Monday, April 18, 2016

Mud puddles!!!!!

We are getting a nice rain... thank you, Lord!  Rubber boots on the farm are a must and are right outside the door.  So......  the kids were excited to come out with me for some rubber boots in the mud puddle pictures!
Getting super wet, muddy and chilly!
Next up... a warm bubble bath!
Mary's turn after she is done watching the gate with brother David for grandpa.
Mary and I go way back for mud puddle rubber boot pictures - it is our thing and she has loved puddles since she could first walk.  Tomorrow is her 10th birthday, so let's say about 9 years now.

I love you Mary and we are so glad to get a nice soaking rain!
Bless-bless and Happy Birthday sweet Mary Angela!  your grandma Barb

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