Friday, April 22, 2016

Men doing heavy lifting give me a LIFT!

Rose with the huge piglet they all Hulk... he is super friendly and curious, too.  He has quite the personality to go with his largeness!
Sitting down with my mother-in-law to pour out my great joy and happiness with the move we have just gone through for the last 4 months including a huge remodel making our old worn out farmhouse into a wonderful new start for Ruth and Paul - the Verly-Lanoue Cattle Farm!  So loved putting these two together as I am putting my house together!  A Saint blessing Ruth and Paul at the start of their sacrament of marriage.  A gift from my kids to celebrate our love of Family with the precious painting of The Holy Family... the model for us as how we are to live and say "yes" to life and raise them as LIGHTS!  Jesus, tells us today - "I am the way, the truth and the life..."
So much fun yesterday with Pat and Paul came over with some furniture and moved dressers up stairs, put beds together and moved couches... So much got put where I had wanted it in my dreams and now to see our wonderful home ready to welcome our family!  I love this room all ready for Nancy to come with her baby girl to see our big changes and share in our farmlife, which she misses and loves!
The other bedroom - John's room when he comes home from time to time, but also there for family with the hope we will be an open door to all!  Love the view of the yard now green and awaiting my first mowing.   Pat told me that we will have our pet cow, Baby, and her calf in the paddock in front of the barn after she has her calf.  That will be special.
The roll top has returned with a drawer out to get glued.  It sure feels good to have our desk greeting those coming into our home... just as it did at the farm.  Pat was happy to have it easy to get at... times here reading his farm magazines and checking on the markets and all the big business of farming.  It is really feeling like our home and we are very happy with the changes now that we are through all the remodel and getting things where they all belong!
Desks and a couch for grandkids when they visit at the top of the stairs.  To see all the dressers and couch and bed all go up those stairs with my two men smiling and happy to help me out!  "Thank you so much!  You are making me so happy!"  I kept on telling them as they put things in place.  Now to welcome our visitors and share our joy at the new picture on the farm with a family there to help and work and play and plant and run and jump and pray and eat and ride bikes and ride in tractors and watch the farm work going on and on and on and living the LIFE of being a farm family!  Pat is so happy with the work, excitement and interest of Ruth and Paul and the kids from time to time!
Out to do the chickens with my old friend Lilly the dog... such a beautiful day with the green and the leaves coming out on the trees, and the white puffy clouds in the blue sky...
Lilly and the chickens getting acquainted - I don't think she will be licking their beaks through the fence like she would like the cows and calves noses under the gate.  She might be pecked if they come together. 
It seems that Lilly would not really mess with the chickens too much even if the fence weren't there.  Ruth got 55 broiler chicks yesterday, so cute baby chick pictures will probably be here soon..

Jesus, it feels so good to realize that our BIG change was the right thing to do at the right time!  All that has happened which have been hard and ugly and dirty and long and loud and angry words and the pounding of nails... all is worth it now to see the happiness and contentment of both of us with the change and switching of homes.  It gives us the realization that this truly was The Plan you had for us!  I continue to pray that all stay safe - I really don't care if we are all happy ever after- just safe ever after is my heartfelt prayer!  Happy ever after is not real life and without the Cross and hardships and pain the good would not be near as wonderful!  If life truly were happy ever after we would be bored!  Lord, we love you and long to serve you in each other and not counting the cost.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Brown eyed Rose with the pigs at Uncle Brad's sale a few weeks ago...  Now they have pigs over at the farm along with the 2 rabbits.  And 55 baby chicks - grandma has to get over there while they are super cute!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke/grandma to 12 going on 14!
Mary and Hulk!

Maria and Patrick trying to catch a nap after church, but.... Romeo has different ideas - the latest from Missouri.

Lord, I am yours - use me!

Is it any wonder why many want to return to the beauty that used to be?

A sad end to a genius in our midst.
The Peterson Brothers posted this:
Happy Earth Day from Farmers!
-In 1960, the average farmer fed only 25 people. Today, the number is over 155 on roughly the same amount of farm land.
-The land required to grow a bushel of corn has decreased 30% since 1980.
-Tools like conservational tillage, no-till, waterways and cover crops are being implemented by farmers to prevent degradation of the soil and nutrient run-off into fresh water sources.
-Precision farming gives farmers the ability to use the least amount ...of fertilizer, pesticides, and water possible to grow their crops.
-Crop rotation and rotational grazing allow farmers and ranchers to diversify their fields and manage their land sustainably.
-Genetic engineering of seeds allows a farmer to grow crops that reach their full yield potential and use less pesticides, water, and fertilizer to get there.
-Cattle production helps maintain the environment of pasture grass, turns millions of acres of non-farmable soil into productive land for food, and uses less land, water and energy than it did 20 years ago.
-A gallon of milk produced today requires 90 percent less land, 65 percent less water and emits 63 percent less carbon than a gallon of milk in 1944.
-Swine and Poultry farmers use indoor facilities to help provide animals with better and safer conditions and manage waste and odor in a more earth-friendly way.
‪#‎EarthDay‬ ‪#‎AgMoreThanEver‬ ‪#‎CelebrateAg‬

Credit to Agriculture More Than Ever for the photo!

Happy Earth day from a family of farmers!

Purple Rain sunset over the pristine waters of Lake Superior tonight. The Purple One's final act
Prince - Purple Rain
Danielle Rose - Small things with great love

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