Sunday, March 27, 2016

"Let there be LIGHT" Genesis 1 and "Come to the water!" Isaiah 55:1

John and Godson, David in the glowing LIGHT of this Easter day through the 8 foot patio door which brings in the outdoors into Ruth and Paul's newly remodeled farmhouse!  This is a day overflowing with bright sunlight - with the white snow covering this morning it just seemed so much brighter almost to the point of making you squint at the brightness!  As we prepared our wonderful Easter feast in Ruth's open and window filled kitchen we could watch the robins in the snow and the snow melting and cascading out of the trees.  The yard was filled with streams as the snow melted and the water ran towards the pasture.  Reminding me of the two of the parts of the Vigil last night - the one speaking of the wonder of LIGHT entering the world at creation and then sharing the presence of God among his people.  And I had to nudge Pat when they read the verse from Isaiah 55:1-2 which my dad read and The Holy Spirit told him to come into The True Catholic Church 44 years ago!  The life-giving waters which wash us clean and give us life!
Ruth and I feel like we accomplished our fake plan to have a wonderful family Easter dinner at her place and the official family picture in their new home!  We had just shared our meal and the bunny cakes (a special Verly tradition in which grandpa Gerry would steal the tail) are awaiting their turn at dessert.  Ruth and I said that we hope to never switch places ever again, but we are glad that Easter 2016 is marked by the changing of the guard to the young family on the farm! 
Mid feast - 10 of us gathered to share a wonderful homegrown chicken - surrounded by the LIGHT and sharing Easter JOY!

My rosary is calling me, but I just wanted to share some of the happiness I had to share a wonderful holiday with our new farm family in their new home.  The men were able to come in and share in the meal and that is always a special treat!  The sight and sound of running water as the snow melts in the bright warm spring sun... Reminding us of the beautiful words and sights of the Vigil last night as  the candles lit up the church from darkness, and the waters baptized and we were sprinkled with renewing waters of Baptism!  How I love my Church, and the beauty of last night really is so spectacular! 
There were some special small things that really made this a happy special feast day for me... I was able to Bernadette braids/French braids in Mary and Rose's hair.  Nothing makes it feel more like a holiday for me than to be able to do some girls' hair! 
Rose with her Bernadette braids and the bunny cakes in the sun!
David helped with the bunny cakes and posed so nicely for grandma with them.  David is always willing to help out in the kitchen!
Mary and John checking out the bunny cake or is it the other way around?  I think the bunny wants to help with the crescent rolls...
The table is set... yes, that is a giant bowl of mashed potatoes and there were some left over.
Eating in the glorious Easter sun light!
More cuteness all around!
Jesus, we place our cows and calves into your hands and ask that you continue to keep them healthy and safe.  Thank for the LIFE that entered this world with the Vigil we kept at your tomb- "Jesus Rose!" as Rose has started saying since we shared the Vigil last night.  Too cute!  She has gone from Rose again to Jesus Rose and how we celebrate that Truth with all we hold in our hearts, minds and souls!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah!
This is one genuine farm boy here!  All he talks about is tractors and bales - he even calls tator tots bales.  Luke you sure warm your grandpa's heart!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Godfather John with David and blessed waters for home.  Luke drank one when we went out to eat - blessing him inside and out!
Luke loves water to drink!
Keeping Rose out of the candy bowl - Official farm family now!  Grandma has retired from the farm! 

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