Thursday, April 21, 2016

"We're on the upward trail!"

Rose and Luke climbing the stairs to their rooms in the farmhouse which is now their home!  I had such a wonderful step back in time evening last night with Ruth's 5 while they went and shared at Teen Talk in Minneota to a room full of young people about their dating stories, engagement and marriage.  So important to share and witness to. 
Sitting at the new counter watching the family of 7 plus grandpa gather for a family supper before Ruth and Paul left... I realized that I was sitting just about where our bathtub was and how many walls are now gone to make this open wonderful farmhouse!  "I would be sitting in the bathtub right now."  I announced.  My son-in-law thought I meant that, if I didn't have to be here I would be taking a bath... no, this is where my tub used to be! 

Pat and I both smile at the wonderful changes and how happy Ruth and family seems to be living on the farm, and how they seem to love The Life of being farmers and farmkids, and how much more sense it makes to have them there other than this old lady.  Ruth's vision for this open view of all that goes on and family sharing of it all... is more and more wise and wonderful! 

We recalled how we had a song we would sing after sharing family prayer and climbing those same stairs when she was a kid..."We're on the upward trail."  It was a song I learned at family camp in Michigan - a Protestant camp my family would attend over the years. About how we are plodding along up the narrow path - weak and sinful and struggling with all that holds us back and comes between us and our God... as they say one step back for every two steps forward.  The dance of LIFE!
Nothing like a big table filled with family!  How I love to eat meals with Ruth and Paul's kids... they are always such good eaters and there is quiet concentration on the food in front of them.  No messing around or poking at their food.  "It's good homecooked food and we are hungry!"  should be their motto. 
After supper Grandpa had 3 of them in rubber boots head out into the rain with him to feed the two bottle calves... The came back with a giant earth worm - crazy kids!  And kids will certainly be kids and make each job an adventure - they were out there a long time and came in soaking wet.  David even fell down at some point.  Talk about bath time and clothes down the shoot to get washed. 

One thing that struck me last night over there was how much I enjoyed this evening... stepping back in time.  Cleaning up the dishes while Pat had the kids outside.  I had Simon doing homework in the office and Luke quietly watching a show.  Then baths, prayers and bedtime.  Pat said that they all were very willing to climb into their new beds, and with the central hall he could say prayers with all of them - sharing their intentions. 

Realizing in a real and personal way that our daughter has been given the LIFE she had growing up, and that she wanted that life, and has a vision and passion for the life on the farm... which is definitely a way of life and not just a job... as Pat and Paul were discussing last night - there is no end to the work but they love to do it!
Close your eyes, if you would rather not witness the huge worm!  It was a long as the bottle!  Mary is truly a tomboy to want to keep this thing in a jar as a pet!
Rose washing her bottle in rain water coming from the rain spout!  We got more good rain, and now Pat was praying for the sun, which is out as I write this in my new favorite spot... on a couch with the window in front of me open and allowing the cool fresh air to surround me in my quiet new home! 
How we rejoice when we are given rain in this country!

Much in the Gospel today to remind us that we are called by our Lord, yet we are to always be humble and look to him - knowing that he is I AM!  How Jesus is in control and how amazing is it when we see evidence of that in our lives and that of others! 

How amazing is this?  I came across this wonderful story of divine providence this morning... In sharing with a friend we mentioned how this world would be so different and better if all those lives lost to abortion were here to make a difference in this world!  Pondering this... I recalled that I feel the presence of the 7 I have lost in their concern and prayers for me and our family!

If my losses are with me spiritually - why wouldn't the millions of tiny lights lost through abortion also we a force of prayer, unconditional love and forgiveness and concern for their mother's, father's siblings and the world?  Wow!  That brings into the LIGHT such a sad and horrible sin which is embraced as a choice in our society!  Yes, there would be a whole new world with all of them allowed to have life and touch the world.  Yet, safely in heaven with our Lord, the great I AM, they can still make a difference in this world of sin and death and darkness and hopefully in the confused and suffering hearts of their parents!  It is a mystery, but we can join our prayers to theirs in hope!
Just unpacked these and pondering this crucifix which hung in the silver maple by our garden and marked the beginning and the end of the stations of the Cross that Maria made and put in our grove after she discerned out of the Poor Clare Monastery in 2004.  The small sign speaks such a powerful Truth and so hard to live out... This is how One Loves.  After Maria had left to discern with them for 5 months - we found this sign by the crucifix in her brother's room.  The holy water font was given to me in my early hospice days by an elderly woman, who was on hospice for years with an old heart.  She reminds me a lot of my time now with Pat's mom, and her name was Ann, too! 

How amazing is it to be taken deeper in my faith journey by my kids on a regular basis!  It happens all the time to me, and is all a mother could ever hope for or ask for!  Nancy shared today this post that made me smile... she knows how to lay it all out there!

A picture from Maria's blog - the kids out enjoying a beautiful day/nature walk in the neighborhood in Missouri.  Yes, Maria was not called to be a nun...  she is now expecting #5!  But I know this... each of her kids will discern a vocation, and chances of her having nuns or priests or brothers are very good... I would say!
Walking to get the mail this sweet nest was in the middle of the driveway under my huge cottonwood tree... it was interesting to see the leaf tucked in there... a bed or table for the baby birds? 
The favors of the Lord I will sing forever;
through all generations my mouth shall proclaim your faithfulness. 
For ever I will sing the goodness of the Lord.
Psalm 89 from mass today... read all around the world from the Vatican to Marshall and KC and Ft Leonardwood, to Tracy, to Rome!  Sharing the Word/Jesus is so powerful!
The wind beneath my wings is truly that if we share our Faith with JOY that it does go from one generation to the next and there is no greater LOVE than to share our Faith as a family!  Carrying it further to be then brought deeper in that amazing Faith in The One True Church  by your kids and grandkids!
We now have a dog along with our chickens... Old Lilly has come to rest on our porch and get some well-deserved love and attention.  I think she misses going out and licking the noses of the cattle under the fence.  But her hips are old and tired and sore and she likes the peace and quiet here.  I like to have a warning when someone comes on the yard!
Jesus, how I love you and how I long to live always with you.  I need all the help I can get and I appreciate all the little lights that I will meet someday and keep my eyes on heaven and are praying for their weak sinful old mom.  Our Lady, your rosary is a life-line for me and I am so happy and blest to have you always there with me to show me the beauty of saying "yes" to LIFE and then making every effort to raising LIGHTS for this world of sin and darkness!  With every beat of my heart and every breath that I take... I pray and love and serve without counting the cost and give and move and hope to be your hands and feet, O Lord.  May I die to self so that you may live in me.  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Both Lilly and I are in many ways "put out to pasture."  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Help me, Lord!
Marriage is a daily sacrament - we need the graces to love and serve as we should without counting the cost!  The motto of The Community of the Lamb comes to mind and heart - "Wounded, I will not cease to love."

That would eliminate a lot!

I do see this in John and others, and we who have closely shared in this journey! such good info about how simple progesterone can reverse the abortion pill!!!!

So wise and True!

Sometimes hard to do, but so true!
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