Saturday, April 23, 2016

"Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus."( Luke 1), ask in Jesus' Name...

This so reminds me of a picture of her Godmother, Aunt Maria, at this age with a baby chick.  I would love to compare them side by side, and I have finally uncovered the huge collage of pictures and the one of Maria taken over 20 years ago is on there... I have a mission!
 Yes, I drove straight over to Ruth's to see the baby chicks while they are still sweet and tiny and soft with no feathers coming yet.  I found the two girls there and willing to take grandma out and show me the chicks with camera in hand! 
Both girls looking cute and the chicks are cute, too!

It is Saturday and I am at the peaceful home of Pat's mom... She is sleeping in the chair, so it is really quiet other than the traffic/white noise, the huge wind chime on the porch and the clock which chimes every 15 minutes day and night.  We have had breakfast and talked- mostly me talking about my adventures last night on the farm with the chicks and then back again at supper time and getting clothes off the line with the help of the 3 older grandkids, then folding them while they all played on the trampoline.  The farmers were putting some pairs out on pasture, so grandma was helping out a bit.  "Never a dull moment" is my motto for life, but 3 miles a way it has slowed down a lot thankfully. 
Returning home after fixing fence in the back pasture... grandpa Pat showing Luke how to be gentle with baby chicks - Luke will be 2 1/2 on May 1 and tends to squeeze them a bit too tight!  So far all are healthy and strong... that will be needed with the 5 interested kids. 

Saturdays are always devoted to The Blessed Mother, and The Hail Mary straight from The Word fills my days with prayer and the comfort and companionship of Our Lady, The Mother of God!  Jesus mentions in the Gospel today that anything we ask in His Name He will do!  Whatever you ask in my name, I will do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.  If you ask anything of me in my name, I will do it.  John 14:14  In pondering this and how it fits with my constant mantra of praying to Mary, his Mother... the name of Jesus is imbedded in The Hail Mary.  I remember hearing a speaker tell us to say Jesus' name in the Hail Mary with love and devotion - really expressing our LOVE for Jesus and His Name!  I strive to do this ever since - most especially when I am saying the rosary out loud.. JESUS is spoken from my heart!
I was close to being in heaven as I sat there and watched Pat with that calm little chick sitting on his big farmer arms and how he smiled and spoke to Luke about how he needed to be gentle.  Look at that loving look Luke is giving to his farmer grandpa!  This was a dream for me to try to capture!

I love to read the writings of Father Alfred Delp (1945) who was condemned to death by the Nazis in Berlin... can you imagine the sufferings from which he wrote, and today in the meditations he writes shares this frustration - "The whole situation is so palpably unjust; things I have neither done nor even known about are keeping me here in prison."  Looking back at the horror of the Nazis this is a hard truth we know - almost 5 million died at this horrific time in history, and that is just the Jews! We also know that priests and religious died - St Maximilian Kolbe, Father Alfred Delp, St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross/Edith Stein to just name a few that come to mind!  Talk about feeling like the end of the world had to be coming! 

Fr Delp writes these words;
I have pledged myself to Jesus as his loving comrade and blood brother.  The Name stands for passionate faith, submission, selfless effort, and service.
It just gets better and better!  The warm glow of a loving grandpa - open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS!  "The world needs lights!"

Pondering the words of Father Delp, who was writing from his personal Cross from which he was a martyr for The Faith in The True Church, and entered eternal LIFE!  We are called to passionate Faith!  Faith that we have made our own and said "yes" to dying to self so that Jesus' Spirit can dwell in us and do the work needed to change this world of darkness filled with LIGHT! 

May we be this single candle!

Next Father Delp speaks about the Name stands for submission... putting Jesus first and listening to the voice of The Good Shepherd through his Word, Sacraments and The Saints with Mary, through prayer without ceasing... then we listen, believe in The Truth and submit our selfish willfulness to do His Will and follow His Plan for our lives!
Soon to be 8 year old David thought he was the "chick whisperer" and they did seem to relax and trust in his hands - probably because he handled them gently.  He has learned over the years...

Finally Father Delp speaks of selfless effort, and service.  How I struggle with being a good servant!  It doesn't help to hear from others close to us that we don't deserve this or that, and that we raised our family or whatever!  No, I am called to serve and if I manage from time to time to do it selflessly... that is so much better and my mental health is healthier and my attitude is better and all those around me are happier.  This is a constant work in progress in my life...
I used to call this COL with my kids... whether it was clothes on the line or clothes off the line.   Simon, Mary and David did this just about sundown last night!
A colorful sight with the silhouettes of the grove trees - just barely leafing out so still striking by the setting sun!

Jesus, how I love your name and I repeat it over and over with the 50 to 100 Hail Marys each day!  I know that your loving Mother is at your side and all my prayers are lifting to you... All that I ask in your Name - you will do!  The answers are maybe not what I would expect or hope, but they are according to your perfect plan!  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Being a servant by helping mom, a face filled with concentration, colorful laundry at sunset with the tree silhouettes...  I love photography - it is truly my heartfelt hobby of recording the LIFE I have been blessed with Faith/Family/Farm!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
The name Jesus stands also for all that I intended to do in the world, and still hope to do among humankind.  To save, to stand by ready to give immediate help, to have goodwill toward all people, and to serve them; I still owe much to so many...  Father Alfred Delp
Team work doing COL!

St George the dragon slayer help us fight the lies of the devil this day!

There she is - Bang!!!!
Jeremy Camp - walk by faith

Chris Tomlin - amazing grace

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