Monday, March 21, 2016

The Holiest of weeks leads to the Cross through which LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT entered the world!

How many 9 year old girls can go outside and run with their pet bottle calf?  Mary has always had a special love and bond with cows and calves, and to see her come out and enjoy some time with Hillary is truly a beautiful testament to her true enjoyment of the farm and caring for animals.  It just is so wonderful that their being here all the time is so close to happening.  I am sure that her two bunnies will move over here with her, and they are thrilled at the future of having more cats and kittens out in the shed.  Welcome, farm family Ruth and Paul and kids!
Robin red breast in the apple tree with some apples the same color at their belly. 
A quiet sunlit morning - watching Pat through the huge patio doors after helping him watch a gate and checking on the calves.  My thoughts to my son-in-law, Billy, on his birthday today.  A brief visit with Nancy this morning after their family joined Maria and Joseph on base in Missouri..."Bill likes to celebrate his birthday with Therese, so it was great to get together."  Two very special loved ones in our growing family!  It gives my heart good to know that they were able to be together with lots of catching up.
The upstairs is empty - "You are moved out!" reported Paul.  Just a few things left including our bed now in Ruth and Paul's room!  We could be just days away from the big switch once and for all!  Ruth has washed the carpets and now the kids are getting into their rooms - once again a family will be filling up this house and they will be official farm kids!
Holy Week has arrived and the time off from school at the end of the week seems to be the time we need to get Ruth and Paul's family in here.  We also anticipate our family time at each of the Tridium events leading up to Easter.  In years past we have gathered as a family from Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil.  Talk about digging deeply into all that Jesus experienced and did for us as the perfect Sacrificial Lamb slain for us!
So cute the other day as if great-grandma was playing with Ruth's two youngest pushing each other on her walker.  She really was playing with them!  Such an amazing woman, who has always loved the little ones... actually all big or small!
Today in the Gospel there is much reminding us that we are on the path of the final week of Christ.  The words of Christ to Judas - Leave her alone.  Let her keep this for the day of my burial - after she had anointed his feet with aromatic nard and wiped them with her hair - You always have the poor with you, but you do not always have me.  John 12:1-11  How very personal and filled with such love for Mary, the sister of Lazarus, to do this for Jesus' travel weary and dirt covered feet!  How we need to recall how much we love the Jesus that is with us in this world now - the poor and those the closest to us in our domestic Church/family!  May we do likewise with a very personal and selfless love and care for all those in our path this day!
Mary loves the farm life!
Jesus, this day has been filled with farm life, and the reminder that the new young family will soon be here embracing this life.  We are filled with gratitude for new life coming here to carry on this farm.  This Holy Week could mark the true beginning of that change.  It also marks the reminder that we need to show our love for you always by dying to self so that your Spirit may dwell within us.  Jesus, how I long to show my heartfelt undying love for you by anointing your feet and drying them with my hair!  May I not hold back or hesitate to humbly give my all on my knees in love and service of you through others.  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen
Simon helping carry out drawers for a dresser - one of the last things to leave the upstairs in the big move.  Now to bring over their beds and dressers and make it their own.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
The kids found a big cupboard that their mom and sisters and John used to play in...
Written inside was this message from almost 20 years ago... So fun to find this special message from Maria of the past.
Ruth's wonderful DIY bench looks right at home here now. 
Rose models the bench's arrival in its new home.  Many shoes and boots will be put on here each morning before going to school, out to play or help watch gates and help outside.  Exciting times ahead, and this Holy Week will prove to be a busy one for all of us with the big MOVE! 
Ruth is at her house packing and cleaning, so I am Pat's assistant today.  How he loves his cows and calves!  We have 102 on the ground now. 
They know where to find some shelter in the huts.
Filled with all the Lord does for us!
Small things with great love - Danielle Rose
Danielle Rose - Pursue me
Newsboys - We believe

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