Monday, May 16, 2016

Cultivate peace... get rid of the weeds and areate the roots.... on the farm it is to nurture and help grow crops/PEACE!

Bernadette picking flowers for mom and dad while we were out doing the chickens this morning.  I just had to go and find one in the middle of the grove as I dared to sit down for a few minutes with my computer.  It seems that it is hard to put a block of time together to accomplish a single task with 3 little ones here with me this morning.  I find that it is hard to "cultivate peace" as James wrote today in the first reading.  Why did that grab my attention today.. because after being a farm wife for the last close to 38 years - I know that to be a farm term for going out and clearing the rows between the plants of weeds and aerating the roots in other words nurturing the crop and allowing it the utmost ability to grow and bear much fruit!  It speaks of our need to work at keeping the weeds out of the way and allowing PEACE to grow and bear much fruit in our hearts, minds and souls!
Dominic and Berna feeding the chickens grass and dandelions through the fence.  Notice the corn coming up in the field around our house.  Every place I have lived since we married (3) has been surrounded by fields of crops, so each day we watch them grow!
Dominic and the chickens... he gets very excited to see the animals close up, but the fence is an important element of that comfort and excitement... not too too close!

The Gospel today is so stirring for the soul... it seems to describe a boy with epilepsy and that it in actuality a spirit.  Jesus seems to get upset with the disciples that they were unable to cast it out, and finally he, after healing the boy when his father prays for Faith/belief, Jesus tells the disciples that prayer is the answer!  Quite a huge thing to ponder and pray about and trust in Jesus about and to in all ways cultivate peace in our domestic Church/family!  It is so true for me that the way I can cultivate peace when I am stressed and put upon - asked to serve without counting the cost... the "Hail Mary" puts pulls out the weeds of anger and feeling sorry for myself and replaces it with the knowledge that Our Lady is there with me and I can take it to a spiritual level in which the Holy Spirit can help me find peace.  I can escape my selfishness and find a better place.
A couple sheets in the wash today suddenly turned into a tent and a tea party will be here later.  Awaiting Ruth coming over for lunch on the porch on a glorious day with the two kids at her house - Gus and Luke.  The family units will be shifting and changing over this next week.  I just had a good chuckle as Dominic growled at the window of the playhouse and the girls inside screamed with delight.  I am grateful for the many opportunities to laugh in the midst of the craziness!  Yes, that does help me to find a better more peaceful place.
I was disappointed that they were contour but the girls thought it made great beds for them... out come the proverbial blankets of course.
Does Lilly want some dandelions too? 

I need to wrap this up for today.. I hear a silent cheer!  Lunch on the porch is on the docket and then a tea party in my perfect world (?) where I attempt to cultivate peace in small ways.  Dominic just came up with some gnat bites after a morning outside, so he is now peacefully on the couch with a fruit snack and Clifford... sometimes grandma needs to cultivate peace in a certain way. 
Corn coming up in the field that circles my house now, and Berna in yellow picking her mom and dad and Josie a bouquet.
Talking about Josie - she got to meet the entire Community of the Lamb and they sang her first blessing over her!
Nancy's words are the best here...
"When your sister joins a community you do too! I was awoken from a nap this afternoon by the ENTIRE Kansas City Community of the Lamb. They stopped by to meet little Josephine, sing her a special blessing and welcome her to the community. My own sister is in Rome and who knows when she will meet Josie, but with so many of her community her loving on me and my baby, it felt like Susan was here too.
#catholiclife #commuityofthelamb"
I am sad that we had just left and missed seeing them, but am so happy to see them all together sharing family time!
Showing her love and care for her family with a beautiful bouquet!
Jesus, today you bring peace into the hearts of a father and son... may we also bring peace with us as we face all that comes to us with each new day!  It takes nurturing and help to grow in our lives, and to leave the weeds of anxiety and stress and selfishness behind.  May we allow our amazing Spiritual Mother of God to show us how today by taking time to get some of the Rosary in.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
I caught him for about 4 seconds and one picture!  He was ready to sit still on the couch awaiting lunch, tea party and a nap... The nap is a wonderful thought to this grandma, who loves to find her rosary beads and dose with my feet up after lunch, and to have a napping baby and sister is a wonderful excuse.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke with grandkids galore!
2 girls and a boy getting ready for the day...
Breakfast time - "This was my table!"  says Rose
Love the dimple!

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