Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"I will not reject anyone who comes to me..." John 6

Our farm now has a young family living there!  This really struck me as yesterday to see this pair of kids rubber boots laying just outside the door.  Take off those dirty boots outside before you come tracking into the house.  We haven't had rain or snow for over a week, so these are fairly clean compared to how they can be. 
I am still feeling so blessed by my time with my parents, yet yesterday was filled with a lot of this and that, at least some of it included my husband.  The only thing about him... it seems that a mini twister is always following him around and it pulls me in!  I told him today that since he came into my life - I call my life "never a dull moment."  Now that I am 3 miles away from the farm... I am ready for a few dull moments here and there!
Yes, we continue to have some cows calving, but we are down to the last 20 or so.  This cute pair - the calf was very actively nursing, and so you can't see that her face is just like her moms. 
Nancy has been doing some good posts on her Small Things blog the last couple days!  I loved this post about eating meals with her kids and how it ultimately ties into sharing THE MEAL/The Eucharist!
"I have yet to prepare a kid for 1st Communion, but when I do I want them to be struck by the fact that Jesus established the Eucharist as a meal for us to share as a family.  That he saw the act of eating as something special, important and ultimate.  And how will I be able to teach this lesson to my children if their whole lives they’ve observed a mother hovering over them at meals, in and out as she completes little tasks and only rarely joining them to actually eat?
No, I want to be there at the table with my kids.  The messes will come, the terrible meals will not end, but I will be there, eating, talking and being with them."   Nancy
Sharing a meal with her kids with The Community of the Lamb when I was there in Feb.  How I love that Nancy and family is now so close to our family through Hallel - The Community of the Lamb.  They truly know how to make a meal special and wonderful filled with prayer, song, eating course after course and sharing ( when we are there otherwise they do eat in silence some of the time).

Today Nancy posted a sharing about making a Mary garden with her kids in pots!  It is so fun to see how she adapts her farm/faith/family life into her new life as a mother of small kids in the City/suburbs.  Love it!  And so love that she and her kids are looking to Mary as a dear dear Mother caring for them and showing the world the sacredness of LIFE and being open to LIFE and saying "yes" to LIFE!  Mary is all that and how I love her for it!
Praying before a meal with Nancy and Maria and combined - their 7 kids.  Each are expecting a new baby, Nancy in May and Maria in November, so that will grow by 2 this year.  Life is a gift and raising LIGHTS is what we are called to do.  These daughters take this very seriously!  Their father though The Holy Spirit shared this Truth with me in our courtship - we need to be open to LIFE and raise LIGHTS for this world of sin and darkness!
Cooking together is also a special time!

Much is going through my mind and heart these days as we read about the struggles of the early believers in Acts as well as Jesus speaking in John 6 about how we are to always be ready and come to him if we are to be ready when he comes for us!  For this is the will of my Father, that everyone who sees the Son and believes in him may have eternal life, and I shall raise him on the last day.  John 6:40 

I don't know about you, but there is a whole lot of talk on both sides of our family about the end of the world.  I hear of those considering survivalism... in being prepared for a huge challenging time such as - all electricity knocked out and the US paralyzed and thrown back into the pioneer days.  There is talk of some of this coming from Ralph Martin, and I have read his booklet... and have others to give away - The Final Confrontation.  What Pat and I have taken away from this booklet is that we need to be prepared and come to Jesus each moment of each day, but our lives are too busy to spend time trying to figure out when and if the end times are here!  Jesus tells us himself that we know not the time nor the place, but we need to be prepared - not with stockpiled food and water, but with our lives turned to Jesus and loving and following The Church without reservations!
  The countertops are in!  They are wonderful and soon the dishwasher will be able to be installed, but Ruth does admit that her two youngest like to get up to the sink and help do the dishes! 

Jesus, I want to always be ready for your coming!  I long to be forever with you in Heaven, and nothing else can compare to that desire and heartfelt longing I have to be with you.  How I love you with all that I have within me.  May I recall that love and mercy and unconditional forgiveness you have showered upon me, and give that in return to all those around me most especially those the closest to me in my domestic Church/family.  May I help those that don't know you realize that you are there with your nailscarred hands reaching out for them if they will only come to you with humble hearts and souls - asking for your forgiveness.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Cement counter tops to last for another farm family generations to come!  Farm life goes on and we look to the future yet always spending time each day coming to Jesus with all that we do and say and play and work and come and go and eat and drink and break bread and rise and rest and share always The LIGHT, The Way, The Truth, Jesus and His Bride, The Church.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke


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