Monday, April 18, 2016

Mary makes it real!

After a call over to help yesterday afternoon... Mary and I decided to make one of our tours of the farm taking some birthday pictures - tomorrow she will be 10!  We go from one spot to the next and thought we would start out with the 2 bottle calves she is in charge of caring for.  So with bottle in hand we headed out, and rescued one of them that had gotten stuck.  It all seemed normal until we came to the climbing tree, and I suddenly realized that this was now Mary's climbing tree and not grandma's.  Little by little it is sinking in that this change is real and has happened in a big way and in little ways, too!  I am afraid with my 100 pictures from our shoot... I will be jumping the gun today - the day before her birthday.
Mary and I have a strong history of her with my Mary statue in the Mary garden at the head of our driveway... the tractors have to make a turn around her as she is prominent in our lives.  Mary's namesake, The Blessed Virgin Mary, makes my life real and allows me the graces to face my very real life with all of it's challenges and frustrations and hopefully rise above my knee jerk reactions of selfishness to love and serve and say "yes" a bit like she did.
Yes, Mary and I have history... 8 years ago baby Mary recognizes and adores her namesake! 
Rubber boots and sharing her lilacs a year later.  Now she can look her in the eye.  The lilac bushes although they are much less due to the new shop... are now Mary's lilacs and not grandma's!

The Good Shepherd pours over into today, too!  The sheep hear his voice, so he calls his own sheep by name and he leads them out.  John 10 from the Gospel today.  This after the first reading in Acts where St Peter shares how The Holy Spirit is for all not just the Jews.  It is good to keep in mind that Jesus loves all and wants all to turn to him and listen to his voice and know and love him as the Savior of the world!  It makes our evangelization of this Truth so important in what we say, what we do, how we act and how we think and it should fill us with the deepest humility knowing that we are not special in any way - we see the Truth so that we may share the Truth and when necessary use words!
Now she's taller... the next year.  I think I could find one for each of the last 10 years, as we always go and visit Mary on our tour of birthday pictures. 
Her mom disapproved of how I did her hair that year... a throwback to the side ponytails I would put in her mom's hair and her 3 sisters down the row.  I still thought she was a picture of sweetness!  This year we had been out to the back pasture and picked these purple flowers growing there.
In morning prayer today in The Magnificat... the reading from Mark 4:35-41 was used - Jesus calming the storm.  The theme of prayer was Jesus turning the deadly destructiveness of events around us into calmness and peace and allows us to see with eyes of Faith that Jesus is Lord and creator of the universe and he certainly is in control and is the one we should look to for the path we are to take as we carry/drag our Most Cherished Cross and follow him trusting always in his voice calling us and guiding us through the gates/doors that open or close ahead of us.  Do you come to a door and it is closed in your face, and then later you see that it would not have been good for you?  Rather another door did open and it was right?  For me it was looking at being a nun in my early Catholic years. 
There are times when I would love to launch into the ways the Lord has touched me, been my Good Shepherd and called me with his voice... I am so filled to overflowing with the desire to share and share and share over and over, so that is why I have written these pages on my blog for those that want to go deeper.  I will just say that the Sister, who was directing me in my discernment told me she was leaving and getting married and my shock led to my vocation evaporating.. I see that the Lord had other plans for me, but I also see that I now have a Little Sister because of my listening to His Call!
 Mary, her brother David and Therese hanging out with Mary about 7 years ago when John was fighting his battle against brain cancer through which he found his faith!
Hallel picked out this statue with me at a Catholic gift store, Maria had it at her home by St Thomas here, and now it is in Kansas City with Nancy at her new home there close to The Community of the Lamb/Lumen Christi!
I know that a big porch is in the works for Ruth and Paul on the farmhouse... it will be interesting to see how the Mary garden will be and I think my old worn out trees, including the broken one over the Mary garden, are due to come down.  Then Ruth truly will have a command tower to look over all that is going on around there, and a well used/loved porch on which they will eat most of their meals from spring to fall!
Randomly.. I just came across this and want to have it where I can get at it...
Yes, that looks like a farm girl, and Mary certainly is with all her animals!
Just as we were by the Mary garden Paul and Rose pulled on the yard with the track tractor and digger... the dogs are the welcoming committee...  It is so good that the young family lives on the farm, and I am adjusting to this quiet life, here and there, in this big empty house while Pat is away working for long hours with the start of spring work.  I know the Lord will open new doors and fill my life to the brim once again.  The fun fake plan to have Mary's 10th birthday dinner here on their beloved porch is filling it up already.
We were hoping to catch dad, but he was out and off to the next job...
So Rose joined her... with 3 brothers the girls still get their turns and watching Ruth as the farmer along with Paul and her dad, Pat, I would not doubt that they too have farming in their future. 
Jesus, you are my Good Shepherd and I am overwhelmed each time I recall how you have filled my life to the brim with so many blessings!  These changes, although they were long and hard, yet the impossible has happened... we have moved out of the farm and allowed a young excited family to come and have the great life of growing up on the farm.  And although they left a larger house with more storage, which I am sadly filling up with stuff, they are in love with their lives there.  May your peace reign in the storms of life which come with all the busyness and craziness and anxieties and frustrations and responsibilities to feed the world that comes with this life.  No, it is not a job but a life!  Guardian angels watch out for the little ones... keep them safe!  May all the farmers be safe and sane.  Bless our Mary on her 10th birthday tomorrow.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
David had just been reprimanded about giving dad bunny ears, so Rose is trying to do it...  The farm family poses of sorts...  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Yes, prayer does allow us to not react selfishly.
Peace is so important as we carry our crosses
I LOVE this from Nancy and Bill yesterday!
So great!  Can you imagine sharing with each other and how it would bring out your best?
Some special pictures of the lamb/shepherd image
Danielle Rose - Pursue me
For vocations
Casting Crowns - Praise you in the storm

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