Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"A Christian is someone who gives of himself.'

Slowly I am enjoying making this home my own as I find in bags and boxes my things... This was a wedding gift almost 38 years ago, and was in a wooden frame... now lost but it is now centered in the door looking out from our bedroom.  Just back from watching the gate in the strong north wind... my life as a farm wife and mother and lover of The Church pretty much defines me as does this sweet reminder of our sacrament of marriage - for better and for worse, and til death do us part!  It also speaks of a humbler and simpler time, and that we need to leave behind all the trappings and distractions of the world.  Such a simple gift that has been cherished by me over all these years has now found a new place to remind me of our being a team that love each other and not enemies, which sadly comes into play now and again.
John helped me put the crib together up stairs awaiting our new granddaughter soon to arrive!  Now prayers have been added for another grandchild in the womb!  Maria has shared that she in also expecting and we are overjoyed with the news, and also prayerful for safety and healthy!  Maria shared that, thankfully, the military has seemed to catch up with the pro-life/natural movement in allowing women to easily obtain progesterone!  How we struggled with this problem with her two miscarriages!  We are thrilled with the news of them finally catching up to the Creighton wealth of Truth!
The other bedroom upstairs has already been occupied by John, and will be his to use when he comes to visit.  That is not a picture, but a wonderful view from the window in his/guest room of the red barn which is now ours.  John is in the midst of a difficult place with not being able to be around people in case he has shingles on his face.  Hopefully, we can find out Friday and if not he can then resume doing what he loves working with The Church, speech kids at the high school, and giving his talks.  It really hurts that he has had to cancel two talks yesterday and today, and texted this morning - "I feel like a monster locked in a tower."  We continue to ask for prayers.
I found this holy card of St Lucy when I was fixing John's room... she is the patron of eyes, and it certainly was scary for John to think that his eyes could be affected by this rash... thankfully, his eyes checked out healthy and fine.  How we love Our Lady and all the Saints - always with us on this journey - even when we are locked in a tower!
The other side of the card with a prayer to St Lucy!

The readings these days are so great!  It is hard to focus on just one thing of a few...  How wonderful is all we are reading from Acts day after day, and today is no different!  Peter and the Apostles are put into the public jail... in the dark night an angel comes and miraculously removes them without those watching guard knowing, and they come into the LIGHT of day... Go and take your place in the temple area, and tell  the people everything about this life.  they are told by the angel of The Lord!  How does this apply to us?  We too have experienced Jesus alive and well in our lives!  We are called to share that and sometimes use words! I am afraid I use a lot of words, but this is the story of the conversion of my entire family, and certainly how Jesus touched us personally!  the message we have been given to share without ceasing - Be open to LIFE and raise LIGHTS! John' healing from brain cancer and finding Faith! More ways the Lord has touched us in the lives of our 4 girls! 4th daughter, Susan's call to religious life - now Little Sister Hallel! the healing of grandson, Patrick, born dead and brought back to life!
Yes, I have so much that I cannot hold it in!
Room with a view!

The Gospel today is amazing!  John 3:16-21... "God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life."
Pat and I shared morning prayer, the readings and Pat paused in his busy day to listen to the words of soon to be St Theresa of Calcutta this morning - Some time ago a Hindu gentleman was asked, "What is a Christian?"  He gave an answer that was both very simple and surprising, "A Christian is someone who gives of himself."  From the beginning we perceive that indeed to be a Christian is nothing other than to give of oneself for the sake of Christ.  God so loved the world that he gave us his Son.  His Son was given to us because he wanted to be one with us, like us in everything but sin.  Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
Through my daughters I am in touch with many young Catholic women bloggers, who share about the cross and self-sacrifice it is to be open to life.  Yes, it is true that along with marriage and family we are called to give of ourselves over and over with each new day.  I am finding that now with my family raised there continues to be needs and opportunities for me to give of myself to my kids, grandkids and husband.  I feel strongly about sharing here... my kids call it my therapy as well, but I also feel that I am called to share all the LIGHT I have seen - whoever loves the truth comes to the light, so that his work may be clearly seen as done in God.  John 3:21  How I take to heart the words of the angel this day to the Apostles, too... "tell the people everything about this LIFE (Jesus Christ)."
Bow in the hair when out with the cows and calves...
Jesus, you have given me so much - I could go on all day and I do go on day after day - you are alive and at work in my world and hopefully more and more within me!  I long to give more and more of myself and be recognized as one of your disciples by my actions as well as my words!  Sacrificing my all so that The Holy Spirit may work in me.  May I be your hands and feet this day - most especially in my domestic Church/family.  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
A year ago we were in KC with Hallel, and got some real hugs!  Now we are awaiting 2 new members of our family.. so many prayers!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

From Maria's blog today... Maria's bunch missed seeing Hallel in KC last year - they were 2 days away in NC... maybe next time!  Here they are enjoying Easter week 2 with a movie.
All those missing in KC last year - Pat came later after Paul got back home to take over chores.  My heartfelt wish is for a real family picture with all of us in it!  A mom can hope right?


So wise!

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