Thursday, April 14, 2016

Meal for two on the porch

Yes, the wind was still blowing, but down a notch.  Pat was a good sport and ate supper out on our wonderful porch in the wind that pounded on him all the time he was outside today working.  Hopefully there will be many more.
Pat is gone more now working 3 miles away yet we still have our time together if we make an effort.  Starting with morning prayer and sharing the readings before he heads out is a great start!
Such a peaceful and beautiful place we have thanks to all the hard work of Ruth and Paul!  Ruth was here with 3 of the kids for chores with pigs, bunnies and chickens.  Ruth is also talking about getting 50 baby chicks so that we can butcher broilers this summer.  Yikes!
Out to meet the pigs...
A nice romantic (?) meal for two... with spring work to start in the next day of so... It might have to be a meal for one for a while.  Bless all the farmers with a good and safe spring and great growing season.  Bless-bless, Barb

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