Friday, May 20, 2016

4 girls together!!!! Holy Matrimony floods me with graces today... "Goodbye, Honey, have a good day!"

Dominic getting to know and love his new sister in mom's arms.  Josephine taking it all in!

I know I'm a bug, but I have these pictures of Ruth with month old Rose under what is now my beautiful cottonwood tree, at this exact time of year 4 years ago, in my head and am dying to take a family pic of Nancy's bunch here before they head out tonight.  We will see if it happens or not, but I am pretty pumped about it!
One more with the barn, too.  I know I have a beautiful place here and a beautiful family, too.  Don't we all feel that way about our families? 
One last one from 4 years ago...
Now one this morning of Rosie (Rose again) and Josie!  We realized that they are the same except for the first letter!  Rose is very happy and excited to have another baby girl, and she loves to sit and hold her until her older brother started to play with her "girl legos" that her Godparents, Bill and Nancy, gave her for her birthday present.
My wish come true!  I adore that I was able to grab 4 of my 5 granddaughters together this morning.  I have 8 wonderful grandsons that I love so much, but after having my 4 girls this is so special for me!  My heart sings in a special certain way... like recapturing the wonderful nest years that I was given with 4 peaceful happy girls.  Yes, they had their moments, but not too many.  There are some zesty girls here, too.  But having Bernadette and Rose with me a lot and every night for this last week... they got along so well and were very sweet and good for grandma!  I capture this same feeling of JOY when I am able to fix the girls' hair in the mornings and Rose and Berna willingly gave me that this week.
School's out for the summer, and Mary could sit and spend time with her new cousin today after we had fed the baby kitties.
Jesus addresses us married folks today in the Gospel from Mark 10... it's for keeps, and not to be taken lightly or walked away from!  From the beginning of creation, God made them male and female.  For this reason a man shall leave his mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.  So they are no longer two but one flesh.  Therefore what God has joined together, no human beings must separate.  Jesus to us today.
Mary feeding her baby kitty - one of 4!
Marriage is difficult and without the graces we receive by working hard at the Sacrament we have given to each other on our wedding day and daily since then, it would be very tempting to walk away from it from time to time.  Before we decided to trade places with Ruth and Paul I was not happy to be the only one living on the farm anymore.  It was a hard place for Pat and I.  We both are very happy now that we have made this difficult and big change - it was certainly hard and painful in many ways!  But now it is so right to have a young family there and willing and able and excited to help out in the big LIFE farming is!  It is a way of life and not just a job!
So precious to witness this blossoming love of siblings that will be the cement that bonds them over their lifetime!
I was so ready to be able to pack my husband his lunch and send him out the door in the morning with a kiss, after sharing morning prayer, and a "Goodbye, Honey, have a good day!"  It has been hard living where he works and being the only one there to be called upon to help in times of need.  I am so ready for this, and it is wonderful to have Pat seeing how good it is, too.  All we need do now is be sure that all the kids are safe!  That is a big job and was part of Ruth's amazing vision for her farmhouse!
I took so many of these, but they are so wonderful!!!
How do we find the graces each day?  Pat and I have been blessed with TEC (Together Encounter Christ retreats) in our marriage after 3 of our girls attended and asked us... we could no longer say "No."   Our lives were changed and our marriage enriched as we added prayer together, and found that in The Magnificat with morning and evening prayer!  Add to that our wonderful daughter, Susan, becoming a nun with The Community of the Lamb, and learning through them about making Jesus in The Word a centerpiece of our days!  We read the readings the night before, as they do, and again in the morning... reading it over and over makes The Spirit lead us to what we need to hear - Lectio Devina.  Of course, attending mass as a family is huge for us!  We never have split up and taken the newborns along with the rest of the family within the first week!  Patrick has shared his faith with great JOY and loved to have the little ones in his arms at mass... now this is true with the little grandchildren, too!  My heart warms to bursting when I see my strong handsome husband cradling a little one with so much LOVE!
I am sorry, but this is so precious to me!
Jesus, how we adore the excitement and smiling faces of family as we come together to celebrate the arrival of a new life!  Sharing the snuggles and fun times of all that happens on the farm!  Guardian angels keep the little ones all safe from harm with all the busyness that surrounds us.  I am filled with so much love for my wonderful husband/spouse/father/grandfather/farmer, Patrick and how he has taught us all the amazing lesson of being open to life and raising LIGHTS for the world of sin and darkness! 
Yes, to make a marriage work it takes constant dying to self and giving without counting the cost!  May we embrace our Most Cherished Cross and follow after you!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Gifted with the men coming in to share in a morning breakfast with all 15 of us present!  No, Ruth doesn't have her porch yet, but with all the windows it is close to being outside in her wonderful newly remodeled farmhouse!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke and over half of our family in one place.
Josie is surrounded by LOVE!
Prayer first is always a good idea!
Love, love, love this from last night!
Now this great one from Maria's blog today of her two youngest!  Best buddies and soon they will welcome another new member to their family and ours too!

Good to keep in mind the deep meaning of what we are doing!

Oh, my!!!  This makes me so happy!!!! These two girls have been the best of friends always and now baby girls just a few days apart!  Love it!
Laura Daigle - How can it be
Danielle Rose - your Bride

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