Saturday, March 12, 2016

Out of LOVE not judgment... Saturday for Our Lady

A 4 year old in a bubble sink?  Ruth has put in a huge "farm sink" in her new kitchen, and after sharing supper on the farm last night I had the joy of doing dishes for the first time in the sink.  Grandpa asked Rose if she thought she could get in the big sink... well, that is all it took for almost 4 year old Rose to show grandpa that she could. 
Rose is one that loves to help out, so when grandma started to wash the dishes... she showed that she could help, too...
Then she joined the dishes in the next sink!
She also had to show grandma the cute clothes shoot door from my old cupboards!  How fun for me to see one of the small doors used again!  It just is a cute hidden secret door so that all the dirty clothes from the main floor can go down the shoot! 
Rose the clothes shoot model with those sweet brown eyes so full of excitement at the adventures of changing houses... so that Ruth and Paul can live on the farm with their growing family!
One more for good measure because my cupboard door is so sweet along with granddaughter, Rose Ida!  Grandpa can't stop saying how much she is growing up and how she loves to sit by him in the tractor and talk about the cows, calves and the farm!  We all know that a good way to describe the farm is "never a dull moment."  I have to say, though, that we had almost 2 days off from calving, and overnight we had 2 calves healthy and happy to be here in this beautiful spring weather!
Such wonderful weather!  It reached into the 60s yesterday and Pat's mom and I had some time out soaking in the sun on the deck.  We even had a robin sing to us from the tree, and a fly land on the deck railing in front of us.  Two true signs of spring for sure!
The readings from mass these days are those hard ones of Jesus and the Pharisees, who want to arrest and kill him.  Pat and I both agreed that these are not our favorite readings.  We had just shared morning prayer together... we have found, over the years, that The Magnificat is a good fit for us morning and evening prayer.  A part of our shared prayer is our intentions for our farm, family, those in need that have asked of our prayers, and our extended family.  At that time and in my hour of adoration - I place each member with Jesus and beseech him to come to life in their hearts, "that we all may be together in heaven someday."... between our two families we are close to 200 people!  One person, whom I love dearly, is deeply into New Age and rejects Christianity... getting wind that I was praying for her to know Jesus she became very defensive..."Are you asking for that out of judgment or out of love?  If it is love, I can somewhat accept that."  I have never really given the motivation for my earnest prayers much thought, but when put on the spot I can honestly say that it is out of my love and concern for her eternal soul!  I do see that being judgmental is not as we should be no matter where someone is in their faith life.  Sugar attracts flies more than vinegar. 
The sink looking out on the yard this glorious spring morning!  Mary stands under the pine tree reminding me that she is stable and always with me interceding to her Son in the midst of all the changes going on in our lives.  It is so wonderful to have Saturdays devoted to Mary, my Spiritual Mother of God!  She gives me peace, joy and love as she brings me to her Son, my Lord Jesus Christ.  There is no doubt that she brings us also to The True Catholic Church as there is no other place to be if we truly understand her wonderful motherhood and gift of helping and loving us and caring for us and her wonderful rosary prayer which gives me so much time on my knees in my inner chapel!
Jesus, I am yours and am so thankful that I have your Mother with me each moment of each day.  I am so filled with unending love for The Church always there to guide me and help me along the path to forever in heaven with you, Jesus, Mary, St Joseph, the Saints, who I am crazy in love with, and the Angels!  You give us so much to help us... How I love to devour your Word each day... even the ones that are hard.  One lesson today is that unlike the Pharisees, who judge with close minds and hard hearts, we are to be open with LOVE to all that you show us each day... Your face in the poor and downtrodden and sick and wounded.  May we have your heart and be your hands and feet as we take weak small and unsteady steps down the narrow path carrying/dragging our Most Cherished Cross.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen
The plan is to clear out the old trees and put a porch with a roof and big table to enjoy the meals outside just as they have in their home 3 miles away - soon to be the home of Pat and Barb with an open door always to family that comes and goes and all others in need for that matter.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Reminds me of the robin that sang in the tree for us yesterday...  small and weak and humble is good!
So many Saints with their wisdom and intercession from heaven to help us on our stumbling journey!
Another jewel from the wonderful newsletter from the Little Brothers in KC;
We meet Juan and Laura at a soup kitchen.  They confide in us their concerns: no work, health problems and nine children to feed!  "It's hard..."  This is their first day in this soup kitchen.  They admit to us that they left the Church, but our presence before them at this very moment of their life touches them.  They suggest giving us a ride to our house and, while doing so, asks us many questions.  That same evening they return for Mass.  Since then, they have come back every Sunday and wish to rediscover the Church of their baptism.
The Hail Mary - from Luke 1.. The Word leads us to her intercession in prayer with every breath that we take and every beat of our hearts!
Wow!!!!  I can't imagine my journey without her!
This is my prayer - all I long for!
Danielle Rose - Memorare
Danielle Rose - Hail Holy Queen

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