look familiar?  This is what Hallel's name derives from - giving the highest of praise to God every time you say her name!
Danielle Rose - True love
Danielle Rose - the Saint that is just me

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