Friday, March 4, 2016

"You shall love him with all your strength..."

Talk about a time that strength is required of all of us... making the farm new for Ruth, Paul and the grandkids and calving at the same time is a lot!  Maria and Joseph and our military family is also only a few months at their current post and then on to the next.  Nancy and Bill are in the process of settling into their new home and life in KC.  Hallel keeps us all grounded and filled with the strength we need with her prayers each day in front of Jesus in adoration and The Eucharist in Rome! 

I am borrowing pictures from the blogs of my girls today, as mine are slim pickings.  Dominic in the sun on the piano in his KC home last week. 

I am feeling very weak and old and feeble these days so the idea of strength seems a far cry for me.  I took a humiliating fall the other day on my way to pick up Rose from preschool at the Catholic School. I did a belly flop on the cement in front of the school and it seems that I bruised my ribs on the left side.  The pain is a lot and makes me move very slowly.  It is such a bad time for this to happen with all that is required of me these big days and nights.  Thankfully Ruth is out with Pat working with the cows and calves while I fill in for her at home.

Gus in their sunny new home in KC.  I hear that the weather is beautiful for both Maria and Nancy... in the 60s and 70s and the trees are budding down there.  That would sure help mentally with finding strength to face difficulties.  I am sure that Nancy's kids are outside a lot in the nice weather on their play equipment. 
The floor should be done today... an entire week's work.  I am so glad that Ruth is having it done as she has so much on her plate these days She certainly has a wonderful vision for this farm home she grew up in and now will have the joy of raising her children here.  Farm kids for the future!

I know that I must give what little I have over to Jesus these days by serving my family in every way I possibly can to help out.  We all know that it is hard to be loving to those the closest to us... it seems that the filters disappear and we let them have it and are nasty and mean to those we live with and are supposed to love the most.  Why?  May we find the strength to love with all we have this day!
Shut in a small room with carpeting and playdough on some old school chairs... a snapshot of my world today.  A recipe for a mess, and outside the door is huge noise from the workmen putting in the hard wood flooring.  No wonder I so cherished my time of peace on the road yesterday morning - my chapel on wheels comes close to my time in the adoration chapel and the rosary beads bring much insight and deeply rich prayer.  Fuel for gaining strength to face what the day holds!

Jesus, I am weak and lowly and humbly need you to come to assist me in having what I need to love with all my strength!  Your LOVE comes to me and allows me to rise above the ashes and be strong filled with your Holy Spirit.  Jesus, I trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
Cow TV is my constant companion these days.  Lord, continue to give us the strength to do a good job at this taxing time.  We had 10 calves yesterday and 4 in a two hour window overnight! 
A tender moment between mom and baby on screen. 

My nieces daughter in Seattle, Edith Averly! 

So big for me and for us on our journeys down the narrow path carrying/dragging our Most Cherished Cross - that certainly takes spiritual strength beyond my weak humanity!

Happy Birthday Dr Suess!  My favorite is "A person's a person no matter how small."  To me it speaks the Truth of pro-life!  Life is precious and to be cherished from conception to natural death!

Lord you have to give me the strength as I am an old feeble woman, but I am yours and I trust!

Mary is always with me on my journey! 

Lauren Daigle - Trust in you
lauren Daigle - I am yours
Lauren Daigle - here's my heart
Danielle Rose - Small things with great love

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