Friday, March 18, 2016

Sweet Therese is 8 today!

This picture is so revealing of the sweet and loving sister Therese is to her 3 younger brothers.  It struck me that she is so much like I remember our oldest, Ruth... the best big sister you could ask for!  Ruth and Therese are very selfless and giving and kind and thoughtful which makes for a wonderful oldest in the family.  So it melts my heart to see her smile and hear her voice on the phone just now as she thanks me for my Birthday wishes!  You can see by the contented smile of littlest brother, Romeo, that he knows of her constant love and care for him.  We love you, Therese, so much!  Bless-bless, grandma and grandpa and family! 
Three lucky brothers to have such a great role model and carer of younger siblings!
Here today with Pat's mom and came across this one of Therese getting her kiss at Christmas time.
Therese this is your special birthday present/desk!  Happy Birthday, and we will bring it to you soon we hope. It is an antique desk that I got from my mom. I am sure you will love to do your school work there and maybe write some of your amazing stories for grandma!   I love them so much!  Bless-bless, Barb/grandma

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