Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"My home is within you." Psalm 87... "You will listen, O Lord, to the prayers of the lowly;" Psalm 10 for Mary's 10th

I admit it... when I do a photo shoot I go from one well used place to another, and it is quite an adventure in itself.  One of my favorite places is the grain bins and usually I make some if not all of them into black and white.  So with Mary's birthday shoot on Sunday I carried it forth and with great joy start my sharing today with this sweet one of my granddaughter, Mary, she is 10 today and we all love her very dearly!  She will be my theme today on this dark chilly and drippy day - after a wonderful life-giving rain which has the farmers rejoicing.  We have some corn in the ground and this warm rain is welcome.
There are two bottle calves that Mary takes care of...  She is a willing and able helper for grandpa, dad and mom - the farmers that all work together to feed the world and care for the crops and the cattle.  She now has 6 baby pigs, laying hens and two bunnies to care for.  For her birthday she is wanting some baby kitties, but she might have to wait a bit for those. 
Mary surrounded by her cows and calves... Last night grandpa needed help watching gates after supper as mom and dad were both working.  Mary and David went out and came back in saying that they really liked it and had fun together.  Grandpa said, too, that they did a good job and really gave him some help.  Mary is happy to be on the farm!
One in sepia with her silly brother, David... the two of them are close and play a lot together.  Mary is a great sibling to her brothers and sister.  She has a tender heart for others and most especially for her great-grandma Anna!
Mary loves to visit great-grandma and prays for her nightly.  It is a beautiful nightly ritual to share with Ruth and Paul's kids, and there have been nights when they are with us as their parents are away.  We pray together nightly as they have always done at home!  Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be, along with the Guardian Angel prayer, and each prays for their own intentions.  Mary always mentions her great-grandma. 

I have learned from Hallel the special way to remember someone on their birthday - look at the Psalm which is the number which correlates to their birthday.  Well, Psalm 10 is a hard one filled with beseeching the Lord of justice against the wicked.  In the midst of all that in verse 17 was this pearl, which I do witness in Mary - "You will listen, O Lord, to the prayers of the lowly, you will give them courage."  Psalm 10:17  It is so sweet how Mary lovingly prays each night... one time she was staying with great-grandma and a great Aunt, and reminded them before bed that they should pray and when they asked she led them in shared prayer!  Talk about starting good faith filled habits in your children!  And we certainly know that the prayers of these little ones are flying to heaven on the wings of the angels and with the assistance of her namesake, Mary the Mother of God!
Brother Buddy David and fellow blue eyed sibling had to get in a few...
Corn stalk bales, too.
Around the farm will be a soybean field this year, so it is not planted yet..
The lilac bushes now are Mary's and by mother's Day they will be large glorious purple plumes!  We were looking for green leaves and these were about the best and then the baby lilacs budding out made them special, too!
The trampoline is now back where it was for our kids - her mom and siblings!  It just feels right in so many ways!  I told Mary that I was going to try to put her in the clouds - one of my favorite things to do!  Love the feet!
The readings today speak of spreading the Word, and how are be able to do that?  "My home is within you." Psalm 87 tells us and we find Peace in knowing that no matter how badly we screw up... the Holy Spirit is within us and we are His!  All we need do is turn away from sin and selfishness and die to self so that we may "follow" Jesus, our Good Shepherd!
Mary in the clouds...
It is now Mary's climbing tree... over our 28 years living there... many have been here kids now grandkids!
Apple leaves and soon the blossoms on their apple trees!
Mary and I have visited her namesake here for the last 10 years!  It is my gage for her growing - she used to look up into her face so lovingly... now she gently leans on her.  My prayer is that she always leans on her and looks to Mary the Mother of God to be her prayer companion and mediatrix of graces needed for her personal journey.
The big quad track happened to come up he driveway just as we were out... our spring girl born at a busy time on the farm!
One thing Pat and I talked about yesterday was how quiet this place is compared to living on The Farm!  There are no cows mooing or tractors running - it is going to be a whole new world for Ruth, Paul and the kids over there.  How I pray to their guardian angels each day! 
Hoping to catch dad, but he was off to the next job... so busy and it is great to have Mary there to help with what she can.
That probably won't include driving this big rig anytime soon, but it makes for an impressive picture with little sister, Rose.
Farm Family picture attempt... thanks Dave!
Jesus, with Mary, we thank you for our new lives filled with so much LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT.  May we truly follow after You... I grant them eternal life, and they shall never perish.  No one can take them out of my hand.  My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one can take them out of the Father's hand.  The Father and I are one.  John 10:30  The 10th chapter of John today in the Gospel for Mary and all of us today and forever together with Jesus!  We are His!  "My home is within you."  May our lives and all we do reflect this Truth!  May we die to self so that The Holy Spirit that dwells in our heart, and minds, and souls conquer all and do away with our selfishness and sinfulness in all we do... may we bring His LOVE and Mercy to those we encounter this day most especially those closest to us in our domestic Church/family.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
See the wind!  These last two rainy days have been calm - before that day after day of wind!  Such is life on the prairie farm, Mary.  Bless-bless, grandma Barbara Luke
So true.
Give til it hurts!
Jesus in The Word!
Ruth said that Hallel called Mary just 15 minutes before she got on the bus to wish her a happy birthday this morning!  Wow!  "She talked to me about potatoes.  Some had gone to seed, so she cut them up and planted them there in Rome.  She wanted to know when they would be done growing, and I told her it depended on how big she wanted them to get."  Cute farm girls conversation.  How Susan/Hallel loved her cows and now has discovered that she loves to do wood working with her hands.  She shares that with Ruth and they both got that from their dad... he doesn't do wood working much, but is very good with his hands mechanically other than they are so big for tight spots.  Pat did get some farmers after all!
From my friend, Scott Hahn... he is so smart and filled with LOVE for The Church- we share that last part!
Lauren Daigle - I am yours
Danielle Rose - The Saint that is just me
I am glad that Maria has adopted the fine art of bribing her kids for a smiling happy picture... I will gladly take it and share it here on their wonderful cousin, Mary's 10th birthday... wish they could be here! 

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