Saturday, April 9, 2016

Impossible time and place? Jesus will come to us!

Just back from a month with Maria and the traumatic birth of Patrick in Texas 3 1/2 years ago
... I then made it up to be with Nancy for the birth of her daughter, Bernadette!  How we all learned, once again, that no matter how impossible it seems that Jesus is always there for us.  Today in the Gospel we see the story of Truth - "Jesus chooses an impossible time and place - in the middle of the storm-tossed sea - to come to us."  See
One of my all time favorites!  Mary eating Ruth's chin out of sheer LOVE about 8 years back.  Mary will be 9 in a few weeks! 
Jesus loved his wonderful Mother that much, too!  I adore these icons of Jesus eating his mother's chin out of love, and we all know how deep that love goes!  She stood alone in an impossible time and place and said "yes" to becoming the Mother of God, and Jesus truly came to her in the most personal and special way. 
For me being a mother is the best!  I know that Mary is my role-model and always with me as I lift up my kids each day - the numbers are growing with the addition of husbands, grandchildren - 12 with 2 more on the way, and all those in heaven too - 3 grandchildren, and 7 children!  I also have to include the addition to our family of the Little Brothers and Sisters of Hallel's Community of the Lamb.  No, Hallel will never give us grandchildren, but she has made our family grow by hundreds!  I do a litany of all of us at the end of each rosary - it takes a while to complete and fills me with great JOY to hear all the saints surrounding us..
John with 3 of the 4 sisters - just about the time he got chicken pox with a baby chick on his lap.  I heard him mention this time lately with his skin rash/struggles.  He requested prayers and depended on them to get through another difficult time this last week.  Prayer is so important to him...
John wrote yesterday to his prayer warrior friends - "I have no way better to thank all of you than to say I love you... not a silly sappy love but with the love that allowed Christ to be nailed to the Cross."  Wow!  That is the REAL LOVE!  And it was Jesus coming through him at the time of the HUGE storm in his life that taught him that REAL LOVE!
This picture from Easter 5 years ago!  This is now the statue of Mary at my home as Ruth and I have traded houses.  They are now on the farm and the transition is in full swing.  I am loving my new home more and more with each new day.  And Mother Mary continues to be my constant companion!
A special picture from Nancy's wedding 5 1/2 years ago... soon she will welcome her second daughter and her 4th child in that short time!  Another miracle - as all LIFE is that!
Years back out in the barn... this morning I had my bunny and chicken chores - water was frozen in the cold, and water was a big need!  I think it is evident that I am going through old pictures today... looking for a specific picture and coming across many others. 
This was taken on Easter Sunday in Colman, South Dakota about 12 years ago!
This is the one, but when I try to make it bigger... it gets blurry and the wind is blowing like crazy on this Easter Sunday 1998!   Yes, it is used here on my blog and very familiar, but in my unpacking I found this scarf and wondered why it reminds me of Easter - proof positive!  This marked a special time for me when my parents lived just 90 minutes away in Colman, SD!  My dad was a permanent deacon there for 3 years!  How I loved jumping in the car and spending some peaceful time with my parents... much like now in St Croix Falls, WI, but that is 4 hours away, and I don't get there near as often.  Maybe next week!
The same scarf almost 20 years later... Easter kind of day... this plant is from a cutting of a plant I had in my apartment when I was single almost 40 years ago!  My mother in law took a cutting and the plant is now taking over her sunroom! 
Yes, this has been a hit or miss sharing today... I just was able to read the Gospel to my mother-in-law.  I told her that it caught me by surprise to find this happening just after he had fed the 5,000 in the beginning of John 6.  Now this lesson just after he performs the miracle of feeding us in our need, now he comes through the stormy sea to comfort us - "It is I.   Do not be afraid."  and then get us where we need to be.  He does come to us in the most impossible time and place - a place where we are afraid and need him and are weak and sick and humble and turn to him!
It was shockingly COLD this morning!
Jesus, when we find ourselves in those hard and difficult times... we need you and turn to you!  I am wanting to always love and follow you.  I know that you are directing me where I need to be and a lot of times that means dying to selfishly want what I want.  May I give without counting the cost.  Jesus, I trust in you...Lord, let your mercy be on us, as we place our trust in you.  Psalm 33:22  Amen and Hallelujah
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
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