Monday, April 4, 2016

"God is with us!" Isaiah 8:10

John as Godfather for little Raegan yesterday...  Such a special way to celebrate the Second Sunday of Easter/ Divine Mercy Sunday!  The day was glorious and it was so nice to get away with husband and son and share in this beautiful gift of Baptism for Raegan on such a spring like Sunday!

The glory and HOPE continues with the new day today - the Feast of the Annunciation has been moved to the first Monday after the Octave of Easter as it fell on Good Friday this year!  Waking up to the Bright Sun rising and reading morning prayer and the readings of the Feast of The Annunciation... HOPE comes with The LIGHT of day!
Precious new member of The Church sweet little gift/miracle of LIFE, Raegan!  The candles I use in my Advent wreath freshly washed and glowing with the Easter lilly - Today marks the feast/celebration of Mary's "yes" to allowing LIFE/LIGHT/LOVE to enter the world!  How we cling to the HOPE we find in Jesus entering the world, and then giving his LIFE for the forgiveness of our sins - the Spotless Lamb!

I have been getting calls from John today from the clinic here in town... He has a worry with a rash that has taken over his face and head.  His eye is surrounded by it and he is very concerned about this new mystery.  He is asking for prayers from the family and now from his loyal prayer warriors!  We have a call into Rochester and so that could be where we head, and also an appointment with an eye doctor here in town at 3:30p this afternoon. We will keep you posted, but please remember John in your prayers today.
In the Church of St Joseph is this modern version of St Peregrine's vision of Jesus reaching down from the Cross to heal him of cancer.  We have included prayers to St Peregrine for John, of course, and to have this reminder of our journey in Easter glory yesterday was a powerful image, for sure!
Awaiting the Baptism - the healing Jesus reaches out to John amid the Easter beauty all around!

Jesus, we are called to trust in you and to fall on our knees in prayer with the needs that confuse and worry us!  How we are called to always know that you love us and are in control of all that comes on this journey of cancer/healing/ and the new John.  How John finds comfort in knowing of all the prayers that surround him from family and prayer warriors - giving him peace and acceptance of each bump in the road.  Jesus, we are so filled with humble gratitude that you, God, came into this world to save each one of us in our own special way that we may embrace our Most Cherished Cross and find LIFE/LIGHT/LOVE!  Jesus, we use the language of love between us - PRAYER - to find peace and comfort at this troubling time. Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
The wonderful sky on our trip up yesterday...  God sent one of his messengers to one of his creatures.  That all powerful One none has ever looked upon, to whom it costs nothing to make worlds without number, approached a maiden poor and hidden, who at the same time longed ardently for the coming of the Messiah; who summed up in her great heart - great because sweet and humble, a heart ready to believe, to accept, to receive - all the expectation of Israel.  It is even more wonderful than the sun seeking out a single violet in all the earth to unfold.  Mother Marie des Douleurs (1983)  How I feel the hope this bright day of the sun seeking out the small violet!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
The healing waters of Baptism and the JOY of Easter!

Can we love her too much?  I think not - she is my Mother and the Mother of God!

 bump at 33 weeks
From Nancy's blog today and very appropriate...  Our new granddaughter in all her glory!
John surrounded by his sisters - today they are surrounding him with prayers and how he depends on those!  He even called Hallel in Rome and has her and her Community praying for him. 
One of my few bump pictures - with Nancy in all her beauty!  I love the way my baby bump made room for itself with my zipper giving way...

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