Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mary waiting outside the tomb with us

My new home the morning after our snow a few days ago.  No, Ruth and I have not exchanged our Mary statues and more than likely never will.  We both have them displayed in a place of honor outside, and inside our homes.  No, Ruth does not have over 40 of them in her family room - John and I counted them a few months back, and recently added Our Lady statue from Medjugorji to them.  How we love Our Lady!  My heart is filled with so much that I yearn to share concerning my Spiritual Mother that it will probably all come out poorly, but I am burning to share!
John's special Christmas gift to me along with the hope and wish that we go to Medjugorje together sometime in the not too distant future.  I do not travel internationally with any kind of joy or ease and it is a lot of hard work, so I am not so sure if that is in the future for us, but I do appreciate the sentiment a lot!  I love that we love Our Lady so much together, and as John's mother I do not feel slighted but rather feel that it reflects on my own motherhood to him.  There is no better love than for our children and to share that glorious loving care and concern our Mary Mother of God has for us is the best!  The daisy plant was a sweet Valentine's gift from our granddaughter, Mary!
Our sweet red barn after the snow... behind is a chicken house with laying hens and Mary's two bunnies to care for.  It looks like grandma's chores are starting, too.  I think I can manage the small livestock better than the super big ones!
How I love this!  The tears well up in my eyes and heart at this sight, which is out of this world amazing!  Along with this is this sharing about how yesterday was both the Feast of Annunciation and Good Friday - this picture says it all!  John walked in just as I put it on, and he marveled with me at this sight.  It says so much!  
"March 25 is usually the celebration of the Annunciation - when the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and she gave her fiat, her "yes" to bearing the Son of Man. Today, this date also falls on Good Friday - the day where the Son of Man dies for ALL of humanity. This won't happen again in our lifetime - the next time it'll happen is in 2157.

"This Friday the Church will kneel before the cross and thank God that this day that marks the beginning and ending of Jesus’ brief life on earth — and the beginning of our eternity in heaven." Ali Hoffman

 Mother Mary, teach me to say "yes", even when that yes is tied with suffering."

Wow!  This is The Truth which I have discovered over my years of LIFE - The Cross that comes to us with life brings with it LIFE!
Our new home - 2428 240th Street just 3 miles from our farm home where Ruth and Paul with Simon, Mary, David, Rose and Luke live... thank goodness the snow is almost gone now and we are looking for Spring to come once and for all.  Ruth has built us a wonderful canning kitchen on the farm and we are primed and ready to get the gardens in at our new homes and can our hearts out!

I am with Pat's mom this morning and John has stopped in for a mother-son breakfast and a warm visit over mom's egg mcmuffins.  I had to make John 2 as he has not had them for so long - "absence makes the heart grow stronger."  True for mom's cooking too!  I am so enjoying this island of peace - able to rest and collect my thoughts, and really savor the powerful times we are in the midst of with Good Friday like no other, and hopefully will not be repeated again with the move of all moves!  Savoring this day the image of Mary both saying "yes" to Jesus in her womb and then standing at the foot of the Cross... they meet and collide and remind us of the deepest Truth - being open to LIFE and finding it LIFE eternal through The Cross!
The dog has a new home now, too, and our little Roger might have to leave Lilly behind and come and be our dog... the cats, too, might have to relocate here.

In my quiet time here this morning I read this stirring blog post by Nancy's friend, Laura.  I hope that you take a few minutes to read her heartfelt words after suffering the loss of her twin girls and seeing so clearly that being open to LIFE and suffering and loss are tied together no matter what!
"There will never be another coincidence like today in our lifetimes. Never another Annunciation that lands within Good Friday.
So today is a time to pause and pray into what this might mean. That an angel’s announcement could lead to the cross. That a day of pain could be a day of joy. That what looks like death is deeper life.
And that all who say yes to walk this way of faith together are bound up in the same story. The story that leads Beyond." Laura writes in the yes that breaks your heart

Cow TV follows us on the laptop and a new calf greeted us this morning.  Our bed is back where a kingsize had been before it.  It felt like warm loving arms around us, and strengthened us to face a new day ahead with all that we need to face the ups and downs of life.   We will be spending the next two nights away from our bed here with Pat's mom... an Easter weekend like no others and we are grateful for our special time with this great woman of Faith and Farm and Family!

Jesus we stand with Mary outside your tomb with numb and hearts filled with so much pain after experiencing your cruel suffering and death. Jesus/God is dead and in the ground and is traveling through death to conquer it once and for all. Yes, we will continue to face the suffering and hardships that come with saying "yes" to all the life you want us to bring into this world (and heaven with you).  Why do I yearn to come to Heaven and what keeps my eyes, heart, and soul focused on Heaven forever? - Your LOVE for me and your Sacrifice for me, my 7 angels in heaven watching out for me and praying for me, My Spiritual Mother showing me a mother's love and interceding for this weak selfish old lady, and all the Saints and Angels!  So much HOPE fills us as we wait outside your tomb this day... Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen

John and I a few years back with our Hallel... we were just talking about her this morning.  Actually John gets calls from her and talks to her more than some of his other sisters.  How cool is that?  She lives in Rome.  I also have yet to get her Easter package done or sent..."She has to know that we are moving."  John  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
John with his 4 older loving sisters are Ruth's wedding!  Now Ruth has 5 and is living on the farm!

So much to love this day!

We are the reason - Listen and weep as I have done so many times !
John in for a nice visit on this Holy Saturday.... sitting on either side of mom's bed we were able to share morning prayer and sing "Were you there when they laid him in the tomb."  Powerful and beautiful to share prayer together on this prayerful day waiting for Jesus to rise from the dead and conquer death once and for all!
John sharing with his grandma Anna that he was saved from death to LOVE and bring positive forces at work into this world - "If you are angry and unloving that causes others to feel that way and so it spreads out.  I want to love and spread that far and wide... that is why I am still here!"  Of course, grandma agrees whole heartedly!


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