Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The wind blows... The Spirit, too. John update and thanks for the prayers!

John and Godson, David, on Easter Sunday.  Pre rash that mysteriously appeared on his face.  Yes, John has been concerned and doctoring some locally as it was hard to ignore a rash that hit his face majorly.  It seems that any way John's body can humble him... it will happen.  The big concern yesterday was how close it was to his eyes, and with some new pain in his eye he asked for prayers as he went into opthamology to get his eyes checked.  He was told that they were healthy and unaffected, so we breath a sign of relief, and thank all that shot up some prayers for him yesterday.
Baby John with his 4 older sisters on Easter Sunday 27 years ago!  How he looks to them for his spiritual support at times when that old fear creeps in and he is brought to his knees by this or that.  He even called Rome and talked to Hallel yesterday, and had all those prayers going for him. 

  It seems that John gets in touch with his rarity and was vocalizing how tired he is of being that different/rare one in the world.  All we can say is... it keeps him focused on Jesus and keeps him asking what he wants of him on this up and down path he is stumbling down.  It really speaks of how we are each so individual and how we each are called to give all our quirks, problems, humanity to Jesus as he is in control!  John has so much respect and love of prayer that he hesitates not to ask for support through most anything that is an issue for him.  One thing is that it reminds all that there is nothing too small or big for us to turn to HIM!
Second Sunday of Easter/Divine Mercy Sunday John was Godfather to his cousin's daughter, Raegan!  Pictures were hard to face with his face, but it did not show up much surprisingly.  Today he is speaking in Graceville about 2 hours away... giving his story to a group of CCW women there.  He is so grateful to CCW groups throughout the state that are inviting him to share his ongoing story of finding Faith through his rare brain cancer and all the rare issues that continue to keep his eyes on Jesus with the support of all those that pray him down the narrow path he is on. 
I find myself at Ruth's this morning and borrowed her nice camera to capture this special gift/statue presented to Ruth from Paul's grandma, Mary Lanoue, on the occasion of her first baby shower for Simon about 12 years ago now.  Paul could always remember it in his grandparents' home, and was so touched and honored to have it now in their home.  I wept at the deep faith and love of Jesus and his Bride, The Church that this represented... recognized in Ruth and Paul's future family - open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS - which has been the motto of our family and now the families of our kids!  Jesus in the midst of his wonderful parents and pointing to his most Sacred Heart!  And what do we experience in our giving of ourselves to our families?  We experience the dying to self so that we can serve without counting the cost.  This calls for LOVE beyond our ability to give without the heart of Jesus/The Holy Spirit dwelling in our hearts, minds and souls!
It was a good feeling to walk in here today and see the boxes and bags now unpacked and this statue showing that this has become their home!  Ruth is now out helping her dad, while I am in the house with Luke.  John has now returned to his job... knowing that he has been lifted up in prayers once again and protected from harm.  He thanks one and all! 

Jesus, today in the Gospel you speak to Nicodemus about the Holy Spirit being a force that mysteriously brings Christ alive in this world and in the midst of domestic church/family.  Looking out at the wind blowing today... The Spirit blows and moves us and lifts us and fills our sails and wings so that we can fly and soar above our humanity and our selfishness and our weaknesses and our smallness and our sickness - Jesus, may we become your hands and feet!  Jesus, we trust in you. Amen and Hallelujah
Mary outside and Mary inside... always with me on this journey!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
You must be born from above.  The wind blows where it wills, and you can hear the sound it makes, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes; so it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.  Jesus to Nicodemus in John 3 today - the Gospel of the Lord!  Yes, Lord, I am yours and I long to die to self so that you may live in me! 

Easter about 24 years ago - the famous John falling down girls Easter hat picture.  Yes, we are there for him, but sometimes he just has to fall down and get back up on his own.  It's called tough love, right?
The 5 in order of age... just before Susan/Hallel headed to France to join The Community of the Lamb and become a bride of Christ... Little Sister Hallel!  September 11, 2008 - so much has happened in those 8 years! 

Maria shared this on her blog today!  Grandchild #14!  We are thrilled and praying without ceasing!  Each new LIFE makes our LOVE grow more and more!
Danielle Rose - Psalm 139 - Wonderfully made!  Lord, protect all LIFE this day!
Danielle Rose - The saint that is just me

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