Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"Peace is flowing like a river... flowing out through you and me."

No lonely meal last night... supper on the porch as it was cool but no wind, and sharing it with John and Lilly!  Such a nice evening as John went through his stuff that came with the BIG move. 
Today looks like a family work day with cows and calves going out to pasture as much rain is expected tomorrow and they will be happier out on grass.  Grandma has grandkids and meals and running to pick up preschoolers, and Ruth is out being the farmer she is!

Much about peace today and "Resurrection Peace" is maybe a more amazing way to describe it today in the light of Christ's resurrection and also how through prayer St Paul was brought back from death after being stoned in the first reading from Acts 14.  I had a major case of putting myself in the place of St Paul and how horrifyingly painful and excruciatingly damaging it would be to have a group around you viscously throwing rocks at your body and probably your head would be targeted the most as that would kill you.  Almost equal to the horror and humiliation of being nailed to a cross.  When "the disciples gathered around him, he got up and entered the city."  Healed and brought back from death... would he still bear the wounds of the attack?  Jesus did, yet he seemed to no longer suffer pain nor was held back by them.  It appears to be similar to Paul... he didn't limp back nor was he needing help.  We still bear our wounds from our sufferings, yet we bear them as a sign of how Christ has been at work in our lives and brought us back to love and serve!
Blessing our meal before our fresh air breaking of bread together.  Soon our pet cow, Baby, and her calf are due to come and eat the grass in front of the barn.  We could hear the cows and calves back in the pasture while we were eating.  Yes, there are cows and calves already on our place.  I wonder if Lilly has gone down to check on them?
This morning as I passed this creek I noticed these 4 ducks taking a swim, and had to stop for some pictures... reflecting on the theme for today as Jesus tells us - "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.  Not as the world gives do I give it to you.  Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid..."  John 14:27-31  Considering this in the light of St Paul's stoning, death and brought back to life and then walking, talking and preaching the Gospel to all... it is certainly true!  We need have no need to allow our hearts to be troubled or afraid of anything we might be called to face!  Even brain cancer when you are 20... http://familysoulstory.blogspot.com/p/johns-cancer-stories.html
I was struck by the song I know so well from the many TEC retreats I have worked for the last 17 years... Peace is flowing like a river... as I looked upon the scene of these ducks quietly swimming in the swollen creek not far from our farm this morning.  But as I sang the song to myself it was the peace flowing into me and then out through me.
Peace is flowing like a river
Flowing out through you and me.
Spreading out into the desert,
Setting all the captives free.
Yes, the Peace comes from our Faith in Jesus and then we are able to share that with all around us!
Where do I find instant peace when I am stressed and hurt and sad and worried and angry and lonely and tired of the craziness and tired of the day by day routine and any other time of need?... by repeating my "Hail Mary" with my beads in my fingers.  I have many rosaries in my purse with my camera and phone... the essentials for my life!  When I get into my chapel on wheels I immediately reach for my beads/my lifeline to peace and give it lay it all at the feet of my Lord Jesus Christ with the help of his Mother Mary, The Queen of Heaven and earth!  I feel the burden lifted, I feel raised from my wounds and sickness and restored to Faith and the Peace flows through me... I hope and pray most especially to those the closest to me in my domestic Church/family!
Talk about a picture of peace...

I love this from morning prayer..."Jesus shows us the way to true peace: obedience to the Father's will rather than to the clamor of self-interest.  In living as he lived, we not only live in peace ourselves; we also make a place of peace for all those around us." 

How I wish that I could live up to this and truly bring peace to all those around me!  Evaluating my life... I see that I do fail with those the closest to me and when does this happen?  When I am selfish and thinking of me!  Poor Barb.  I have a bad case of feeling sorry for myself, and that does not allow the faucet to be open and the peace to flow through me, and when it is all bottled up due to a blockage called selfishness than it no longer is peace... it must flow out to bring life to the desert and set the captives free!
Gently caring for new life is a call to be gentle and quiet and fills one with peace.

Jesus, I am longing to be open to sharing the peace I am given to all those around me this day.  It is such an amazing blessing to always have your Mother there to assist me through my life and daily tensions and stresses.  "When God created us, he put into the depth of our being his order, his thus.  It continually  summons our mind: believe thus!  In our heart: love thus!  In our soul: act thus!  Our conscience is the voice of God: I wanted thus and I want thus.  Blessed is he who likewise says: and I as well want thus.  Then there is agreement, happiness, and harmony.  Oh, what peace there is then, true peace!  Peace to men of good will!"  Father Semenenko (1886)  Yes, Lord, may I always do as you ask of me... dying to self so that you may live in me!  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke and Jehoshaphat/Fatty
Printable prayer for First Holy Communion
A first Communion prayer that is amazing!

Peace is strongly present in nature around us!

My friend builds me up!

The river - Jordan Feliz

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