Sunday, May 29, 2016

Corpus Christi -becoming the Body of Christ!

Such a gloriously beautiful morning called for us to gather out on Great-grandma's porch in town after mass to share our red, white and blue patriotic Memorial day meal!  Wonderful fruit and rolls and lots of loving and good company enjoying such a beautiful day in which we celebrate the 1 1/2 of perfect rain that watered our farm with a with warm and gentle rain over half the day yesterday!  "We don't get those kind of wonderful soaking rains here, so we are very happy.  This will be wonderful for the crops and the grass in the pastures and the water in the creeks in the pastures for the cows and the calves.  We love and need those good rains, and although the campers and the vacationers had a rainy day in their Memorial weekend - we had the best holiday weekend we could have ever hoped for!  Today we are smiling and thanking the Good Lord!
Luke was pretty excited that he got to push great-grandma out on the deck with a little help from grandpa. These days he is a way to get one of those rare smiles from Pat's mom!
Rose again brought her puppy to mass and I saw her giving the elderly lady behind her a handshake at the sign of peace with the puppy paw.  That was probably a first time for that!

Pondering the feast today of Corpus Christi - the Body and Blood of Christ... it seems to be evident when the 4 generations gather to share a joyful meal on such a beautiful day... much like Christ teaching and healing and miraculously feeding the 5,000 in the Gospel today from Luke 9!  To eat it outside as Christ did - having them sit in groups of 50 on the grass and then breaking the bread and they ate until they were "satisfied," and then there was much left over - 12 baskets.  Well, there is much we shared of our faith as we began our outside meal with a blessing shared by young and old, then we also included a Communion service where the readings were read, the homily discussed and mom received Jesus in his Body in The Eucharist!  Sharing that heavenly meal with her at this point of her life on hospice is a gift to us!  She thanked, us as she always does over and over with each small task we do to help her, but we really were filled with gratitude to her that we are able to share this most heavenly meal with her each Sunday!
All eyes are on my new camera... yes, I have gone through another one... does anyone doubt that I am hard on them, and go through them probably yearly?  That is why I stick to the cheap and small ones, but if I invested in a good one I would probably be ahead.  I love that this one is small and always with me in my purse!
Basking in the LIGHT after sharing the most important hour of our week... Jesus, feeding us his miraculous meal - His Body and Blood!  So nice to have John with us for a while as he asks the Lord where he will be next.  He is now out with Pat and Paul helping put some cows and calves out to  pasture!  Pat talks about him getting a hat and sunblock as he will be out watching for heat morning, noon and night!  Welcome home, John!  I sure love to have you around, but I know that it is hard to go down this bumpy road called LIFE!
Tenderhearted loving Dave brought his mom flowers when they went to get breakfast, and he is looking at my new camera with a question mark on his face...Yes, that is what a question mark on a face looks like!
Luke and Pat heading out to the deck for our shared family time - celebrating the rain and family time together and our Faith shared for The Eucharist... as John says this is what makes us Catholic and sets us apart, and I add to that Mary and how if we love her there is no other place to be but The Church!  Mary brings us to her Son/LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!

I am so happy to have John with us and trust that the Lord will show him the path just for John!
An inch and a half in the rain gauge and the two cows yet to calf all washed off by the rain.
They seem to enjoy each other's company.

Loving my daisies!
Luke noticed that I had one in my hair at mass, and asked me why?  I told him that I used to wear a flower in my hair all the time, and so...

Jesus, we are healed and taught a great lesson of LOVE each week as we approach your altar and are fed of your heavenly Body and Blood.  We are filled with all the fruits of your Holy Spirit and share that LOVE, PEACE, JOY and all the others with our family gathered together!  May our domestic Church/family grow stronger and happier and share The LIGHT with each other and those we come in contact with.  Jesus, life is not all easy and smooth... there are many bumps and bruises and crosses we are asked to embrace to find your Truth... The Cross is the Tree of LIFE and bears fruit that will last for eternity!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Gathered together to share our Faith/Family/Farm - Thank you, grandma Ann for blessing us with all 3!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
My garden is very happy with the rain and soon we will be eating fresh stuff that was just growing minutes before.  I had a large serving of asparagus yesterday that was filled with all that goodness straight from the earth, the sun and the rain... growing just minutes before it was on my plate!  That is the epitome of FRESH!
How great-grandma loves the little ones!  I see that so sweetly carried on to her son, my husband!  Today he was holding his Rose for half of the mass!  David was leaning on his big strong grandpa, too!  My heart just about bursts with LOVE!
Danielle Rose - Pursue me
A good friend told me that after a friend was ordained a priest yesterday in St Paul Cathedral that Danielle Rose surprised them all by singing to him at his reception about his vocation and such a wonderful example for her kids to witness!  Granddaughter, Mary, went to her concert in Ghent and was very touched, too!  Mary told us today that she is going to be a nun.  Then she asked; "Can a nun adopt a baby?"  Sorry, Mary.  "Well, she can take care of kids though, right? "  Yes!  No worries, Mary, just put Jesus first in your life and ask him and he will show you the perfect plan for your life- Mary's journey loving Jesus and serving him with her all!  What JOY!
Mary told great-grandma that she prays for her every night!  She has a special place in her heart for her Great Grandma Anna!
Danielle Rose - the Saint that is just me
Danielle Rose - Small things with great love
Danielle Rose - A Mother's Song - The Crucifixion
Danielle Rose - True LOVE - the Cross
If I touch him - in the Eucharist!  Danielle Rose
Am I a fan?  The biggest of this young woman, who writes songs about Catholic in front of Jesus in adoration!

Tomatoes on already... before we know it we will be canning in Ruth's wonderful new canning kitchen!  Her plan in her remodel was to can in her kitchen and to have her command post at her farm kitchen sink and be able to see the entire yard!  So wise!

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