Thursday, April 14, 2016

"in unimaginable humility, Love comes to life again..." Caryll Houselander

Rose came over and found my little girl dresses in my bedroom... she had to try on one after another to grandma's delight!  This is the door leading into our bedroom, which Ruth and Paul added onto the house a few years back.  This door's window reflecting the world outside reminds me of our door going into our garage and how it reflected the farm yard behind us.  I love our special wedding gift appearing as though etched on the window!  For the first time this morning in the roaring wind I put our clothes on the line.. a good feeling.
Modeling another one, which appears to be a top but it is a dress for a much younger girl.  She knows how to make her grandma happy!

Pat and I started our day with morning prayer and wonderful readings for mass today.  Philip and the eunuch and continuing on with John 6:44-51 - I am the living bread that came down from heaven, whoever eats this bread will live forever; and the bread that I give is my Flesh for the life of the world.  Such powerful and forceful and Words of Truth from Jesus to us!  They shall all be taught by God.  comes to us today from the prophets.  We are certainly being taught by God and how can John 6 be interpreted any way but head on?  We are to eat His Body and Blood!
Ruth and her two youngest over to get the porch ready for meals outside!  I could tell she was sad to not be able to have this right outside her kitchen, but soon she can have a porch and table and enjoy each nice day eating outside!
Cushions on the chairs and a summer dress - looks like spring!

I admit that I am not on cloud 9 every time I receive Jesus in The Eucharist.  I did find a way to help me focus more at the consecration from an older lady behind me at mass some years back.  When the priest holds up the Body and the Blood... I could hear her say these words out loud/ the words of Thomas when he saw the risen Lord..."My Lord and My God."  I have adopted this, and it allows me to truly focus on this being Jesus- the risen Jesus! 
Dress #2, and do you think I have her trained to smile?

How I love to read Caryll Houselander's words... they just speak my language and I am always thrilled to see her sharings on the Meditation of the day;
Every day thousands of people receive Holy Communion.  Christ who has been sacrificed on the altar is laid in the tomb of our hearts.  There is no place where he will not come: prisons, hospitals, schools, camps, ships at sea, cathedrals, and little tin churches; he comes to them all.  He comes into the homes of the sick, and the dying, regardless whether they are mansions or slums.
For the last year we have been given the gift of sharing Eucharist with Pat's mom, who is homebound and on hospice!  It is the most wonderful time to share Jesus!  When I left mom last Saturday, I said that we would be back in the morning with Jesus, and that really was True!
More from Caryll...
He comes to all kinds of people, from little children at First Communion, who bring him their first tender acts of love and reparation to be myrrh and aloes on his wounds, to old sinners who open their empty hearts to him hurriedly, at the last minute, just as Joseph of Arimathea's empty tomb was opened hurriedly, at the last minute before the feast, to receive his crucified body.
Just this last year our sweet Therese took her first communion... she loves Jesus and reverently approached this day and each time since with sincere knowledge that Jesus is coming to her!  This sweet girl will never take this lightly!
Every word from Caryll is golden to me this day... I hope you too will find it deeply moving and help us understand the miracle we are blessed with even when we are just going through the motions sometimes.
Every day crowds of unknown people come to him, who feel as hard, as cold, as the empty tomb.  They come with the first light, before going to the day's work, and with the grey mind of early morning, hardly able to concentrate at all on the mystery which they themselves are part of: impelled only by the persistent will of love, not by any sweetness of consolation, and it seems to them as if nothing happens at all.  But Christ's response to that dogged, devoted will of a multitude of insignificant people is his coming to life in them, his Resurrection in their souls.  In the eyes of the world they are without importance, but in fact, because of them and their unemotional Communions, when the world seems to be finished, given up to hatred and pride, secretly, in unimaginable humility, Love comes to life again.  There is resurrection everywhere.  Caryll Houselander (1954)
Rose brought in the eggs from the chickens... and gave grandma an idea for our first lunch on the porch!
Lord, You do come into our world and our lives and our hearts, minds and souls through your Word and your Sacraments - most especially your Body and Blood!  We are truly humbled by our going through the motions and allowing distractions to fill our minds as we approach you on the altar and in the humble form of bread and wine.  Yet, you are there and you enter us and fill us with LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!  You come to life again in us, and may we listen to your promptings as Philip did today in Acts - may we too proclaim the Jesus, who calls us to instruct and teach and when necessary use words.  May we return the mercy we have been given unconditionally to those we encounter this day - most especially those closest to us in our domestic Church/family.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Outfit #3 and I found some boy clothes for Luke, too, as we had our scrambled egg lunch - first meal on the porch! 
Blessing our food last night at Ruth's - the new eating counter..
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Luke and Rose dressed up for running in the new trailer!  Life on the farm is filled with adventures!
Green dress, green leaves and rainbow socks with no shoes - sure!
The trampoline has returned for a new generation just where it was for their mom 25 years ago!
My heart rock and the new counter tops! 
Mary loves to read!
The sky was pretty this morning and I took way too many pictures!
#2 with red maple leaves budding forth
A sight that will become familiar...
First clothes on the line... see the wind! 
The two heart rocks together - a sign of the change in our lives yet our hearts remain with our Faith/Family/Farm!
Friend, Scott Hahn, today.
I love St John Paul II and that we share so much love for Our Lady!
I do!
Motherhood is the best!  It is all I ever wanted to be, and now to watch my girls being such great mothers - even Hallel in religious life!  The Best!
unspoken - call it grace
Danielle Rose - If I touch him
About the woman, who touches the hem of his garment and is healed of her bleeding for many years.  We are can also reach out and touch him in The Eucharist!
Lauren Daigle - LIGHT of the world
Maria explains on her blog today
"They may not look like it, but they are fierce pirates who will throw their 
bucket of cannon balls at me at any moment without warning.
This is a very dangerous place to be.

Love, Us."
Grandma loves you ruthless pirates!
triumph-of-christianity-gustave-dore.jpg (589×900)
Wow!  Christ rules!!!!

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