Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Look to the Cross...

I have some purple crocus that come up as soon as the snow banks are gone, and there they were in the sunlight today. 
Rose ran out in her bare feet in the greening grass to pick them, and...
Grandma emptied a small maple favoring bottle to put them on the new window sill.  Had to get some special shots of the first flowers of spring with sweet Rose washing her bare feet off in the big new farm sink!
So much excitement is found in the small things around us as we bask in the warmth of, what looks to be an early spring!  We all know that Minnesota can hold many wintery surprises for us yet. 
My day has flown by today, and my rosary is calling me along with a small nap.   The readings for today speak of how we are to look to the cross for healing using the story of Moses, who put the serpent on the pole for those, who were bitten to look at and find healing.  Don't we all wish that God had just got rid of those horrible snakes instead?  The deadly snakes were still there and they still terrorized and bit them, yet they could look upon the bronze one on a pole and be healed... They still had to endure the attack and deadly bite, which is what I hate to think about.  So true of our own sins as we are attacked and hurt sin - unless we look to the Cross... Jesus, takes the venom away and although bit we will live!
Now I grabbed Ruth's wonderful camera and wow!
How does looking at the Cross change our sin into LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT?  We are asked to look to the Cross and follow after Christ in finding healing for our weaknesses and dying to self so that The Holy Spirit can help us to embrace the good and become Saints - we are all called to be saints!
Happy with her sweet sign of spring on the farm.  She is outside with mom and grandpa as they work on bedding and checking on the new calves.  We have had 3 new calves today so far.
Paul's picture of the two girls out with the bottle calf, Hillary, yesterday.  I think the kids are going to really enjoy their life on the farm!
Jesus, we are told by you to take up our cross and follow you... today we are told to look to the Cross to find healing from the deadly bite of sin and death!  It seems that the Cross is of such importance to us on this journey.  Not only do we carry/drag it down the narrow path, but gazing upon it will heal u so of the poison inside of us!  May we embrace and gaze upon our cross and find healing and LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen
"When you lift up the Son of Man, than you will realize that I AM..."  John 8:30
You are our Salvation, O Jesus!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
10 for a farm lunch yesterday including John!
Filling up the farm house with family is the best!
a comfy spot and a greening pasture!
Rubber boot weather with the spring mud.
The Easter tree will have leaves in the next few days!
Mary and Hillary.
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta will be canonized on
Only 2 days!
The saint that is just me - Danielle Rose
Small things with great love - Danielle Rose

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