Monday, April 25, 2016

Alone? Forgetting what that feels like quickly!

Three of the grandkids came over with mom as she brought me the lawn mower and for the first time I mowed my new place... a sure sign of spring and made me know my place a bit better.  We had to take the "flowers" found in the grove over to the Mary statue, which has been here always in their short lives.  A reminder that she is always with us on this journey!

Well, I always did have the chickens out there to keep me company,too...

We have now been moved for just over a month, and I am proud to say that those the closest to me are surprised how fast I have gotten the two rooms filled with stuff where it belongs.  One thing I noticed, to my surprise, was the absolute quiet that is part of this place 3 miles from our farm down a gravel road!  It did start to get to me a bit... well, things are changing from day to day.
As I was talking to John about a play he went to see at the Seminary at St Paul on Saturday night about a monastery of brothers and priests that reawakened their faith life... I got a call from his Godson, David, to tell me that my pet fixed male cat, Johosphat/Fatty for short, had come to the house after being gone for a month.  He thought I would want to come and get him right away, but I broke his heart when I told him that he wouldn't like it here, and they should just leave him there.  Well, with the lawnmower came Fatty, and David was right - he loves me all over again and is very happy and adjusted to this new place immediately! 
Fatty and I saying our rosary together yesterday afternoon after mowing... he made that little cave with the pillows!
Some of the smiles I had while mowing yesterday... when they did the addition, no Luke yet.  And now they have left their dream home for being the hardworking family on the farm!
The huge cottonwood tree that marks our place is leafing out with my special barn in the background.
The amazing tree, Lilly, and the tractor across the road digging ahead of the rain.
Rose gladly took the asparagus that I picked from their former garden.  Ruth and I have some big planting, and canning days ahead!
Did I mention beautiful kids, sweet flowers and Our Lady?  Only about a million times over the years!  I consider these the best!!!
St Mark feast day, and unlike the other three writers of the Gospel - we really don't have family that is named after him.  An idea for the future... 
From his Gospel today this strong call to each of us..."Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature..."  Mark 16:15  How I take this to heart!  A constant and difficult call for us to share Jesus with all and when necessary use words!  By the way we live our lives and show the world the Truth that being open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS is a small slice of heaven!   How I yearned that I could have another after John... just so that the world wouldn't continually say; "Oh, you had your boy so you quit." Well, I guess that I have to speak up and correct this falsehood.
Sharing The Word and The Eucharist with Pat's mom last night... every time he takes her hand in his these days - she says; "You have such big hands, Pat, and hard working.  I hope you will always keep your health."  Hear our prayer, O Lord.
How I love this!  It seems that my friend, Scott Hahn, have kindred love for The Church and for Jesus we find in His Word and Sacraments!
No, at first I felt lonely here at times, but now I am reminded of all the companions I have each day!  I now have a dog, cat, and chickens, and of course, my calls to the farm to help out or their coming here to fill my days.  I also have quite a bit of time with Pat's mom, and that is good. 
Putting my house together is therapy for me.. more like a spiritual journey.  This watercolor - I got the idea from a greeting card I found at the thrift shop with a mother with three girls and a cow... well, I added my other two kids and made the farm behind ours as well as the dog and chicken.  Pat, who is always out there working is on a horse, which we had at the time... he came from Montana after his brother Don was murdered.  The cemetery contains my many losses to make it a complete family work.  St John Paul II was so huge for us in our first 27 years that it just seems right to have him there with Jesus!  How I love to eat my lonely meals and look up and bask in this warm special time.  It makes me want to make one for Ruth and her bunch now over there and change it to be her farm... most all is different now, but the house looks the same from the outside, at least!
Lourdes water to take us back to this time of healing!
I am having so much exciting fun unpacking and filling my home with all the touches that remind me always of the touch of God upon me and my family!
Jesus, we are so filled with your Truth and Your LIGHT by the gift of the Gospels!  Today we celebrate the feast of St Mark and we are filled to the brim with Jesus thanks to their openness to the Holy Spirit which put these words for us to read, take to heart and cling to, then to carry forth in how we live our lives, in how we embrace our cross and carry/drag it after you, how we follow you no matter where you lead us, to speak the Truth and share the Gospel/Jesus with unconditional love and mercy most especially with those closest to us in our domestic Church/family, yet we need to face the fact that Satan is alive and well and his lies are being believed... may we bring to light all that is misleading us - sin, darkness which leads to death, not life!  May we live out the culture of life and light and love and bring many to embrace Jesus and His Bride, The Church!
Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Out to pick the eggs this morning with my two companions.  I am adjusting to the peace and quiet of this new home, and pray that it may give me the strength to face all that comes at me during the crazy times.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
The stories those hands could tell... Pat was showing his mom this callous or that rough spot and speaking about wet hardworking hands through calving - we only have 7 left to have their calves!
Pope Francis loves The Word!
Mark was known to be a companion of St Peter!  Today in the first reading from I Peter 5
Be sober and vigilant.  Your opponent the Devil is prowling around like a roaring lion looking to devour.  Resist him, steadfast in faith, knowing that your brothers and sisters throughout the world undergo the same sufferings.  The God of all grace who called you to his eternal glory through Christ Jesus will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you after you have suffered a little.  To him be dominion forever.  Amen
No matter what we are called to suffer - it will be "a little" compared to forever in heaven with Jesus, Mary and the Saints!
May our hearts rise to HIM!
Danielle Rose - Small things with great love
Speaking of St Therese!

In the midst of sharing my music at the end today... it fits for my new home!
Lincoln Brewster - made new
Lauren Daigle - Trust in you
Laura Story - Blessings

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