Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"I came into the world as LIGHT." "God is blessing you now!"

I love this so much!  The happy smiles and loving looks as her siblings and dad (mom was taking pictures) reaching out to touch their Mary and sing "God is blessing you now."  This is a family tradition that I brought into the family from growing up with my parents and 10 siblings.  After we would sing "Happy Birthday" we would reach out and form a living circle linked together with my parents hands on our heads as a sign of special blessing, and with the same tune sing- "God is blessing you now."  Such a special tribute to the birthday boy or girl, and a reminder that we are foremost loved by God and belong to HIM!  By the light of her 10 birthday candles - so special with the words of the Gospel today - John 12 - "I came into the world as LIGHT, so that everyone who believes in me might not remain in darkness."
Gathered around Mary to sing "Happy Birthday" is nice, but then grandpa asked them all to reach out and touch Mary...
Even Mary joins in with "God is blessing you now" and sweet little 2 year old Luke takes it all in surrounded by his brothers and sisters!  Mary's eyes are alight with the joy she is receiving at the knowledge of the LOVE of Christ for her!  Such a wonderful family tradition reminding us always to put Jesus first and how much he loves each of us with His LIFE and therefore brings so much unconditional LOVE into our homes and our world and the result is LIGHT to chase away the darkness of sin and death!
Luke's little arms can't reach his sister, but he is included in a very real and sweet way!
It was such a fun evening!  Who needs a bunch of kids going crazy with a friend birthday party?  Maybe from time to time, but a family party is the best in my book!
I was thrilled to see that Meditation of the Day written by my most beloved Saint John Paul II entitled Believing in the LIGHT...  Why do I love him so much?  Pat and I were just exclaiming that he was Pope for the first 27 years of our marriage and we have been married now for 37, so he was our wonderful leader of all Truth relating to LIFE and LIGHT and LOVE for all those years!  And he truly shared with total conviction that we need to be open to LIFE and raise LIGHTS by sharing our Faith in Jesus and His Bride, The Church, with JOY!  How we took that to heart, and continue to now with our extended family!
A presupper pose with just the girls - Rose helped grandma decorate Mary's cake and they match with blue.  Rose even let grandma do Kateri braids for the occasion!
It is Jesus himself who takes the initiative and calls people to follow him... so every disciple must follow Jesus, towards whom he is drawn by the Father himself.
This is not a matter only of disposing oneself to hear a teaching and obediently accepting a commandment.  More radically, it involves holding fast to the very person of Jesus, partaking in his life and his destiny, sharing in his free  and loving obedience to the will of the Father.
St John Paul II
The girls also got silly and chased each other around in costumes.  The dragon chased the bumble bee, of course!
Continuing with JPII the new Saint and my hero!
By responding in faith and following the one who is incarnate Wisdom, the disciple of Jesus truly becomes a disciple of God (john 6:45).  Jesus is indeed the LIGHT of the world, and the light of life (Jn 8:12).  He is the shepherd who leads his sheep and feeds them (Jn 10:11-16); he is the way, and the truth, and the life (Jn 14:6).  It is Jesus who leads to the Father, so much so that to see him, is to see the Father (Jn 14:6-10).  And thus to imitate the Son, the invisible God, means to imitate the Father. 
All words from the Gospel coming to us once again from a Saint, who is now interceding for us in heaven and filling us with the Truth!
A wonderful family meal to celebrate our sweet Mary!  It marked a big day on their new farm... the pigs came over to live there.  The first pigs farmer Pat has ever had on his farm!  Mary's bunnies also got moved over there.  Ruth is getting her 50 broiler chicks today, too!  Talk about a Noah's Arc farm!  What did Mary get for her birthday present?  Some new socks and a promise on her card that she can get a new baby kitten - a girl one, of course, to give them batches of kittens spring and fall!  Life is dull without those sweet fur balls around!

Moving the pigs to their new farm... 6 for showing at the fair.
All that is left is the laying hens and the broilers might move over here to get fat, too.  I guess I am going to have chicken chores...
Happy all around with the changes.  Lord, keep us all safe - guardian angels watch out for all those living and working on the farm.
The silly chase - lots of JOY!

Jesus, so much fills me to overflowing each day of this journey of embracing my Most Cherished Cross and finding LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!  To have my wonderful Father - St John Paul II speaking the words of Jesus today makes me so happy and excited to look to The Church and find all that I need to be forever in Heaven with Jesus, Mary and all the Saints!  How I love The Saints and I need never forget that I too am called to become a saint - the saint that is just me!  I cannot do this on my own... I need to die to self so that The Holy Spirit may live and work and breath and love and share The Truth and when necessary use words and work and play and serve selflessly and without thought for myself.  All this can only be done by Jesus at work in me, and I must step out of the way.  Help me, Lord!  I am yours alone and long only to be forever with you!  Jesus, I know with each day and all that you bless me with - the Word, the Sacraments, the angels and Saints, my wonderful rosary beads and my Mother of Heaven and earth always there with me and walking with me... truly "God is blessing me now!"  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
A family farmhouse filled with a happy healthy family - just what Paul was asking St John Paul II a few days after their wedding in November of 2003!
Simon with some spring kittens years back... How they love them!
Mary's birthday pictures a few years back... it was a warm wet spring!
Therese and Roger in the climbing tree and the wind a number of years back!
Newborn Mary Angela with mom, dad, Simon and the lilacs in bloom 10 years ago!  I think you can tell that I was looking through some old pictures to find...
This picture of being blessed by a Saint!  "Please bless us with a happy healthy family."  Paul asked of him...
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

My prayer with each new day!!

Jesus in The Word!

My friend, Katie, works in Guatemala at our mission there - her mom shared this...
"They have never slept on a mattress, only a board and have never had sheets or a bedspread, just old blankets. Kate bought them a dresser with a mirror for $80. They still have a dirt floor, no electricity or water but they feel like queens! All for under $500. We take so much for granted!"
It makes you think and realize we are drowning in stuff!
Danielle Rose - The Saint that is just me
Natalie Grant - Burn Bright
Natalie Grant - Be one
Unspoken - start a fire

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