Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Chilly apple blossoms, cows and calves out to pasture, Life-givng water through the Vine!

Going to Maria's blog while talking to her on the phone this morning... I found this great bright megawatt smile on Patrick with Romeo by his side at the new art easel for homeschool!  I just had to start with my sweet grandkids so far away today.  It is supposed to reach 80 today in Missouri, but here it is winter coat weather!  Just back from the chickens with Lilly the dog at my side... the cold wind is whipping and no better way to get warm than to see this beaming smile! 
Inside Pat's new pickup as the cows and calves were loaded for the 3 loads we took 10 miles away to our furthest pasture.  Pat is so happy with his great hauling pickup! 
With the rain coming today... Pat was anxious to get them on grass rather than the muddy yard!  We did it too!

We need to get through this cold week and then the warmth will be so welcome and feel so good to man and beast and apple blossoms, which are budding forth even in the midst of the cold and the winds and probably because of the rain!
Lots of lush grass and they can lay down out of the wind... happy to be on pasture!

We were able to do morning prayer this morning due to the rain delay in field work, and the big job done of getting cows and calves out to pasture.  A total of 65 pairs are now on 4 different pastures, including about 8 pairs behind our house here.  John and I could here them mooing while we ate our supper out on the porch night before last.  That would not happen today!  It is miserable out there.  I hear from Nancy in KC and Maria on base in Missouri that they are having temps in the 80s and are using their air conditioning.  I apologize to granddaughter,Therese, for giving her mom my allergies and then passing them on through her... so goes the cycle!
The last load and the pretty sight of cows and calves together on grass!

I have been waiting with some anticipation for the Gospel of the Vine and the Branches... I knew that it was later in the Gospel of John and I hoped that it would be soon!  Today is the big day! 
The kids and I had to go out and pick some branches of apple blossoms yesterday... they are loaded this year and it should be a big apple year as last year wasn't.  I had to take many pictures with them and found this special spot in my house with baby Jesus nestled in his mother's arms and in the midst of the apple blossoms... how does this speak of the Gospel this day?  Yes, this particular branch has been cut off and will wither and not bear apples.  It is fresh now due to being in water, but the many blossoms represent the large amount of fruit we will get this year from the branches that were left on the tree!  Our staying always connected/remain in Him... is how we bear much fruit!
Even in the cold the tree is blossoming forth prolifically! 
Rose, apple blossoms, and the tractor coming back from dropping cows and calves off in the back pasture.
The world and all in it - He made!  Don't you find yourself looking at the wonder of nature and realizing how infinite is the wisdom, love, care, mind, heart, soul, knowledge and understanding, and all that comes to us from God?  The miracle of our bodies, of how we are blessed with the beauty of apple blossoms in the spring and how with bees pollinating them they then grow into apples... produce much fruit as the nutrients and water and all that is needed fill them from the branch and from the tree and from the earth that the roots reach out and down into!  What an amazing world we live in! 
Sitting in this dark house and listening to the cold wind blow...  If it weren't that we had rainy days and miserable days... the good days would not be nearly as good!
Yes, my putting the picked branches in water... I can enjoy them in the house for a few days.  But those that are attached to the tree will bear the fruit, and we too must remain in Jesus!  Whoever remains in me and I in him will bear much fruit, because without me you can do nothing... By this is my Father glorified, that you bear much fruit and become my disciples.  John 15:1-8
One more from Missouri to brighten my day!
Jesus, how can we remain in you and where is our fruit?  Yes, it is hard to resist sin and not try to hide our weaknesses, sins and failures in the darkness, but You, O Lord, see it all so why try to hide it from you?  No, we need to bring it into the LIGHT in the confessional and hear your words of unconditional love and forgiveness and leave them there on the cross!  Freed from all the keeps us apart from you we then are given more than we could ever use each day in The Church!  How I loved reading that in the first reading from Acts 15 today - "When they arrived in Jerusalem, they were welcomed by The Church..."  Talk about the beginning of my beloved Church!  I love, love, love The Church and am filled to overflowing by The Word, The Sacraments, The Saints with the Queen of Heaven and earth, Mary my always companion through the gift of prayer/my rosary!  So much!  The life-giving water and nutrients that come through remaining in the Vine bring forth the fruit for the world to see.  A family united in The Faith and being open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS to make a difference in the world turning to the culture of death!  Lord, I am yours... may I die to self so that you may live and all the LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT that flows through me will fill my world with YOU, Jesus, Peace!  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
The family wall - I am surrounded by Faith/Family/Farm!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke!
Another bright smile and brown eyed look - giving grandma a lot of warmth!
Rose loves to watch the doings on the farm - Ruth planned her home with that in mind.  Safe in the house with grandma yet able to keep an eye on the farmwork at hand. 
Yes, Jesus, our human relationships need to have you placed first... "May we always put you first in our lives and then the rest will be of YOU!"  His Sacred Heart how it suffers to find True LOVE through The Cross we find LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!
May we leave our old sinful ways behind...
Pope Francis does get that it must happen in our family/domestic Church first and foremost - sharing our Faith with JOY!
Love this!
Casting Crowns - East to the West
One nailscarred hand to the other...
Danielle Rose - wonderfully made - Psalm 139
Francesca Battistelli - he knows my name
Lauren Daigle - I will trust in you
Take the time to read this with an open heart...
All this quiet in my new home away from the bustle of the farm is truly teaching me some new things about myself.  I adore my rosary time each day and throughout all that I am doing... even in the pickup with my husband taking cows and calves out to pasture and watching the gate.  The beads are with me and very portable in taking my mind, heart and soul to Jesus through Mary!
So true!  But it got you to smile?!?
St Joseph giving the infant Jesus a toy... LOVE the love of family!

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